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This illuminated arch rises up out of the water and surrounds a foot bridge in Austin, Texas
East Side Collective, a co-working design studio featuring co-founder Tim Derrington and member Wilson Hanks, along with Drophouse Design have recently worked together to create a temporary installation as part of the Waller Creek Conservancy’s “Creek Show“, in Austin, Texas.


“Deep Curiosity” is an illuminated arch that rises up out of the water and surrounds a foot bridge over the Waller Creek to create the illusion of a never ending circle that inspires imaginative thought and an appreciation for both the natural and man-made elements found in and around the same area.

The light installation is made from strips of curved steel that have been welded and formed into a curved arch.

The arch is made up of sections that were constructed in a warehouse and were later assembled on site in the water and above the bridge.

The partially submerged circular form combines reality with the power of illusion to encourage people to think about and appreciate the complexity of the creek and celebrate the possibility of future perfection in the Waller Creek area.

Original: contemporist

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Tatsuo Miyajima: Connect with Everything
A heady synthesis of modern technology, Buddhist philosophy and visceral experience, Tatsuo Miyajima: Connect with Everything open at the MCA. Tatsuo Miyajima is one of Japan’s most renowned contemporary artists, known for his sculptures and room-scale installations incorporating light and numbers.


Tatsuo Miyajima: Connect With Everything is Miyajima’s first exhibition in the Southern Hemisphere. It encompasses his sculptural works, rooms and environments, and performance videos.

Time and its passage are explored through the works and represented visually by multiple, small digital counting devices. Miyajima developed his first customised digital counters in the late 1980s, using light emitting diodes or LEDs. These ‘counter gadgets’ remain central to his art today, their red and green palette expanding in the mid-1990s to include blue, then white, as LED technology developed in and beyond Japan. 

More information: tatsuomiyajima


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Greenhouse. Amsterdam Light Festival 2016/2017
Greenhouse is an art project specially made for Amsterdam Light Festival 2016/ 2017. It is indeed a greenhouse, but fitted with uranium glass. this material has the quality of being transparent in normal light, but when hit by uv light it starts to beam radiant green light of its own. The artwork was made by Dutch artist Victor Engbers, together with SIO2glas and Hotmarks.


Source: lednews.lighting

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Look Through is an interactive lighting object inspired in diamond-alike shapes and designed to foster unexpected encounters. This "lighting iceberg" is sensitive to the surrounding music (seamlessly changing its color) and the touch of people. Moreover, when two people touch the iceberg from both sides it became transparent, provoking a surprising encounter. All lighting control has been done with ProtoPixel Create and one ProtoPixel controller. This project was designed by ProtoPixel for #ABSOLUTNIGHTS in Barcelona, Spain.


Source: protopixel

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Light maze for Luneng Sanya Bay Light and Art Festival
yǔzhòu is an immersive light installation we were commissioned for the newly created Luneng Sanya Bay Light and Art Festival in Hainan, China.
The installation consists of a maze based on a triangular geometry and built of 2,5m high panels of acrylic glass. A dichroic film glued to one side of the acrylic glass converts the panels in semi-transparent and reflects or shifts the light rays along the entire colour range of a rainbow while the spectator moves in the installation.


On the other side of each acrylic glass sheet, a specifically created pattern of grooves is mechanically carved in. The grooves are illuminated by powerful LED rails with subtly shifting colours located in the inferior and superior framework. The panels on the outer perimeter are provided with a mirror film converting the interior in an infinity room – a unique cosmos of overlapping light patterns and constantly 

Source: brutdeluxe

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Audiovisual installation ‘After the Storm’
The rumbling sounds of approaching thunder introduce Storm. This immersive audiovisual installation recreates the thrill and excitement of watching a storm as it moves from dark and foreboding to booming explosions of light as the gale approaches.


