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VERGE LED – Light on The Verge
Lighting has been a paramount necessity since time immemorial and has been outlining the ambiances around us. The environment in our workspace dictates our productivity, and it is imperative to have adequate illumination for employees to function. Workspaces and lighting solutions have been evolving since the industrial age. LEDs are making their mark already and are highly recommended for lighting workspaces. These luminaires have several advantages over the conventional lighting solutions and are becoming the choice for most lighting applications. For office use, recessed luminaires are the superior choice and provide the best functional lighting solutions.

Ceiling LED Lights - Best modern design for dining room, bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, living room

Recently one of our recessed luminaires, VERGE LED won the prestigious Red Dot Award for the product design of the year. Red Dot Award is a well-renowned international design competition where thousands of brands have competed in the past. With over 5,500+ entries from 54 countries, a jury of well-regarded 40 independent designers, professors and experts evaluated each product in the different category. We won the Red Dot Award in the Product Design category for VERGE LED. The significance of the international design competition, Red Dot Award, with its headquarter in Essen, Germany is well established internationally. For more than 60 years, an expert team has been awarding the seal of quality for superior design and innovation to the outstanding designs of the year. VERGE LED is also available in suspended version, and they can be hanged from the ceiling.



Features and Specifications of VERGE LED
VERGE LED, our award-winning recessed luminaire has best-in-class features to complement its design.

The Red Dot Award 2017 speaks volume for the design of VERGE LED. An innovative design with a sleek profile, this luminaire integrates with the textured ceilings and delivers a very distinct appearance. Its unique design on outer fringe provides visually balanced illumination. VERGE LED follows the pattern of 2x2 ceilings.
With good design comes superior illumination and VERGE LED is all that and more! It promotes visual harmony and creates a space where people can collaborate. Rest assured the luminaire is easy on eyes and provides excellent visual balance. Optically researched, seamless HET PC diffuser with 10% uplight, 90% downlight for balanced, functional illumination.
Luminaires must be reliable and offer superior performance. VERGE LED is extremely sturdy, and the housing is coated with rust-free light-weight aluminium powder. It ensures best-in-class heat dissipation and an insect proof compartment. There is also an independent driver box which facilitates excellent thermal management and results in consistent performance.
VERGE LED is a high efficiency direct-indirect recessed luminaire. It hosts high-efficiency LEDs with best possible chromaticity, color consistency, and uniformity. It will ensure up to 60% of energy savings.
VERGE LED is an extruded and built to last luminaire. It is designed with best-in-class LED driver which gives it a longer service life and hence, a better longevity.
IS 10322 part5/Sec 1: 1987
VERGE LED conforms to IS 10322 Part 5/Sec 1: 1987 standards of test records, quality control, standard mark, laboratory, markings, the level of scrutiny and more. It adheres to standards set by the Bureau of Indian Standards under Government of India.

Elements of Design
VERGE LED is a timeless, subtle, and discreet design. Several factors come into play when developing a product and VERGE LED stands out because it adheres to such aspects. There are three primary elements of design.

LINE – It is simply the linear marks created when two shapes meet. VERGE LED has a sleek profile with clean lines that gel seamlessly. It is timeless at its best!
SHAPE – A shape is a self-contained defined area of geometry (circles or squares) or organic elements (natural shapes or free form shapes). VERGE LED is the epitome of a smart shape that creates an innovative design. The form factor is subtle and adds to its uniqueness.
DIRECTION – All lines have three courses viz. Horizontal, Oblique, or Vertical. Horizontal direction gives a feeling of stability and tranquility. The vertical direction is more formal and suggests balance and alertness while oblique suggests action and movement. VERGE LED incorporates all three directions and gives a sense of wholeness while still maintaining its discreetness.

Applications of VERGE LED
VERGE LED creates Cheerful, Collaborative, and Interactive Workspaces. Offices require excellent lighting solutions which fulfill the functional aspect as well as gives the workstations a sense of belongingness. Several factors like high efficiency, high lumen per watt output, reliability, color temperature, and design are taken into consideration when lighting up workspaces. It is imperative to choose solutions which ensure that employees are working in a desirable environment. VERGE LED is can successfully refurbish existing lighting in both suspended and recessed forms.

  • Offices
  • Banks
  • Reception Areas
  • Hospitals
  • Lecture Halls
  • Conference Rooms
  • Board Rooms
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Cafeteria

VERGE LED is a versatile luminaire and has multiple application which extend outside of workspaces. A unique design, it is suited for retail spaces, and areas where sophistication and discretion must come together.

VERGE LED has hassle-free easy installation. It can be done in four effortless steps for the recessed version.

  • Step 1 Insert VERGE LED diagonally
  • Step 2 Rotate and place VERGE LED in position
  • Step 3 Connect VERGE LED to driver and power supply
  • Step 4 Place 2x2 ceiling tile on the luminaire

LED recessed lighting is the preferred choice for illuminating modern workspaces. Wipro’s commitment to offering modern and environmentally viable lighting solutions has resulted in several innovations, research, and development. Our entire range of LED luminaires offer superior performance and provide excellent value for money.
Packed with numerous features and benefits, no wonder VERGE LED won the prestigious Red Dot Award. Companies looking to refurbish to LED luminaires for their workplaces can now make a simpler choice by choosing the design of the year awardees. With VERGE LED winning the Red Dot Award, you can be assured of your lighting choice. 


Source: wiprolighting

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