1. Lighting design, projects

    Lighting design, lighting projects, design projects: the choice of fixtures, accessories, lighting solutions, examples of completed projects.

  2. Light Boxes & Backlit Signs | LED Advertising

    Exchange of experience in manufacturing LED Advertising, methods for producing light boxes,backlit signs, letters, displays. Material used, LED products.

  3. Do It Yourself, Workshops

    Here you can show off their talents, to provide practical advice on making original lamps, LED products

  4. Buy designer lamps | Handmade artists and designers

    To place classified ads and custom design fixtures, original LED lamps.

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    You can get free advice and ask any technical questions related to lighting design, lighting, LED, connected.

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    Have a tip or idea? Feel free to join in, mingle and discuss whatever you want!

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    Read the latest news, trends of lighting industry.

  8. AliExpress — high quality products at wholesale prices

    Online shopping China - buy high-quality goods at low prices with free shipping.
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  9. ⚠ Gallery - unusual ideas lighting in one place   (533 visits to this link)

    Lighting plays a not unimportant role in any design project, whether the design of the apartment, office, commercial premises or the lighting design of a detached building. Modern lighting designers every day offer all new and original solutions for lighting: unusual lamps, lighting fixtures printed on a 3D printer or a street light installation. Therefore, we decided to try to collect all the most interesting and unusual ideas in the field of lighting in one place, stay tuned.