Commissioned for Newcastle Gateshead Initiative's Enchanted Parks 2016, Storm is Output Arts' most ambitious audiovisual installation to date: constructed from 108 separate triangular panels with a total of 4320 LEDs, 335 metres of cabling and a dozen computers. The event saw 30,000 visitors across six nights.
Storm uses a recording of a thunderstorm from the British Library Sound Archive, contributed by wildlife sound recordist Simon Elliot; Output Arts are grateful for his kind assistance.

Source: lednews.lighting

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CLUSTER it's a real-time interactive Light and Sound installation made by Playmodes Studio

Cluster is an immersive audiovisual site-specific installation that explores relationships between space, time and perception. Geometric schematization of architecture using light instruments transforms the space into a container for the abstract language of light and sound.

The audiovisual discourse generated in real time using software created by Playmodes, researches the possibilities of formal clusters of oscillators applied to the control of light, sound and atonality to the limits of synaesthetic perception.

Source: lednews.lighting

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Brainrave is an interactive audiovisual installation
Brainrave is an interactive audiovisual installation which lets you control generative music and visuals using your brain alone. Boasting almost 4,000 addressable RGB LEDs, Brainrave seeks to demystify Brain Computer Interfaces (BCIs) and make something that seems like science fiction become science fact.


When you wear the EEG headset, an algorithm processes the raw EEG waves into meaningful data, in this case the level of concentration/relaxation. The installation includes a concentration meter in the form of an LED ring which helps you control your concentration better. In order to raise the concentration level, you can focus on the meter, perform complex mathematics in your head or simply focus really hard on one thought. On the other hand, relaxation can be achieved by closing your eyes, letting your muscles loose and zoning out the surrounding environment.

This attention level extracted from the headset is then used to manipulate and generate music and visuals through software programmed specifically for this installation. The resulting music is then blasted from a PA system and the visuals are displayed onto the huge array of LEDs for everyone to enjoy... that is until you take off the headset. 

Brainrave is suited for all audiences. We aim to tour music, light, science and art festivals with it as well as schools and hospitals.

Brainrave was originally commissioned by Science in the City, Malta in September 2016.

Source: lednews.lighting

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Ken Burns Bridge
Located over a lake that teems with swimmers and boaters during the summer, the Ken Burns Bridge can be viewed by motorists, boaters, swimmers and residents around the lake. Elegant, curved arches are enhanced with color-changing light below deck, while above deck, four 50' tall sail-shaped gateways become color-changing nighttime icons, celebrating holidays, seasons, sports victories and special events.  The bridge opened to great acclaim, winning the hearts of residents and becoming a local landmark. In addition to the pre-programmed events, the lighting has been used to express solidarity with France after the terrorist attacks there and to mourn Prince's untimely death.


Transparent during the day and visible from all angles at night, the gateway sails welcome motorists and pedestrians to the City of Worcester and Town of Shrewsbury.

By way of a custom user interface and pre-programmed events, the owner can create both static and kinetic color-changing events.

Source: lednews.lighting

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30 vertical light tubes were place along the margin of the lake and different light composition were pre-program. The result was a set of different light/shadow animated sequences that interact with the natural elements of the surrounding space.

Source: lednews.lighting

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In a cool and rough December night disoriented beings wander through the dark forest. In order to show them the way, light columns illuminate the pale trunks of the forest. In this magical place the beings discover that they can take control of the light themselves. Dive into a dream world of colorful and changing lights.


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For the long-awaited inauguration of the Elbphilharmonie concert hall located on the harbour-side in Hamburg, a massive light and video setup was installed. It all culminated with a spectacular show in the evening of January 11. As a crucial part of this show, no less than 500 pcs. of P-5 and P-2 wash lights from SGM were applied.

Hamburg’s new concert hall is one of the largest and most acoustically advanced in the world. It is popularly nicknamed Elphi. The 108 metres/354 ft. tall building consist of two sections. The new glassy construction resembles a hoisted sail, water wave or quartz crystal, which is constructed on top of an old warehouse building. A terrace placed in middle, ties the new and the old sections together. This is where most of the P-5s were installed. Furthermore, all balconies on the upper part were also equipped with P-5s.

