Lighting design, projects

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Lighting design, lighting projects, design projects: the choice of fixtures, accessories, lighting solutions, examples of completed projects.

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  1. Living room

    Lighting design projects, tips for organizing the living room lighting. Examples and ideas of functional and decorative lighting of the living room.

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  2. Kitchen

    Tips for installing accent lighting in the kitchen. The original lighting design in the kitchen interior.

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  3. Children's room

    Tips and rules of lighting child's room, proper lighting child's room. Practical tips and ready-made options. Selection of lamps in the nursery and their location. Ideas Lighting child's room. Natural and artificial lighting in the nursery.

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  4. Bedroom

    Options, examples, interesting ideas for main and bedroom decorative lighting. Selection of lighting fixtures for the bedroom. Modern lighting design bedroom, lighting solutions, design lighting projects.

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  5. Entrance hall and corridor

    Methods of organizing the lighting in the hallway - features a selection of lighting fixtures, lighting options. Ideas hallway lighting and corridors.

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  6. Dressing room

    Options for lighting, lighting design in the dressing room. Interesting ideas for light dressing rooms and wardrobes.

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  7. Bathroom

    Ideas Lighting bathroom. Tips for the proper organization of the light in the bathroom. Options and ways of lighting the room.

  8. Terrace / Balcony / Loggia

    The organization of lighting on the terrace. Interesting ideas, lighting options balconies and loggias.

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  9. Shops, showroom, offices

    Lighting design in the retail sector: the lighting of shops and display windows. Lighting equipment store. Indoor and outdoor lighting of retail space, showcases lighting: modern methods and trends. Light commercial spaces - it is almost a means of hypnosis: it is very rarely visible, but he gives the impression of the value of goods and space. How to manage light, how to create an atmosphere and change it with the help of light.

  10. Architectural lighting

    Professional architectural lighting and illumination of buildings. Lighting design based on modern lighting fixtures. Artistic decorative lighting and facades of buildings. Design and installation of architectural lighting. Concept, visualization of architectural lighting.

  11. Landscape lighting

    Landscape lighting projects. Landscape decorative and functional lighting, interesting lights for garden, private courtyard.


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