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Similar 12V WS2811 LED Strip

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Madrix Led Lights Dual Signal Similar WS2815 WS2811 External 1 IC Control Many Leds RGB LED Strip Light Addressable DC12V DC24V.


This LED strip is upgraded version of WS2811 LED strip. For 5M LED strip, even if all the LEDs are turned on full white, 12V or 24V version has no voltage drop. You don't need to inject power as frequently as 5V WS2812B version.

Similar WS2815 Dual Signal Wires:

This LED strip is Similar like the version of WS2815 LED strip, Designed with one data wire and one backup data wire. Signal break-point continuous transmission. If one LED is damaged, the following LEDs can still work.

Addressable Dream Color Lights Strip:

Every three or six leds can have its own color and brightness. You can control it and set them to any color or animation you want. 256 brightness display and 24-bit color display.

Extensive controller compatibility:

It can be compatible with most controllers in the market.

01.thumb.jpeg.9ee76942beea546bd68fe94f3aa98a39.jpeg 02.thumb.jpeg.36bb30139e4f3872e1f385229126ed66.jpeg 03.thumb.jpeg.c5b9c17d986b9c85581e45f138fd025c.jpeg 04.thumb.jpeg.d534a6c39f27eb6e8ecb380d36d9b05a.jpeg



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