500 SGM wash lights inaugurate the Elbphilharmonie concert hall - Light Installations • LED Lighting Installations500 SGM wash lights inaugurate the Elbphilharmonie concert hall - Light Installations • LED Lighting Installations500 SGM wash lights inaugurate the Elbphilharmonie concert hall - Light Installations • LED Lighting Installations500 SGM wash lights inaugurate the Elbphilharmonie concert hall - Light Installations • LED Lighting Installations500 SGM wash lights inaugurate the Elbphilharmonie concert hall - Light Installations • LED Lighting Installations

The overall concept was thought-out by the global agency, Jung von Matt. Their task was to visualise the concert taking place inside the opera house on the outside of the building in real-time. Jerry Appelt was the responsible Lighting Designer that ensured that the light was synchronized with the music and video content displayed on the bottom part of the building.

All lighting was supplied by PRG and their Account Manager for the event, Michael Casper, here explains why they chose to apply P-5s and P-2s over other wash lights for this event:

"They are water resistant, bright and reliable – that's why we have a lot of them. They absolutely live up to all our expectations. The role of the P-5s and P-2s was to bathe the new part of the building in deeply saturated colors, changing dynamically in time with the music. They certainly delivered that - and even more.” 

The result of all the different elements coming together as whole, truly was a breathtaking experience.

You can read more about the installation here - and we also encourage you to check out this impressive 'behind the scenes' video:

Source: sgmlight

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150 Media Stream
Situated in the lobby of 150 North Riverside, Chicago’s exclusive new commercial tower, a stunning video canvas of more than 3,000 square feet serves as a dynamic digital sculpture for tenants and visitors alike. Dubbed 150 Media Stream, the permanent installation features commissioned works by both established and budding artists from across the globe.


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Origin - a light-sound sculpture by Philipp Mohr & Selektivton
Origin is an interactive sound and light installation that functions through the electrical capacity produced naturally in the body of the user. Through this artwork participants are given the opportunity to experience a world of light and sound by means of their own physical body. Origin enables its attendees to become part of a critical and poetic transition of egocentrism into a sculpturally shaped figure consisting of light, sound, and a representational object.

Source: origin-light-sound

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The Midnight Special
Studio ENESS transformed an old-school bus to take you on a trippy journey to stillness for their latest art installation, The Midnight Special. This LED installation was commissioned by Strawberry Fields Festival.

LED installation Strawberry Fields Festival -LED installation Strawberry Fields Festival -LED installation Strawberry Fields Festival -LED installation Strawberry Fields Festival -LED installation Strawberry Fields Festival -

From the outside, The Midnight Special has the appearance of a retro Australian school bus, but step inside and you are sucked into a futuristic gravitational vortex of choreographed light and sound. Colour shatters in hypnotising patterns across viewers who lie on the bus floor, soaking up the meditative ambience from the LED light show.

The light vortex calms and speeds up playing visual tricks on the audience, who forget the structures are there between the illusive, floating light formations. The installation structure is an array of addressable LEDs designed by our team - each light was carefully mapped with specific content in collaboration with Hyper Reelist (Jobe Williams), then synchronised to react to a soundtrack composed for this experience by Mark Williams.

The Midnight Special evokes nostalgic feelings mixed with the unseen, unfamiliar and unexperienced.

The Midnight Special was last seen at Strawberry Fields Festival – a festival of music, art and love.


  • Design and production: ENESS
  • Visuals: Hyper Reelist (Jobe Williams)
  • Music: Mark Williams
  • Sound engineering: Morish Audio
  • Videographer: Joshua Beahan
  • Editing: Hyper Reelist (Jobe Williams)

Source: eness

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Porta Estel·lar
Porta Estel·lar (the catalan for Star Gate) is an immersive light and sound installation inside a plane.

Porta Estel·lar LED installationPorta Estel·lar LED installation

We invite the audience to embark on a cosmic journey, perceptively intense and captivating.

