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Riding A Bike At Night Just Got Easier With This New Device That Prevents Painful Spills
For those of you who love riding bicycles, whether in competitions or just for transportation, you might have experienced some difficulties when riding at night. Potholes, road cracks and other road defects can lead to nasty injuries. With the goal of helping cyclists avoid such accidents, a group of Chinese researchers from Sichuan University created an innovative lighting concept especially made for cyclists called "The Lumigrid."

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1. The Lumigrid uses an LED light
The Lumigrid emits a grid of light toward the ground. The light then changes its form according to its surface.

2. The Lumigrid's light contours with the surface of the road
The light also bends so the cyclist will be able to avoid obstacles on the road.

3. The Lumigrid has three modes to choose from
The default mode sends out an image of 5.5 x 7.1 inch squares, the high speed mode sends out a 5.5 x 10.2 inch squares and the team mode expands to 11.8 x

4. Unfortunately, the Lumigrid is just still a concept
Although the Lumigrid hasn't been fully developed, the device is expected to be available sometime this year.

Source: baton

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