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Four reasons you should choose smart home lighting solutions this winter

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As the days grow shorter and the nights grow longer, good lighting in the home is essential for everyday life.

A large number of smart lighting solutions are available, which go far beyond the capabilities of conventional lamps. Intelligent lighting control has a practical use in many ways. It makes the home more comfortable and saves energy, future proofing it for the next generation.

intelligent light control ×  led light control

Here are four reasons why you should opt for smart lighting solutions:

Smart light controls itself and offers more comfort
Many commuters don’t like leaving and arriving back at the house in the dark. There is a simple solution – an intelligent light control. Pre-set lighting times control the light at home; the intelligent lamps then turn on or off automatically. But smart light also makes those TV evenings on the couch much more comfortable: the light can simply be controlled from the sofa with the tablet or smartphone.

Save energy and money
Intelligent lighting control not only saves time, but also energy and money. Automatic dimming at the appropriate time or daylight intensity ensures that daylight is used optimally. This way, energy is used economically, benefitting the environment and keeping those energy bills down.

Promote concentration and wellbeing with the appropriate lighting
Lighting has a major effect on our overall wellbeing. Different light colours can promote concentration or happiness in different situations or settings. For example, cold-white light is often used in the working environment because it increases performance and concentrating capacity. Warm white light, on the other hand, promotes emotional wellbeing and has a soothing effect.

Also, the sleep-wake-rhythm can be supported by active light control. For a better and more restful sleep, experts recommend that we dim the light and avoid cold light at least an hour before going to bed.

In the morning, lamps in the bedroom can be programmed to light up slowly, simulating a sunrise.

Protect against burglars
Illuminated rooms gives the impression that the room is in use and occupied. A programmed smart light timer can help to deter burglars when on holiday, for example, by creating the appearance of someone turning a light on and off. A permanently switched on light will be recognised by persistent burglars.

With a wide variety of shapes and colours available, smart lighting products offer stylish yet versatile and practical lighting solutions to keep your home illuminated this winter.

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