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    The city of Rouyn-Noranda in western Québec, Canada, is understandably proud of its beautifully-designed city hall building. Serving as the administrative building for the region’s municipal government while also serving as an important cultural gathering place, its distinctive architectural design also makes it an important city landmark. In order to highlight the building’s modern architecture after dark, as well as Citizenship and Cooperation Square, which borders the building, Rouyn-Noranda’s city government sought a dynamic exterior lighting scheme. Both the city hall and the square are located in the heart of the city, Citizenship and Cooperation Square being a favorite location for various citizen gatherings. “Not only did they want to make citizens proud of their city by highlighting the building architecture with a dynamic lighting solution, they also wanted to promote the city center’s culture and make this a place of meeting for all citizens,” explains Ariane Cambron of XYZ Cultural Technology (xyz-tc.com/en), the AV integration company contracted by the city to draft and design an architectural lighting solution for the city hall and square. The brief called for two lighting systems, one to light the outside of the city hall building and the second to light Citizenship and Cooperation Square. Both systems needed to be discreet and well adapted to the surroundings. “There was to be no light penetration inside the building and minimal light pollution,” Cambron says, “so we avoided uplighting. Since everything was exterior, the spots and the system had to be small but powerful.” The lighting upgrade was completed in January of 2016 and consists of IP-rated Elation Professional LED lighting: 29 ELAR Q1™ color-changing Par lights, 5 ELAR EXTQW FLOOD HP™ color-changing wash lights and a SixPar 300 IP™ color-changing Par fixture. “The small footprint of LED was important as was RGBW on all fixtures,” Cambron said. “Also, as the throw distances are pretty substantial they had to have great output.” The Elation fixtures are located at multiple locations on the exterior façade of the building with the ELAR Q1s downlighting a series of columns and ELAR Floods and ELAR Q1s washing several areas of the building’s façade. Because Rouyn-Noranda experiences all the harsh weather that comes with a Canadian winter, another important feature of the fixtures was an IP65 rating at minimum. “The fixtures had to be exceptionally robust to be able to withstand the frigid Abitibian winter climate,” Cambron says, “which often reaches 20 degrees below zero Celsius.” Rouyn-Noranda is the capital of the Abitibi-Temiscamingue administrative region in Québec. XYZ Cultural Technology served as the principal contractor and technical director on the project, handling design, equipment supply, integration and programming. Lighting design was by XYZ Cultural Technology’s Garou Blancan with XYZ’s François Cyr helping with the installation’s infrastructure. The lighting system is controlled via wireless DMX, which not only made for a cleaner installation with less cabling but also lets the city easily change the color scheme to highlight important events. Both the lighting on the building and in the square run off the same system, allowing for synchronized lighting schemes. The versatile architectural lighting solution has allowed Rouyn-Noranda city hall to emerge at night in a dress of customizable color and has given the city the flexibility to bathe the building in any color they choose. Summing up, Cambron says, “This project is proof that it is possible to achieve maximum impact with well-integrated lighting on a reasonable budget.” Photos: Stéphane Fortin
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    A heady synthesis of modern technology, Buddhist philosophy and visceral experience, Tatsuo Miyajima: Connect with Everything open at the MCA. Tatsuo Miyajima is one of Japan’s most renowned contemporary artists, known for his sculptures and room-scale installations incorporating light and numbers. Tatsuo Miyajima: Connect With Everything is Miyajima’s first exhibition in the Southern Hemisphere. It encompasses his sculptural works, rooms and environments, and performance videos. Time and its passage are explored through the works and represented visually by multiple, small digital counting devices. Miyajima developed his first customised digital counters in the late 1980s, using light emitting diodes or LEDs. These ‘counter gadgets’ remain central to his art today, their red and green palette expanding in the mid-1990s to include blue, then white, as LED technology developed in and beyond Japan.
