SGM wash lights used for crazy Christmas commercial
We know that Christmas is long over. However, this electrifying Swedish commercial still deserves some attention. It is about a solar panel system that can store energy - and to underline this message an over-the-top Christmas light installation was used to underline that you can use electricity with a clean conscience. SGM LED fixtures which are known for their low power consumption and eco-friendliness therefore matched that message perfectly. Lighting Designer, Peter “Tintin” Jörgensen, applied SGM P-5 wash lights outside the building to cover up the facade and several units of their little brother, the P-2, were placed inside to highlight the windows. He explained: “Besides the low power consumption, it was important that the fixtures had a high IP rating as some of them were installed outside. I also needed a great green and red color output to underline the Christmas theme - and I knew that the P-2 and the P-5 were able to deliver just that. I was very satisfied with their performance and their contribution to the final result.” Lighting Designer: Peter “Tintin” Jörgensen
Programmer/Operator: Ishai Mika
Production: Teaterteknik
Supplier: Light Trade Applied products:
 P-2  P-5 Original: sgmlight