Through the creation of visual and sound sequences that suggest the idea of interstellar travel, we make the audience fly to outer space in an intense six-minute trip, from departure and takeoff  to the sighting of comets, planets, galaxies, crossing nebulae and visiting alien worlds, until finally returning safe to earth.

The plane itself is an art project from Eduardo Cajal, http://www.trashumante.org/, who bought, transformed and adapted the plane to hold this kind of art performances inside it. Porta Estel·lar, then, is a collaborative project between PlayMID, authors of the light&sound show, and Eduardo Cajal, owner of the plane.

+info: PDF_dossier

Source: playmodes

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Flower Strip
Every spring, the Netherlands bursts into vivid colors as bulbs shoot and thousands of flowers blossom. The Dutch landscape is complemented by beautiful stripes of color. Visitors from all over the world travel to The Netherlands to be able to experience rows of flowers stretching to the horizon.

Light Installations • LED Lighting InstallationsLight Installations • LED Lighting InstallationsLight Installations • LED Lighting InstallationsLight Installations • LED Lighting InstallationsLight Installations • LED Lighting InstallationsLight Installations • LED Lighting Installations

Flower Strip from Aether & Hemera gives you the possibility to enjoy the same aesthetic of flowering bulbs in the winter months. The artwork gives the phenomenon a new context by using light and placing the flowers into the water of the Amsterdam Canal.
Commissioned by the Amsterdam Light Festival, from  November 2016 to 22 January 2017 Wertheimpark, Amsterdam.

Source: aether-hemera

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The etymon of the word 'voyage' comes from Latin 'viāticum', which means 'provision for travelling', and the aim of the artwork is to allow viewers to travel and sail with absolute freedom to all the places they care to imagine. Colourful paper boats on the water invites everyone to make a transition from reality to imagination, reliving childhood memories and embracing our freedom; blurring the lines between the real and hyper-real, Voyage invites the thoughts of the visitors to cross the borders of their imagination.


Voyage is a large-scale installation that consists of three hundred floating 'origami boats', encasing coloured dynamic LED lights that come alive at night. Each origami boat is 60cm long.
 Voyage is also designed to be an interactive experience; people can engage with it and impact on the behaviour of the lights from their mobile phone. More information about this project's development here
Commissioned for Canary Wharf Group's award-winning public art programme for the Middle Dock of Canary Wharf, December 2012 - February 2013, London.

Source: aether-hemera

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On the Wings of Freedom
Butterflies are the symbol of change, creativity, soul freedom, joy and colour. Their power is transformation, shape shifting and evolution.

Butterflies represent transformation and freedom across all cultures; ‘Bright Cities’ are places where people can grow culturally, socially and broaden their mind; our glowing butterflies are symbols of this potential change and  cultural evolution.

The swarm of butterflies creates an array of RGB LEDs which are individually addressable and are choreographed for rich lighting effects based on the audience interaction.
More information about the process and technology on our blog page

Commissioned by the Amsterdam Light Festival, from 27 November 2014 to 18 January 2015 Wertheimpark, Amsterdam.

Exhibited at Canary Wharf Winter Light Fest 2016, GeorgetownGlow 2016, Illumination Harbour Festival of Light 2016.

Source: aether-hemera

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“Naked truth”, presented by ACTLD at the “Bright Brussels Festival” 2017, invites the public to discover a contemporary light & sound show in probably one of the most unusual locations – a construction site on the banks of the canal.



Inspired by the raw, contrasted and authentic aspect of this environment, our team imagined an artistic installation with a genuine feel and look. The crafted visual scenography and music fully embrace the entire space and transform it into a living open-air stage without interfering with its industrial nature.

The dynamic and minimalist installation, placed on the water-flooded ground, consists of a symmetrical matrix including, among others, 64 automatic projectors (64 G-SPOT’s). Together they play out against the backdrop, climb the sky and are reflected in the water and in the artificial fog.