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    PRISMAtique was a temporary installation for the In Light In Indianapolis Light Festival along the canal downtown. The project seeks to investigate the fracturing of geometry and light through both material and interaction. Material selection was key to this exploration. Through the use of twin wall polycarbonate, light is refracted through the flutes of the material, disguising the origin of light. Each cell only contains one LED, yet through the layering of the extruding panels, the light begins to overlap and create a complex visual effect. This fracturing of light is driven through the project’s interaction. As users trigger sensors in the piece, a sequence of associated LED’s are activated. Because the sequence is inherently random and the LED’s are only momentary, the sources are not apparent. However, the fractured path of users walking through the environment is clear. Each LED is filtered with a custom printed Mylar film that creates at gradient of light from cyan to magenta. The soffit blends white light and printed films to create an exciting three-dimensional atmosphere for users to experience. Our work was among over 25 other projects from national and international artists, encouraging exploration and participation. This inaugural event lasted for two nights attracting thousands of people to the canal, providing provide unique and memorable experiences.

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    The Speed of Light

    The Speed of Light transforms humble urban design fixtures into a playful rollercoaster of light where simple LED globes accompany visitors as they walk through the neighbourhood. The installation, which is a playful twist on a static light pole, puts the emphasis on the light itself and its movement. The simplicity of the installation is captivating, whilst keeping a minimal appearance.
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    В 2015-2016 гг. салоны автомобилей марки LADA были освещены светодиодными светильниками российской марки «ФЕРЕКС» с учетом требований бренд-бука «АвтоВАЗа» к световому оформлению фирменных автосалонов. Первый проект был выполнен в 2015 году официальным дилером завода «ФЕРЕКС» - компанией LumSmart для салона «ПАРК АВТО» в Казани. Согласно нового бренд-бука «АвтоВАЗа» были освещены все помещения, а также периметр здания автосалона. Были задействованы подвесные светильники серии «ДСП», линейные модели «ДСО», встраиваемые светильники «ДВО» и светильники «ДПП» для уличного освещения. Установленное LED-освещение создало приятную атмосферу в офисе и шоу-руме. Благодаря естественной цветопередаче представленные автомобили стали выглядеть более привлекательно. Их цвет стал максимально естественным, как при дневном освещении. Контрастность освещения добавила четкости линиям и формам кузова. Повышение качества освещения благоприятно сказалось на продажах. В сервисной зоне сотрудники почувствовали дополнительный комфорт за счет увеличения уровня освещенности, отсутствия мерцания и равномерности освещения. Особое внимание было уделено новой модели «АвтоВАЗа» – автомобилю LADA Vesta, для освещения выставочной зоны которого были применены линейные светодиодные светильники FDL в черном корпусе. На базе данного проекта комплект для освещения LADA Vesta впоследствии был установлен в салонах «НовоМоторс», «Трансавто-М», «Марий-Эл-Лада», «Балашов-Лада», «Серебряный саквояж». В двух последних салонах в 2016 году было реализовано комплексное освещение шоу-рума, офиса, автомойки, сервисной зоны. Все проекты были выполнены в концепции бренд-бука «АвтоВАЗа». В салонах обеспечены высокий уровень освещенности и качество света в целом.

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    This illuminated arch rises up out of the water and surrounds a foot bridge in Austin, Texas East Side Collective, a co-working design studio featuring co-founder Tim Derrington and member Wilson Hanks, along with Drophouse Design have recently worked together to create a temporary installation as part of the Waller Creek Conservancy’s “Creek Show“, in Austin, Texas. “Deep Curiosity” is an illuminated arch that rises up out of the water and surrounds a foot bridge over the Waller Creek to create the illusion of a never ending circle that inspires imaginative thought and an appreciation for both the natural and man-made elements found in and around the same area. The light installation is made from strips of curved steel that have been welded and formed into a curved arch. The arch is made up of sections that were constructed in a warehouse and were later assembled on site in the water and above the bridge. The partially submerged circular form combines reality with the power of illusion to encourage people to think about and appreciate the complexity of the creek and celebrate the possibility of future perfection in the Waller Creek area.
