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Snowy Rally Sweden highlighted by SGM wash lights

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Rally Sweden is the biggest recurring sports event in Sweden and a part of the FIA World Rally Championship No less than approximately 100 million TV viewers worldwide and 250,000 attending spectators followed the race that took place in the province of Värmland in the middle of Sweden from February 9th-12th. For the 7th year in a row, Jakob Larsson was the responsible Lighting Designer and Production Manager who ensured that the light settings were enhancing the settings the best way possible. For that purpose, he stocked up on SGM P-5 LED wash lights:

“I have a lot of experience with the P-5 and I knew it was the right lamp for the mission. I rented all that Woodlite had in stock which was about 110 pcs. If they have had more, I had rented more, as they were my first choice.”

He installed the P-5s at two different so-called Super Special Stages and also at the prize ceremony. Most of fixtures were used to illuminate a new Super Special Stage located in a big quarry.

Rally Sweden is taken place in rather harsh winter surroundings in Sweden, which was an ice-cold fact that Jakob needed to take into account: 

“First of all, I needed fixtures with a high IP-rating since the gig is outdoor in the middle of the Swedish winter. I feel that the P-5 is a very reliable product and I will definitely continue using it in future installations as well.”

Jakob also found that the mix of a very high output and low power consumption was a perfect match for this big event. Furthermore, he a saw the interchangeable lenses as a big plus, which meant that he could take advantage of both 21° and 43° lense kit on the location.

Snowy Rally Sweden highlighted by SGM wash lightsSnowy Rally Sweden highlighted by SGM wash lightsSnowy Rally Sweden highlighted by SGM wash lightsSnowy Rally Sweden highlighted by SGM wash lightsSnowy Rally Sweden highlighted by SGM wash lights

Products used for this project:
P-5 P-5

Original: sgmlight

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