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    Lighting design: Arup LED Linear Partner: Architectural FX / LED Linear UK Customer: City of London Festival Location: London Photos: Alex Haw Design: atmos, Alex Haw Structural Engineering: Blue Engineering Fabrication: Nicholas Alexander + volunteers The Mobile Orchard is an inhabitable public art installation by atmos. It's a hymn to the urban fruit tree – a celebration of the theme explored this year by its commissioners, the City of London Festival. For more information visit www.mobileorchard.info
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    Lighting design: Victoria Jerram LED Linear Partner: AFX, London Location: London Photos: Chris Orange For additional information, please visit www.led-linear.com
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    Lighting design: BMLD, Barcelona Product: VarioLED™ Flex VENUS RGB TV IP67 LED Linear Partner: LED Linear Spain Location: Barcelona, Spain Photos: BMLD, Barcelona Light creates moods and gives a character to functional areas. The VarioLED™ Flex VENUS RGB TV IP67, which was used to illuminate this stairway, provides pleasant and safe light and supports the orientation of visitors in the building. The illumination with an RGB variant also creates an emotional atmosphere. For additional information, please visit www.led-linear.com
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    Lighting design: BM Lighting Design LED Linear Partner: LED Linear Spain Customer: The Westin Palace, Madrid Location: Madrid Banquet hall lighting
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    Product: VarioLED™ Flex VENUS White TV IP67 LED Linear Partner: Q-CAT Lighting Customer: ProRail Location: Helmond, Netherlands The VarioLED™ Flex VENUS TV was used to lighten the stairs and railings of this station in Helmond. Lighting plays an essential role in this application, because many people use the station every day and lighting offers orientation and security at night . Only through adequate lighting accidents, for example from falls, can be prevented. Also in decorative ways the used light line is optimally suited for the application, because its homogeneous light is pleasant for the viewer. Through the flexibility of the product, the curved railing can be elegantly emphasized. For additional information, please visit www.led-linear.com
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    LED Linear

    Spa area Hotel Seehof

    Architect: Irion Architekten AG, Winterthur Product: VarioLED™ Flex HYDRA HD6, VarioLED™ Flex ZEUS2 LED Linear Partner: LIGHT ON, Ebmatingen Customer: Hotel Seehof, Davos Location: Davos, Switzerland Photos: Daniel Kessler, Zürich For the extensive yet windowless rooms of the newly designed spa area in the highly acclaimed 4 Star S Hotel in Davos, LIGHT ON designed especially atmospheric lighting elements: illuminated slides which extend to room height depict beautiful mountain landscapes and create a relaxed and close-to-nature atmosphere. The scenes are changed according to the season. The back-lighting with VarioLED™ Flex ZEUS2 means that the images have an intensive spatial effect. The slides are water resistant and are therefore suitable for outdoor use. The ceiling was set elegantly in scene with VarioLED ™ Flex HYDRA HD6. For additional information, please visit www.led-linear.com
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    Architect: Ranni Ziss Architects Lighting design: Rama Mendelsohn Product: VarioLED™ OCEANOS, VarioLED™ Flex VENUS Top View IP67 Customer: Ofer Brothers Group Location: Tel Aviv, Israel Photos: Omri Amsalem Interior architect: Orly Shrem Landscape design: Ilana Ofir Towering 80 meters above the Jaffa seashore, 10 Herbert Samuel is a new developed building with luxury apartments in Tel Aviv set right in the heart of the city. The building which spans 21 floors will offer a new standard in Tel Aviv and amazing sea views. Behind the urban, neat façade, lie 41 luxurious apartments and 7 spacious lofts; all with spectacular views of the Mediterranean through floor to ceiling windows, and beautiful sea view balconies. Both the apartments (200 sqm each) and the lofts (189 sqm each) are designed as “smart homes”, equipped with high end technical systems. The building is designed by world-renowned architect Ranni Ziss who has experience in constructing luxury apartments, hotels, and other landmark projects in Israel and beyond. He has created a building which reflects the character of the White City and which is recognised by UNESCO because of its large number of Bauhaus style elements. At the same time it incorporates elements from the best modern luxury apartment buildings from around the world. It is an exclusive project built to a high standard, containing loft apartments, exclusive apartments, spacious penthouses, a swimming pool, a gym and a spa. Also the illumination reflects the high standards. To emphasize the style of the building and create interesting highlights, different linear LED lighting solutions were used. VarioLED™ OCEANOS was installed in the ground and VarioLED™ Flex VENUS was integrated into the stone benches in the outdoor area. Both luminaires emit a pleasant, diffused light and set attractive accents. In the gym, general lighting was realized with XOOMINAIRE 4262R, allowing a high luminance at a pleasantly wide light distribution. For additional information, please visit www.led-linear.com
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    Lighting design: Borden Morris Garner – Consulting Engineers Product: VarioLED™ Flex VENUS RGB SV IP67, XOOLINE™ RGB LD15 IP67 Customer: City of Auburn Location: Auburn, Alabama Photos: Gretchen Birdwell, Gretchen B Photography, Birmingham, Alabama Design: Borden Morris Garner – Consulting Engineers Electrician: Floyd Service Company Road and sidewalk design: City of Auburn engineers. Jeff Ramsey – Director of Public Works. Brandy Ezelle – City Traffic Engineer. One of the City of Auburn’s most recognizable landmarks, Toomer's Corner is at the intersection of College Street and Magnolia Avenue in the heart of the City of Auburn. With Toomer’s Drugs, an Auburn landmark since 1896, facing what has since 1856 been the anchoring corner of Auburn’s campus, Toomer’s Corner is the nexus of campus and city life. The public square is a center of urban life in Auburn. He is nocturnal haven, highly frequented meeting place or simply crossed fast. People with different needs meet here. Toomer's Corner is also a place with a strong identity, which will be emphasized by the lighting. The citizens are proud of their history, which is underlined here. The choice of RGB solutions supports this effect. Colored light stimulates and supports positive emotions. It brings people together and invites you to linger. For additional information, please visit www.led-linear.com