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LED Lighting for Racetracks and Motor Speedways Shows Tremendous Benefits
Major auto racing venues were latecomers with respect to using artificial lighting for nighttime events. Those venues are typically much larger, requiring more total lighting and imposing greater operating costs and electricity usage than baseball or football fields. Moreover, motorsports drivers need very high quality lighting for better visibility and safety as they drive at average speeds of more than 100 miles per hour. LED lighting is the ideal answer for all of these challenges, and next-generation LED lighting systems have a potential to transform a sport that has traditionally been relegated to daylight hours.

LED Lighting For Stadium - Sport Fields, Arena, Hall • Baseball, Football, Soccer, Tennis courts


LED Lighting for Racetracks
Smaller stock car racetracks and motor speedways were some of the early adopters of LED lighting. The Weedsport Speedway in upstate New York, which hosts several classes of stock car races, was one of the first racetracks to use an LED system. The Weedsport LED lighting system gives drivers uniform lighting with reduced glare around the tracks. Lighting engineers have long understood that shadows can change a person’s perception of an object’s speeds. Weedsport eliminated the shadows, dark spots, and variations in illumination with a custom LED system that includes advanced luminaire lenses and precision light pole and fixture placement.

NASCAR is the premier North American motorsport and the racetrack at Martinsville, Virginia recently became the first NASCAR racetrack to switch to LED lighting. The racetrack’s owners installed 750 lights, each with up to 144 LED bulbs to illuminate the ½-mile oval track. Those lights also have special lenses that focus and condition the light and that shield the fixtures from environmental stresses. The Martinsville system also incorporates smart technology that gives immediate feedback on each fixture’s status and any light maintenance issues.

Martinsville is the home to one of the oldest NASCAR sprint car race in the United States. Industry observers see the venue’s migration to LED lighting as an indication of an early trend in the transition to LED racetrack illumination. The track’s owners believe that LED’s will allow racing to continue into the evening if cautions or other delays prevent racing during daylight hours. Drivers and their teams and racing fans will appreciate that LED lighting will allow a race to be completed on its scheduled day.

LED Lighting Benefits for Motorsports
These and other auto racing venues will realize multiple benefits from LED lighting. From an operating cost perspective, LED racetrack lighting will generate better and more uniform illumination than standard high pressure sodium systems at less than half the cost. LED fixtures have an average lifespan of more than five years and in some cases can continue to generate light with no degradation for more than 100,000 hours. Night auto racing under LED lights will also open a racetrack to more viewers, as racing fans who work during daylight hours would have an opportunity to attend live racing events in the evening. More fans in seats means more revenue to the racetrack’s owners.

Television and other live broadcasts of auto races will also see a likely expansion with LED racetrack lighting. Traditional outdoor lighting limits the quality of modern high definition broadcasts. LED lighting renders colors more accurately that captures high speed motion without distracting flashes or flickering during a broadcast. Motor sports fans will have more opportunities to see quality broadcasts of nighttime races on tracks that use LED lighting systems.

Source: specgradeled

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High Powered LED Lighting is Making Night Golf Possible
Night golf was once a novelty that a few intrepid golfers attempted with glow-in-the-dark balls on moonlit evening. High powered LED outdoor sports lighting has now taken night golf from novelty to practical reality. A few golf courses outside of the United States have been the pioneers in this transition. Their success in making night golf a practical option will likely encourage golf centers in the United States to open their courses to nighttime play.

LED Lighting For Stadium - Sport Fields, Arena, Hall • Baseball, Football, Soccer, Tennis courts


High Powered LED Lighting for Night Golf
Unlike many other outdoor sports that are confined to a limited playing area, golf requires a large area, typically encompassing 150 to 200 acres of defined playing space. The challenge of lighting this large amount of space has deterred golf courses from installing outdoor lighting, as the installation and operation costs of that lighting could not be justified by the limited number of golfers who would likely take advantage of it. High powered LED outdoor lighting has changed the equation to make night golf more feasible and economical.

One golf course at a resort in Turkey, for example, installed 120 LED light poles with 370 LED light fixtures over a nine-hole segment of its course. Lighting engineers and course designers used topographical maps of the course to position and design the LED lights to avoid shadows and to prevent glare that would reduce a golfer’s ability to track his shots. Previous- generation metal halide and high-pressure sodium outdoor sports lighting systems would not be able to provide this position and design flexibility.

Next Generation LED for Sports Lighting
High Powered LED systems, like the lighting system installed at the golf course in Turkey, generate ample amounts of illumination for night golf with 50% to 70% less energy consumption than traditional outdoor sports lighting systems. The LED luminaires can also be controlled and adjusted with smart systems that sense nighttime light from the moon and other sources and that adjust LED lighting in response to ambient conditions.  LED lights also come to full illumination almost immediately after power is fed to them. This allows golf course managers to turn golf lighting on and off quickly and on an as-needed basis, which further reduces energy consumption.

The prospect of night golf will expand the utility and appeal of golf courses not just to golfers who are unable to play golf during daytime hours, but also to golfers who prefer cooler nighttime temperatures. Many golfers, particularly in the southern parts of the United States that experience high daytime temperatures during the summer months, prefer to begin their golf games early in the day before temperatures climb into an uncomfortable range. Night golf under high powered LED lights will now allow them to practice their game when temperatures are more comfortable.  

