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Эффекты в освещении интерьера, дизайн светильников

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Esta es una lampara

Esta es una lampara de pie y es de color negro y dorado. Es una lampara moderna y su luz es muy delicada. ¡Muy buene por relajarse!
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LOVE these shadows!

LOVE these shadows! -- "'Forms in Nature' is a light sculpture [by HildenDiaz (the artists/couple featured in the Danish click-through article)] that turns the room into a tangle of branches and trees. The lamp is made by using a special 3D-printing technique and the lamp can be manufactured in various sizes as necessary." [But it does not seem to be for sale, unless it's by contacting them via their Web site (where it is not in evidence) here: www.hildendiaz.dk...]
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Naibich Svetlana

Naibich Svetlana

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