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IP40 Rigid Bar Light with Rotatibe Magnet Brackets for shelf lighting and display case
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LED Lighting Meat
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LED Lighting Bakery
LED Lighting Bakery

LED Lighting Deli
LED Lighting Deli

LED Lighting Vegetables and Fruits
LED Display Case Lighting Kits • Food Lighting LED

LED Lighting Beverage

LED Lighting Dairy

Magnet and Rotating mounting Bracket-Flexible and easy installtion to solve the expensive cost for electrician problem

Powerful-Expandable up to 7 meters-Magnetic fixture

Buy Now $ 72 - 80 Free international shipping (19-39 days) 260mm DC24V (10 pieces / lot , US $ 7.20 - 8 / piece )
Buy Now $ 105.50 - 140 Free international shipping (19-39 days) 560mm DC24V (10 pieces / lot , US $ 10.55 - 14 / piece )


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