To create an aerial ballet mirrored in the water the light display (beams, strobe’s, backlight & uplight of the setting) and special effects (water mist, smoke and haze machines) were all programmed on timecode with the original soundtrack

Stripped of any superfluous element, “Naked Truth” enables the public to freely interpret its story narrated by an impressive spectacle. A poetic and colorful display accompanied by the music changes the perception of space and offers a memorable experience to the spectators.

Source: actld

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Having to stay in an oncological hospital is one of the worst situations a child can be in. A childhood is the period of a person’s life in which you develop yourself.

As part of a multidisciplinary team of ten BSc students from Delft University of Technology I have created Lumo, an interactive hangout for children in the Prinses Maxima Hospital for child oncology. The goal of this hangout was to stimulate social development of teenagers between the ages of twelve to fourteen.

PROJECT LUMO - light installations art ×  light installationsPROJECT LUMO - led installations ×  led art installationsPROJECT LUMO - outdoor light installations × led lighting installations

The dynamic ongoing shape of Lumo creates a closed environment while having an open structure at the same time, provoking curiosity from the inside to the outside. This spiral structure offers children their own spot within the hospital, where they can play, sit or lie down.

The final result was a working prototype, which was featured on the exhibition of the Summer Festival in Delft and during the SKION medical conference in Utrecht. My activities included planning, user research, ideation, interaction design, concept development, embodiment, prototyping, testing/validating, recruiting sponsors, communicating with the company and suppliers and procurement of materials and hardware parts.

How does it work?


At the moment Lumo is not being touched the installation responds to the sound that is present in the surroundings. At the moment a child approaches the installation, Lumo turns on different lights in the modules. The brightness of these lights is linked to the volume of the sound.

PROJECT LUMO - led lighting installations × installations of lightPROJECT LUMO - light installations art ×  light installations × led installationsPROJECT LUMO -  led art installations × outdoor light installations × led lighting installationsPROJECT LUMO - light installations art ×  light installations × led installations ×  led art installations × outdoor light installations × led lighting installations × installations of light

When the child gets in contact with a module it will light up at full brightness. Assuming the child will make common sounds during the exploration, he or she will notice a light bullet traveling through the helix in both directions for every sound that he or she makes.

At the moment the microphone in the module receives audio input from the child, he or she sees this as a way of interacting with Lumo. The child gets curious what happens if you interact with the installation with more than one person. The child might wonder how you can interact with more than one person. He or she invites other children to have a look as well and maybe play together.

When mores modules are being touched, a connection between these activated modules is made. Light bullets that are generated in one module will be stacked upon other modules at the moment they reach them. When a module is released the stacked light bullets will travel through the rest of the installation till the next activated module.

Source: indyvanderheijden

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Specialist manufacturers of bespoke theatrical and lighting effects Specialz have supplied a unique lighting display to this award-winning museum in Dublin
EPIC, The Irish Emigration Museum is Dublin’s newest museum, dedicated to one of the pivotal facets of Irish history: that of Irish emigration. In the perfectly appropriate location, the museum is situated in Dublin’s Docklands on the Custom House Quay, the departure point for many of Ireland’s emigrants in the 19th Century. Within the museum are twenty themed interactive galleries that take visitors on a journey through Irish history and, through interactive and immersive technology, connects all those who claim Irish connections and heritage with a unique and powerful experience.

Light Installations • LED Lighting Installations - EPIC, The Irish Emigration Museum is Dublin’s newest museum

Amongst the myriad of rooms dedicated to the global influence of the Irish culture through migration is a space entitled Science & Innovation. Within this gallery, visitors are familiarised with those of Irish descent who have been key in the development of scientific and technology progress.  As an introduction to the mysteries of the Irish psyche, the Synapse provides a spectacular visual interpretation of the brain’s inner workings.This artistic impression that also provides light and visual movement to the gallery was designed by Adam Grater.

