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Justin Bieber performs with SGM Q-7s at Fontainebleau Hotel

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New Year’s Eve 2017: SGM Q-7 strobes were the main cannons of the stage lighting for Justin Bieber’s exclusive show at the Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami, FL.

Justin Bieber performs with SGM Q-7s at Fontainebleau Hotel

Everlast Productions have carried out the New Year’s Eve Party at Fontainebleau Hotel for several years. It was the first year that Tyler Frank spearheaded the overall design. Tyler and his crew took the shell of the structure from previous years and incorporated that into the new design for the stage. He wanted to create something that had more depth, immersion and dynamics, all the while fitting into the tight restrictions of the space. They built a 18m wide x 15m tall x 13m deep (60’ wide x 50’ tall x 40’ deep) structure and stage over an existing poolside bar. The lighting design had to be practical, bright and resilient to South Beach weather conditions. He explained why he chose the Q-7s for the stage setup:

“The Q-7s were the main cannons for the show. They were the only fixtures that I could trust to fill in the void between the LED walls and to have a output bright enough to make it across the pool. The Q-7s were going to be out in the open to the elements and so the IP-rating and the durability of SGM was a no brainer. The fixtures acted as bookends to the LED wall and really brought synergy between the lighting and video elements.”

Tyler was very satisfied with the performance of Q-7s from SGM:

“The Q-7s set the bar for a LED strobe fixture. It’s a tank and can handle anything you throw at it. I didn’t have a single issue with these fixtures, whereas I had several with others due to the rain. The Q-7s are now in my bag of tricks - and I will definitely use them again.”

The Everlast Production crew had no idea who the headliner was going to be until a few weeks beforehand, so they focused on creating a large canvas that could support any act. Once they found out that it was Justin Beiber, they got in touch with his team to make any changes. Fortunately, they loved the rig and rocked with what Everlast Productions had provided them. The Lighting Designer from Justin Bieber's team, Nick van Norstrand, took the rig and made it fly.

Production Company: Everlast Productions
Production Manager: David McCranie
Lighting Designer/Director: Tyler Frank
Guest Lighting Designer: Nick van Norstrand
Master Electrician: Patrick Forrest
Set Design: Tyler Frank
Rigger: Mike DeBlois
Video Director: Alejandro Mejia
Audio Engineer: Micah Hudson
Audio Engineer 2: Jay Newbold

Products used for this project:
Q-7.jpg.c6687579bfaf7d9ddc53c96307a3ec4b.jpg Q-7

Original: sgmlight

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