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    A scenographic light installation idea, compromising of RGB pixel battens and green matrix beam point lasers. Fully controlled by Resolume Arena's new dmx/artnet features. Source: rebeloverlay
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    Greenhouse is an art project specially made for Amsterdam Light Festival 2016/ 2017. It is indeed a greenhouse, but fitted with uranium glass. this material has the quality of being transparent in normal light, but when hit by uv light it starts to beam radiant green light of its own. The artwork was made by Dutch artist Victor Engbers, together with SIO2glas and Hotmarks. Source: victorengbers.nl
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    With 28,000 LEDs, It’s Lights! Lights! Lights! Action! Strung across the Metropolitan Opera’s stage on more than two dozen parallel strands, from the pit to the back wall, 28,000 colorful LEDs will create an ever-changing, sometimes tempestuous sea for the Met’s new production of the Finnish composer Kaija Saariaho’s “L’Amour de Loin. The lights are the centerpiece of the staging by Robert Lepage, who runs the production company Ex Machina and has directed theater, films, circuses and the Met’s much-debated production of Wagner’s “Ring” cycle. LEDs solve the problem of how to depict water onstage in an opera about the idealized love of a troubadour and a countess separated by the sea, and they provide a visual complement to Ms. Saariaho’s music, which is shimmering, colorful and luminous. More information is available here.
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    The installation is controlled via Healium Lightformer, a realtime, node based, 3D light control software, developed in-house. For more information, visit: healium.hu/lightformer
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    At Designers’ Saturday 2016 Belux turned the focus of their product presentation onto the new cable system light Hello. Their presentation was accompanied by an installation conceived by Stephan Hürlemann. ‘Hello Hello’ celebrates the spiral cables that supply the lights with electricity and lend them their unmistakeable character. Five 4-metre tall double helix ribbons hang in a darkened room. They consist of horizontal bars hanging from a vertical band. At the ends of each bar are one white and one black sphere. Operated by electric motors, the bands turn fast, and then slower. Yet in the low light only the white spheres are visible which continually describe new spirals as they perform their poetic dance. Sometimes they are tight spirals, sometimes they almost make a straight line and sometimes they seem distilled into individual points. Visitors stroll between the dancing spheres, listening to a song of overlapping pure tones composed specifically for the installation.
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    15 Nov 2016-16 Mar 2017 Winter Light Festival (Japan) is one of Japan’s finest Winter Illuminations. Kuwana City is home to Nabana No Sato, a botanical theme park featuring meticulously landscaped gardens and impressive giant greenhouses. In the spring, the park is colorfully decorated in an array of flowers, blossoms and cherry trees, including row upon row of tulips, pansies, viola, stock and daisies. Come winter, however, and visitors to the park can enjoy one of Japan’s most impressive illuminations in the incredible Winter Light Festival. The fragrance of the flowers mingles with the cold winter air as bundled-up visitors arrive in their thousands to enjoy the famous Tunnel of Lights, and the accompanying elegant light shows and designs that blanket the entirety of the theme park and its waters. Created with over 7 million LED lights charged using solar panels to reduce the impact on the environment, Japan’s biggest winter illumination includes themed light shows every year – previous shows included ‘Mt Fuji at dawn’ and an aurora.
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    В городе Milton Keynes, Великобритания, появилась весьма оригинальная установка - интерактивный светодиодный ковер или "Волшебный ковер" Мигеля Шевалье. Изобретение можно по достоинству отнести к установкам переносящих нас в виртуальную реальность. Захватывающая атмосфера, постоянно меняющиеся цвета и формы на огромной площадке. Светодиодный ковер реагирует на передвигающихся по нему посетителей не только изображениями, но и красивым звуковым сопровождением. По материалам illumni