“There was indeed a dual purpose to this installation,” opens Grater. “It’s title, The Synapse, explains what it represents but it also creates atmosphere and provides ambience in the way it physically illuminates the space. Once I had an idea of what I wanted I went to Dave Smith at Specialz to turn my thoughts into a workable reality.”


Creating bespoke visual structures is what Specialz is all about as Grater himself comments, “I went to Dave and his team for this as I’ve used their expertise in the past for other ‘one-off’ pieces and you always get what you pay for with no messing.  Plus, there’s always a good lunch or two along the way.”

The metal frame that supports the lighting was assembled by Scena and then the Specialz team hand knitted or weaved the fibres and LED strings through the framework to create the image of the brain’s neurons and synapses at work.

Dave Smith explains in more detail, “The initial brief was pretty abstract, with plenty of mood pictures and style sheets, but there was a little uncertainty as to quite what they were looking for until they saw actually saw the effect.’

‘To this end prior to shipping, a trial build was instigated to attempt to simulate the effect and offer various colour options and design possibilities.  It became clear early on, that this could not be pre-built and simply installed.  The basic components would have to be shipped to Dublin and built in-situ in its entirety because of the complexity of the design.  One element of the brief was that the system had to be robust and as maintenance free as possible bearing in mind the exhibition was planned to last 6 years.’

‘To simulate the synapses, we suggested falling back to an old technology of fibre optics as light engines were now available with LED bulbs which had 20-25,000 hours of available lifespan.  To give the impression of the synapses, over 1500m of side emitting transparent fibre optics together with 1500m of cracked fibre with 24 x 10m strings of micro-LED to simulate the neurons firing were powered off a Specialz LED controller mounted in the truss.’

Working with Scena, six light engines were floor mounted in the synapse support structure with three engines and the Specialz LED Controller were mounted on an existing services truss above the synapse support structure. It took 14 days to craft the effect onsite and weave an intricate web of fibre optic and micro-Led cables within the three synapse supports ensuring that the look was pretty awe-inspiring from every way it was approached and viewed.”

When completed, the whole installation was programmed by Mark Gallione of High Res Lighting in Dublin. 

“The results are really stunning and the museum is very happy with the way the installation complements the objectives of the gallery,” reports Grater.  “This is a permanent installation so it needs to be fail-safe in terms of reliability and performance. The museum is well into its second year and I have yet to hear of any issues.”

“As ever,” concludes Grater, “Specialz stepped up to the mark and produced exactly what was required, on time and on budget.  A total pleasure and one I will be repeating.”

Source: livedesignonline

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20,000 LEDs light up ACU's quad
Abilene Christian University’s new Lightwalk combines art and science to create a unique and interactive space on campus.

Light Installations • LED Lighting Installations 01Light Installations • LED Lighting Installations 02

College quads are usually reserved for tossing frisbees and studying but often go unused, especially at night. Abilene Christian University (ACU) wanted to illuminate the McGlothlin quad and create a new way of engaging with the university community by combining science, technology, and art. Dubbed Lightwalk, their innovative solution is an outdoor light installation that provides students, faculty, staff, and visitors with a unique gathering space throughout the day and night.

According to Brent Reeves, ACU Associate Professor of Management Science and Computer Science, “The thing that excites me the most about this is the integration of hardware and software and art.” Built in partnership with interactive agency Viget, Lightwalk invites both physical and digital interaction of special light reeds through sensing, internet-connected hardware, a mobile web app, and a hackable back end program for students to experiment.
Lightwalk development began after a grant in honor of the McGlothlin family asking for an art installation on the quad that would complement the nearby Onstead Science Center. Led by faculty, students, and the ACU MakerLab, the aim was to create an interactive exhibit and accompanying hackable software to take advantage of the latest in "Internet of Things" technology. Viget helped ACU develop the hardware components, including the 35 master nodes, 350 light reeds, 20,000 smart LEDs, 32 infrared sensors, and 3 temperature sensors that power the installation, as well as the software applications and firmware upon which all interactions and displays are driven.
The strangely organic-looking and encompassing Lightwalk is already attracting students as an interesting meeting place. Computer science students are able to code, test, and send their own light effects. Others in the ACU community can control the installation through their mobile devices, determining the pattern, color, and level of physical interaction.

