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“Dynamics in Impermanence” at Bondi Beach

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Dynamics in Impermanence by Nicole Larkin
The structure is made from birch plywood, stainless steel, and concrete and is then lit at night.

“Dynamics in Impermanence” at Bondi Beach 01.jpg“Dynamics in Impermanence” at Bondi Beach 02.jpg

Its location on a rocky outcrop allows the piece to interact with sea and sky and constantly changes depending on the time of day, weather, and climate conditions.  It’s viewers are encouraged to be part of the space as the colors and direction of the piece morph.

“Dynamics in Impermanence” at Bondi Beach 03.jpg“Dynamics in Impermanence” at Bondi Beach 04.jpg“Dynamics in Impermanence” at Bondi Beach 05.jpg

The curves capture the rhythm of the ocean or can feel like the sun’s rays glimmering over the horizon at sunrise. We are reminded of how ephemeral nature is and find her sculpture to be both a representation and an anchor to counter it.   A combination that we appreciate in these fleeting times that require moments for mediation.

“Dynamics in Impermanence” at Bondi Beach 06.jpg

Source: maxinesniderinc

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