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Lovely lighting is all about creating mood and atmosphere and making sure that you have bright light just where you need it. If it is going to be a bedroom you will need general lighting for getting dressed and task lighting for reading in bed. An office or playroom is likely to be used more during the day and will require stronger general lighting and task lighting at your desk.

Avoid pendant or surface-mounted lights that restrict your headroom and make the ceiling feel even lower. A grid of evenly-spaced spotlights across the ceiling is a popular solution but will create a flat, bright light that doesn’t look great and can feel quite exhausting. Much better to angle your spotlights to wash light up and down the walls. This will provide a more interesting mix of light and shade, making the space feel lively and appealing. LED lights tucked in front of books, or behind artwork on shelves works well too.

Dimmers are essential, giving you the flexibility to adjust the level of light to the time of day and the mood that you want to achieve. If you have a large loft space, think about zoning, making good use of plug-in solutions. LED lighting tucked inside cupboards and shelves is a better option than ceiling lights positioned behind you, which create a shadow precisely where you need your light to fall. In the loft use a spotlight to create a focal point highlighting a favourite piece of artwork or choose decorative lighting instead. Fairy lights and playful designs are perfect for children’s bedrooms and playrooms.

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