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argbww led strip recommendations

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Hello guys,

I am currently working on a projekt wher I want to light up my room with adressable rgb warmwhite leds. But I am currently stuck searching for a led strip that fits my needs. Do any of you know an adressable rgb warmwhite strip with at least 60leds/m, where the adressable zones are smaller than 2cm (at 60 leds/m that would mean that every led is individually adressable) also I want it to be dual digital channel just to be safe. These leds will be the only light source for my room but they dont need to be extreamly bright, as I am going to have around 30-40m of them and my room is around 15-20m². I do not care about the volltage, as power infusion is not a problem. The led strips will be hidden in deep defuser channels. Also they cant be to expensive, as I will need a lot of them.

Thank you in advance for any suggestions/recommendations!!!

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Hallo zusammen,
ich habe das Problem das mein LED-Strip nicht funktionier.
Programiert habe ich ihn und gesichert.
INAV 2,4 mit SW 4.2 Omnibus F4 Pro Led.
In der Config ist Strip eingeschaltet. Man sieht ihn auch im CLI.
Wenn ich die SW Betaflight verwende geht es auch. Also muss die Verdratung richtig sein.
In der SW INAV sind auch im CLI die LEDs programmiert.
Was mache ich falsch????

Gruß Ulrich
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