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Modern Lighting Ideas - New Trends in Lighting Design

Modern Lighting Tips and Inspiration. Lighting has the power to invigorate and energize us, to lift our mood, to soothe our nerves, and it even affects our health. The most innovative companies are already discovering the power of strategic lighting.
Do you have your own lighting ideas, but are not sure how to realize them? Want to know how to properly light a particular room? Or are you looking for expert advice and inspiration? Well, you’ve come to the right place.
Browse lighting tips and tools guides, how to light the different rooms in your home, create mood with light or just find the right replacement bulb.


  1. Living Room Lighting Ideas

    Need a living room light? Living room lighting ideas for homes of every size, color and style. Get inspired with living room lighting ideas. Home Lighting Tips. Find inspiration for your home with these living room lighting ideas. From standing lamps to chandeliers, find a light that fits your style. Living room is cozy place for relaxation for whole family. Enhance your living room's design with light fixtures that blend function with style. Find ideas and inspiration for Living Room Lighting Ideas to add to your own home.

  2. Kitchen Lighting Ideas

    Find ideas kitchen lighting. Kitchen light fixtures and Modern light fixtures. Get kitchen lighting ideas for energy-efficient lights to save money on electric bills while using less energy including island lights, recessed lights and more. The primary function of a kitchen may still be cooking, but it increasingly serves as one of the main entertaining spaces in the home. The right kitchen lighting can introduce several levels of brightness, make small kitchens feel larger, and dramatically alter its mood and feel.
    While dining in low light may be romantic, cooking in a dim area is far less appealing (and far more dangerous). That's why lighting is an essential part of any kitchen design. Get kitchen lighting ideas and learn how to develop an appropriate lighting plan for your kitchen.

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  3. Kids Room Lighting Ideas

    Looking for modern kids room lighting ideas? No matter your style, a uniquely-lit space is key. Find ideas about Kids room lighting. See more ideas about Kids lamps, Kids room bed and Kids bedroom lights.
    Lighting does more than just illuminate a space. It can set the tone of a room and complement your style. Make your child's room bright and inviting with stylish lighting options. Discover children lighting and illuminate every area of your children's room.
    Light up your child's room and help banish nighttime jitters with these simply illuminating ideas.

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  4. Bedroom Lighting Ideas

    Need bedroom lighting ideas? Find ideas and inspiration for Modern Bedroom Lighting Ideas to add to your own home. Set the mood for your room with our bedroom lighting ideas.
    Decor trends come and go, but your bedroom lighting should transcend the look-of-the-moment to suit your bedroom's various functions. When planning bedroom lighting design, consider the space's natural lighting first, and then determine which parts of the room benefit most from general lighting, task lighting, accent ...
    Bedroom lighting needs to be bright in the morning and intimate and atmospheric at night to provide a romantic sanctuary at the end of the day. Create a relaxing, comfortable, and romantic atmosphere in your bedroom with these lighting ideas.

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  5. Hallway Lighting Ideas

    Update Your Hallway Lighting and Decor with Great Ideas. The initial point of entry for your home, or a connecting area, your hallways should be considered as important rooms, not just transitional areas.
    Add functionality to your space with unique hall lighting ideas, the most striking and stylish ways to breathe new life into your hallway. Ideas to help make even the most narrow, dark, long, boring hallway reach its max potential.

  6. Dressing Room Lighting Ideas

    Find the best dressing room ideas, designs & inspiration to match your style. Create a feel of luxury in your dressing room with these stylish dressing room lighting ideas. Every woman's dream is to have a separate room arranged by her taste, clothes, shoes, fashion accessories and all the little things that are part of her fashion expression. When searching for dressing room ideas do take a special note of the lighting styles.

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  7. Bathroom Lighting Ideas

    Everything from creative and unique to traditional and simple ways to light up your bathroom. Browse through pictures of stunning bathroom lighting ideas and tips. The bathroom is one of the most used rooms in the home. It's where you get ready in the morning and where you can relax after a long day. With that in mind, it's essential to choose the right lighting for it.
    Browse beautiful bathroom lighting ideas and bathroom lighting fixtures to illuminate your space, add style, and ease your routine. Read tips on the things you need to consider when planning your lighting design.

  8. Loggias, Balconies, Terraces Lighting Ideas

    Decorating small terrace, balcony or loggia with functional lighting, can turn them into an ideal place to relax with a book or hanging out with friends.

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  9. Offices, Shops, Showroom, Retail Lighting Ideas

    Retail lighting ideas so that you can choose the best for your business. Retail lighting is an extremely important factor influencing the success of a store. Utilizing retail lighting fixtures effectively will drive sales and influence customers towards products that you are trying to sell. For instance, effective use of shop lighting fixtures can be used to emphasize products like jewelry. Lighting is also important for the safety of the customers, employees and merchandise. 
    Accent lighting for retail stores can help highlight certain parts of a store or provide a specific mood. LED lights in particular make excellent accent lamps with their longevity and color options.

  10. Architectural Lighting Design Ideas

    Architectural Lighting technology for architecture and lighting professionals. Selection of outdoor architectural lighting ideas from a variety of projects, to inspire your architectural lighting design. 

  11. Landscape Lighting Ideas

    Landscape lighting is an integral component of any outdoor lighting system. Choose the best landscape lighting to make your home safer, as well as highlight architectural and garden features for amped up curb appeal. Learn all about landscape lighting design. Discover how outdoor lighting will make your home safer and more appealing. Having the right outdoor lights are essential to have the perfect garden or backyard.


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