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RGB Shades: Programmable LED Glasses
What are RGB LED Shades?
They're programmable shutter shade sunglasses with an array of 68 full-color LED pixels on the front. The LEDs can show different colors by mixing levels of Red, Green, and Blue...just like the screen you're using to read this. Although the LEDs are very bright from the outside, they're almost invisible from the inside; you can see out just fine. A programmable microcontroller (Arduino-compatible) chooses the color of each pixel to display a wide range of colorful animations.

Programmable LED GlassesProgrammable LED GlassesProgrammable LED GlassesProgrammable LED Glasses


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Smart Bluetooth LED glasses
Download the CHEMION app to your iOS or Android device and turn on your glasses. Look for the pairing code in the app and you’re in! That’s just about all there is to pairing these guys. Once you have them paired you can control many features from the app or just use the power button to scroll through the presets on the glasses. The presets include hearts, waves, fireworks, GO!!! and a crazy triangle pattern.

Smart Bluetooth LED glassesSmart Bluetooth LED glassesSmart Bluetooth LED glasses

When you dig deeper into the app you’ll find you can make custom text, use the EQ, create drawings (tricky to do) and explore other users’ presets. Text mode is probably the easiest, just type in the text you want to appear on the glasses and tap it when done. The text will automatically transfer over to the glasses from the app. The EQ feature uses the mic on your phone to listen to the noise around you and show an LED EQ on the glasses, this is great where you have music at a party. The creator mode has you drawing things across a grid of pixels which represent the LEDs, which is a bit harder to master but could be fun if you do.

Once you have something programmed in you do not have to have your phone on for it to work. Just program it and put your phone away. If you want to change things up, you will have to pull out the phone and enter new parameters. Overall, using the glasses isn’t hard at all, once you have them paired and you dig into the app for a bit, it all comes together quickly.




Source: chemi-on

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