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Theatre Lighting in listed building for Harry Potter Theatre

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 The lighting concept is a bridge between the everyday world and the wizarding world, with an enchanted cloud of light bulbs guiding the visitor from the entrance pavilion, through the foyers, onto the staircases and into the theatre hall. The guiding light cloud is suspended at different heights, starting at a regular height at the entrance and transition areas but increasing in length in others, with the shortest cable being just 0.3 m and the longest reaching 7 m.  




We used a total of 7.5 kilometres of cable to create these custom made pendants, which also had to conform to the fire regulations! However, with extensive research and prototyping of the electrical wires, we found a balance between the technical parameters and minimal design.   With more than 3000 bulbs we created a vintage feeling in this industrial listed building, referring to Harry Potter’s Kings Cross and Platform 9 and ¾.



The final result fits the space effortlessly and seamlessly, which is how we believe lighting design should work in any space. The degree of complexity in execution is known only to the designers, whereas the visitors to the space just go Wow when they see it! That’s Studio De Schutter magic!


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