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SIMPLUX™ Standalone Wireless Lighting Control System designed for small- to mid-sized spaces up to 10,000 sf and/or up to 100 nodes, is now available from Osram.

Simplux allows specifiers to choose “virtually any manufacturer’s luminaire that has a 0-10V dimmable ballast or LED driver, and deliver fixture-by-fixture or full group control as needed,” according to the company. Simplux also offers an upgrade path to Polaris 3D software and the Encelium networked light management system for enterprise-level control or integration to building automation systems via BACNet. The system is ideally suited for schools, commercial offices, warehouses, and places where a wired solution is a challenge, Osram says.

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Simplux does not require a floor plan and can be set up with a mobile app, the company notes. Installers scan the barcodes of pre-installed hardware, group and connect them to appropriate Simplux controllers, then leverage pre-set default settings such as automated demand response, light levels and time-outs. 

Simplux is available to specify now and will begin shipping June 2017, Osram says.

SIMPLUX Overview Video:



SIMPLUX Mobile Setup App Video:



For further information, see osram-americas

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Guided by the light: MediaMarkt customers find products faster with indoor positioning from Philips Lighting
Philips Lighting (Euronext Amsterdam: LIGHT), a global leader in lighting, today announced that MediaMarkt’s flagship store in the center of Eindhoven will introduce "Store Guide” app.  It allows customers in store to use their smartphones to locate products and be guided to them quickly and easily thanks to innovative LED lighting that acts as an indoor positioning system.



Taking shopper experience to the next level
The “Store Guide” app uses Philips Lighting’s highly accurate Philips Indoor positioning system as well as indoor mapping from Aisle411, a partner of Philips Lighting. Each Philips LED luminaire in the store transmits its location through a modulation of the light that is imperceptible to the human eye but is detected by the shopper’s smartphone camera. This information works with the retailer’s app to provide location-based services such as finding products or receiving special offers. Privacy is guaranteed because no personal data is collected.
The “StoreGuide” app, adds a new dimension to MediaMarkt shopping experience. It supports MediaMarkt’s new retail formula to take shopper experience to the next level both offline and online by re-designing of the store and making it an inspiring and fun place.
"MediaMarkt is at the forefront of innovation when it comes to customer service and technology," says Gordon Scholz, CEO of Media MarktNederland. "The Store Guide app fits the bill perfectly. Through indoor positioning from Philips Lighting we facilitate an inspiring, fun and convenient shopping experience for our customers.” 
"Research from Philips Lighting with Kantar/TNS reveals1 that ‘locating products in a store,’ is one of the primary reasons for customers wanting to use a store app," explains Gerben van der Lugt, Head of Indoor Positioning at Philips Lighting. “We lead the industry with our energy efficient and indoor positioning-ready LED luminaire portfolio. Together with innovative partners we were able to realize the “Store Guide” app for MediaMarkt, taking shopper experience to the next level.”
The MediaMarkt Store Guide app has been developed by e-business solution provider novomind. US based company Aisle411, a long-term partner of Philips Lighting, was responsible for the digital map and routing. Pricer, an Electronic Shelf Labels company from Sweden, supplied an innovative system for determining product locations. The app runs on iOS and Android systems. 

For further information, see newsroom.lighting.philips

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