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Centrum Černý Most, Prague, Czech Republic
Led Lighting Shopping Mall, Retail 01.jpgLed Lighting Shopping Mall, Retail 02 (2).pngLed Lighting Shopping Mall, Retail 02.pngLed Lighting Shopping Mall, Retail 03.pngLed Lighting Shopping Mall, Retail 05.pngLed Lighting Shopping Mall, Retail 04.jpgLed Lighting Shopping Mall, Retail 06.jpgLed Lighting Shopping Mall, Retail 07.jpg
Centrum Černý Most is a major new retail project in Prague, delivering the developer’s vision of an iconic and luxurious retail destination. The design concept emphasized the use of light, making it a key driver in creating a luxury and indulgent experience for shoppers. Key views and entry points were defined using lighting and structures. These included illumination of the floating canopies, glowing goal posts which frame the vehicle entrance ramps, and an interactive and dynamic LED colour-changing cinema corner, providing a defining statement to the entire site.

The existing mall received a comprehensive overhaul and was given an entirely fresh design approach. Large circular features maximise the qualities of height, luxury and airiness within the space. Low glare lighting was designed to supplement this and maintain visual comfort to those navigating through the space.

Within the new mall extension, flexible, dynamic twin runs of cold cathode are hidden delicately within carefully designed coves. These change during the day from a cool colour temperature, mimicking daylight, whilst slowly transitioning into a warm and luxurious environment towards dusk.

Source: ndylight


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