Night golf may still pose a challenge to duffers who are unable to keep their golf shots within the confines of an LED-lit fairway, and professional golf tournaments will likely continue to be played during daytime hours. Night golf will not, in itself, improve a golfer’s game. It will, however, give all golfers greater options for when they can golf. As golf courses look for ways to improve their appeal to sportsmen and women who have multiple other athletic options available to them, night golf can also increase the overall allure of the sport. 

Source: specgradeled

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Nordichallen: Osram creates professional lighting conditions for indoor football in Sweden
Osram Lighting Solutions designed and implemented innovative LED hall lighting for the Nordichallen, a modern exhibition space and football hall in the Swedish city of Sundsvall. The new lighting solution complies with professional light requirements as stipulated by the Swedish Football Association and simultaneously saves around 65 percent energy. The home team of GIF Sundsvall, a club in the Allsvenskan premier Swedish football league, uses the hall for daily training, hall competitions and friendly matches.

LED Lighting For Stadium - Sport Fields, Arena, Hall • Baseball, Football, Soccer, Tennis courtsLED Lighting For Stadium - Sport Fields, Arena, Hall • Baseball, Football, Soccer, Tennis courts


The Nordichallen in Sundsvall is located at Northern Sweden's largest sports centre and trade fair site of Gärdehov that in addition to football also functions as a regional centre for ice hockey, floorball, ice skating and curling. The hall has floor space of approximately 11,000 square metres and a ceiling height of 22 metres, and since 2011 also benefits from a mobile, full-size artificial turf pitch. With a size of 105x65 m this even complies with requirements for international competitions – therefore enabling not only general football use by local clubs and schools but also fulfilling all preconditions for professional football. Until now though, lighting in the Nordichallen did not meet photometric requirements of the Swedish Football Association for clubs in the premier league, e.g. regarding glare limitation and uniform illumination.
Following careful lighting design and precise calculations, Osram installed 411 innovative LED luminaires each with 181 W to replace the previous 500 conventional HID luminaires with 400 W. The Siteco luminaires used of type LS160 LED provide significantly better quality of light, and thanks to frosted prismatic optics achieve less glare even when directly looking into the luminaires. They also ensure flicker-free light for video recordings – ranging from mobile phones to HDTV with super slow-motion. With state-of-the-art technology and maximum light output ratios, the new LED luminaires increase nominal lighting levels in the hall from a previous 400 lux to 800 lux.
Upgrading from previous conventional technology to the long-life and efficient LED lighting solution was also worthwhile in terms of cost-efficiency. The new LED hall lighting achieves energy savings of around 65% and significantly lower maintenance overheads and operating costs.

For further information, see osram-group

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Thorn Lights the Revamped PalaTrento Arena
Thorn Lighting has delivered a comprehensive new lighting system for a multipurpose sports arena in the Italian city of Trento. The new Altis Sport LED floodlights provide the perfect conditions for a range of matches and sporting events, helping the Aquila Basket Trento basketball team and Trentino Volley volleyball club enjoy both home advantage and the best possible lighting when they entertain visitors to the PalaTrento arena.

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London, October 2017 – The local authorities in Trento have marked the start of the new basketball and volleyball seasons by officially opening the renovated PalaTrento municipal arena, the true home of sport in the north Italian city. A series of major works have recently been carried out at the venue, which can accommodate 4360 spectators and will soon be expanded to offer seating for 5000 sports fans. This extensive renovation project has included refurbishment of the flooring, renewal of the seating area and a completely new lighting system.

With a clear desire to mirror the high-calibre nature of the sporting performances and guarantee the public an unforgettable visitor experience, plans for the renewal of the lighting focused on designing a modern system that would minimise energy consumption and maximise lighting quality. Thorn was committed to giving the PalaTrento arena the lighting it deserves, combining norm compliance and outstanding efficiency with first-class lighting quality for both competitive matches and regular training.

The thorough product selection process finally settled on the Thorn Altis Sport, a high-power LED floodlight for sports lighting applications. Altis Sport provides exceptional flicker-free lighting, which is suitable for HDTV broadcasting, and features a flexible optical system that crafts an optimised lighting distribution, offering players the perfect environment in which to show their sporting excellence. A total of 92 symmetrical and asymmetrical floodlights can achieve lighting levels of up to 3400 lux, while a DMX system enables full individual control of dimming and directional positioning. As a result, visitors to the PalaTrento can now also experience the type of spectacular team presentations normally seen before National Basketball Association (NBA) games in America.

The new lighting system comfortably outperforms the large number of conventional discharge lamps that formed the mainstay of the old installation. Indeed, different luminaire sizes and varying lighting intensities meant that the arena was previously unable to guarantee the achievement of the regulatory standards required for high-level international competitions.

The extensive experience of Thorn with sporting applications was greatly appreciated by all parties involved in the project. The impressive new lighting system is the result of excellent collaboration between Thorn and team members such as Teknoengineering, a long-term partner of the Zumtobel Group.

Source: thornlighting

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