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Interactive light & sound installation
Luxonus is an interactive installation of light and sound developed thanks to a new partnership with two interesting actually north of Reggio Calabria: the Ecolandia Park and Face Festival.

Interactive light & sound installation 2.jpgInteractive light & sound installation 3.jpgInteractive light & sound installation 4.jpgInteractive light & sound installation 5.jpgInteractive light & sound installation 6.jpgInteractive light & sound installation 7.jpgInteractive light & sound installation 8.jpgInteractive light & sound installation.jpg

The installation, replicable in other contexts and places, thanks to an ad hoc step sequencer programmed, allows the public to create music loops that turn into light choreography, in this case, on the ancient Forte Gullì. To every note played, a siaccende light to illuminate a portion of the facade.

If Gullì, the public, in the days before the festival, through a web interface, has been able to create, record, and send your contribution to music. All the collected works have been presented in the four evenings of the event.
In addition, during the days of the Festival, thanks to an on-site location, the public could interact directly with the installation by playing a specially programmed keyboard.

The multimedia exhibition was also used as a backdrop to the concerts scheduled.

Luxonus was open to all and active for the duration of the event.


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