More info at viget.com/work/lightwalk

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Parabolic Lovecloud
amigo & amigo created The Parabolic Lovecloud, inspired by Waverley councils unique coastal views, marine environment and sea corals. Lovecloud is an interactive lighting installation that illuminates to your heart beat. As visitors physically connect to the sculpture they will be incorporating a part of themselves into the artwork. A work which collects different heartbeat ‘prints’, and unites the individuals; living, visiting and commuting through Bondi Junction.


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RDV - TETRA - Installation
“TETRA” is a light installation composed of LED bars with an original soundtrack for a unique visual and sound experience. The installation of the RDV collective enhances the space invested by its tetrahedron shape.


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HarmonicPortal Preview, Lumiere Durham 2017

Harmonic Portal is a new work commissioned for Lumiere Festival Durham, 2017 http://www.lumiere-festival.com/durham-2017/
There are 5 pieces arranged around the walls of St Godrics Church, Castle Chare, Durham, each is a portal into the surface of the wall, the light amplifies surface details due to the angle of incidence and feels like a magnifying glass (or even an electron microscope at times.). 
They question how we perceive colour, the inside and outside contrast and harmonise as time progresses, while this is mirrored by the generative sound track which reflects the colours, the frequencies of red, green and blue light have been dropped by 42 octaves and vary in proportion to those colours of light. 
It is partially contemplating how our brains create colour from 3 frequencies, but also how limited a bandwidth that actually is, the fundamental notes are a flattened Ab, A and B.

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GLOW 2017 | The Origin

A temporary light installation during the international lighjt festival GLOW 2017 in Eindhoven (The Netherlands)
The installation is a configuration of suspended LED lines creating an anamorphosis of a star; the origin of our universe. The lines are suspended on a spacing of 25m between the individual LED lines.

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2047 Apologue - this video documents the last part of the show called "Weaving Machine" 
Chinese director Zhang Yimou who is best known for his movies "Raise the Red Lantern", "Hero" and "The Great Wall" but also for directing the opening and closing ceremonies of the Beijing Olympics returns to the theater stage with his concept perfomance "2047 APOLOGUE".  

Zhang Yimou has unveiled his latest work at the National Center for the Performing Arts in Beijing. Based on Peking Opera "Sanchakou," "2047 Apologue" is breaking the form of traditional stage plays, combining Chinese folk art with the latest technology. The show aims to mirror reality, commenting on how science and technology are a huge part of life in the 21st century. The show consists of 8 parts, each combining a traditional chinese craft, music or dance style with modern high tech such as lasers, robots, drones and kinetics. 

Best Light Installations • LED Lighting InstallationsBest Light Installations • LED Lighting InstallationsBest Light Installations • LED Lighting InstallationsBest Light Installations • LED Lighting InstallationsBest Light Installations • LED Lighting InstallationsBest Light Installations • LED Lighting InstallationsBest Light Installations • LED Lighting InstallationsBest Light Installations • LED Lighting InstallationsBest Light Installations • LED Lighting InstallationsBest Light Installations • LED Lighting InstallationsBest Light Installations • LED Lighting InstallationsBest Light Installations • LED Lighting InstallationsBest Light Installations • LED Lighting InstallationsBest Light Installations • LED Lighting Installations

WHITEvoid was commissioned to create, program and direct the kinetic display for the last part of the show called "Weaving Machine". The 9 minute performance features 640 motorized LED spheres, an anchient chinese weaving machine and a modern dancer. German motor winch producer KINETIC LIGHTS provided the vertical hoist systems for the LED spheres and control software. Russian RADUGADESIGN animated a complementing video backdrop and CPG Concepts from Hong Kong provided the dance choreography for british dancer Rose Alice.

The show will tour China throughout 2018

Source: youtube

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