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  3. Hey there, lighting enthusiasts! I've got exciting news to brighten up your Black Friday plans! Lepotec is rolling out an incredible offer with a whopping 50% off on their 3 Pack White Closet Lights! These lights are a game-changer, offering hassle-free installation, customizable brightness, and a chic design that fits seamlessly anywhere. And the best part? They're now at an unbeatable 50% discount just for Black Friday. But wait, there's more! Lepotec is sweetening the deal with FREE shipping straight to your door! Imagine transforming your spaces while saving big and having it delivered without any extra cost. Don't let this amazing opportunity slip away! Head over to www.lepotecshop.com now to snag this exclusive Black Friday deal before it's gone. Let's light up this Black Friday with Lepotec's unbeatable offer! Black Friday Page Deals>>> www.lepotecshop.com/blackfriday
  4. Danie

    Very low density

    Hey Dave, Your art project sounds fascinating! Achieving that specific 3-inch bulb spacing might be a bit of a challenge with off-the-shelf LED strips. Your ideas are pretty clever, especially using an Arduino for control – that could give you precise spacing. Another potential idea could be customizing the LED strip itself. Some manufacturers offer customization options, so reaching out to a few might help you get the exact spacing you need without the extra DIY work. If you're into experimenting, the Arduino route could be a fun project, allowing for dynamic control of the lights beyond just spacing. Let me know if you need any help with Arduino programming or more ideas! Good luck with your art project!
  5. Robin Taylor

    Very low density

    https://aliexpress.com/item/32833214661.html https://aliexpress.com/item/32924407690.html
  6. Dave

    Very low density

    I am working on an art project (not really lighting). I need warm white led strip with 3” bulb spacing. I haven’t found any off-the-shelf. Ideas have been: 1) get some with 1.5” spacing and cover up every other bulb 2) use an arduino to turn off every other bulb i am looking for ideas as to other options, or thoughts about the relative merits of ideas. Thanks in advance. Dave.
  7. Hey there! I just had to share my excitement about my recent purchase – the Lepotec 3-Pack of White Closet Lights. I got them last week, and the best part? They were 40% off on the website! 👉www.lepotecshop.com Let me tell you, these lights have transformed my closet into a well-organized, well-lit space that I absolutely love. Lepotec is a trusted brand known for its high-quality products, and these lights are no exception. If you're looking to brighten up your closet and make your daily routine more efficient, this deal is a steal. Don't miss out on it – I'm thrilled with my purchase, and I think you will be too!
  8. Angus Black

    Which components for a caravan lighting upgrade

    @.:designer:. you are amazing. This is all I need. Where does one find this info? Was it hiding in plain site on the BTF lighting page?
  9. Hi, I'd like to upgrade the lighting in my caravan and it seems like BTF lighting have all the components I need, but not the customer service or language skills to answer my questions. Since I already have 12V available in the general area in the van I have decided on 12V LED strips. I don't care about being indvidually addressable, but would like tunbable white. It looks like this remote will do the job (don't want to have to wire switches etc) And I think this controller is the compatible one But I have no idea of the correct LED strip. Can anyone offer some advice? Cheers Angus.
  10. Sussex Lighting Repairs

    Sussex Lighting Repairs

    Light repair shop in west Sussex, UK offers an extensive chandelier cleaning service, lamp conversion, domestic light fittings, rewiring a lamp, restoration lighting, antique lamp restoration, lamp socket parts, lamp switch replacement, etc. Browse us for light fixture repair near me.
  11. был куплен на алиэкспресс: https://aliexpress.ru/item/32891506894.html на удивление уже второй год работает, отличный
  12. Помогите подобрать освещение(цвет ламп) для аквариума Рио 180, декорации в стиле бонсай, коряга,белый грунт, чёрные камни, растений нет и не будет, рыбы цихлиды. Буду очень благодарен!
  13. LED Track light/surface mounted Spotlight-for home living room/kitchen/bedroom/hotel Voltage: AC85-265V Body color: White/Black Color temperature: 3000K Warm light /4000K Neutral light/6000K White light Wattage:20W/30W/40W Material: Aluminum Lifespan: 50000hours Warranty:5 Years [ $115.00 - 166.00 ] PRODUCT [Click&Buy]: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005004692888767.html Senyuan lighting Store
  14. In practice, they are common in most cases. It depends on your use, where you want to use it, you didn't make it clear?
  15. Introduction: Welcome to a captivating update on the latest progress in LED lighting technology! Today, we dive into the mesmerizing world of the SK6812 RGB LED strip, an innovative lighting solution that is revolutionizing the way we decorate KTV venues. Prepare to be enchanted as we explore the stunning effects and transformative ambiance that the SK6812 brings to KTV spaces. Unleashing Vibrant Transformations: The SK6812 RGB LED strip has taken the KTV industry by storm, elevating the traditional karaoke experience to new heights. With its brilliant color rendition and dynamic lighting effects, this remarkable strip transforms KTV rooms into immersive wonderlands, captivating guests and setting the stage for unforgettable moments. Captivating Effects: One of the standout features of the SK6812 RGB LED strip is its ability to create captivating lighting effects that synchronize seamlessly with the rhythm of music. Imagine a pulsating dance floor, bathed in a symphony of vibrant hues that move in perfect harmony with the beat, enhancing the energy and excitement of every performance. Whether it's a solo ballad or a lively group sing-along, the SK6812 brings the magic of synchronized lighting to life, creating an unforgettable visual spectacle. Endless Customization: The SK6812 RGB LED strip offers unparalleled customization options, allowing KTV owners to tailor the lighting experience to their specific needs and preferences. With its flexible design, the strip effortlessly integrates into any space, whether it's lining the walls, accentuating architectural features, or creating stunning ceiling installations. The strip's individual addressable LEDs provide precise control over each pixel, enabling the creation of intricate patterns, dazzling animations, and even personalized messages that further enhance the ambiance. Ease of Control: Controlling the SK6812 RGB LED strip is a breeze, thanks to its user-friendly interfaces and compatibility with various control systems. From dedicated remotes to smartphone apps, venue owners and guests alike can effortlessly adjust colors, brightness, and effects with just a few taps or clicks. This intuitive control empowers users to curate the perfect atmosphere, whether it's a vibrant party vibe, a soothing ambiance for intimate performances, or a themed experience that immerses guests in a different world altogether. Conclusion: As we conclude our exploration of the transformative powers of the SK6812 RGB LED strip in KTV venues, we invite you to embrace the captivating charm it brings to the karaoke experience. Witness the magical fusion of light and sound, as the strip enhances every note, amplifies every emotion, and creates an atmosphere that leaves a lasting impression. Let the SK6812 transport your guests to a realm of vibrant colors and unforgettable moments, making your KTV venue the talk of the town. Elevate your karaoke experience and ignite the senses with the mesmerizing effects of the SK6812 RGB LED strip.
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