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Gallery Schuermann

LED Linear
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Lighting design:    LED Linear
Customer:    Galerie Schuermann Inh. Andreas Verfuerth
Location:    Kamp-Lintfort, Germany
The “Galerie Schürmann” has become the meeting point for art lovers in Kamp-Lintfort and the Lower Rhine since it opened in 1993. While in the early years  the classic picture framing and selling art prints were the focal points, the gallery is now understood as an art gallery, art trade and service center for high-quality framing. 
In 2015, the lighting in the gallery was replaced, and linear lighting solutions of LED Linear were used. For the lighting design it was important to adapt the lighting to the different needs and requirements in the various areas of the gallery and the framing workshop. 
In the area of the gallery the art is illuminated with the XOOMINAIRE 4262R using the indirect wallwasher. This precision-crafted aluminum reflector optic ensures a homogeneous distribution of brightness on the wall that optimally illuminates the exhibited work of the artists. Looking at the artworks, visitors to the gallery do not feel disturbed, because the lamp is hidden inside the reflector and the LED dots are not visible. A high color rendering helps that the colors of the artworks are reproduced perfectly. A ceiling mounted XOOLUM with 65° reflector additionally provides general lighting in this area. In the back of the gallery, the artworks are illuminated with a XOOLUM with wall washer optics. This  delicate and almost invisible source of light discreetly illuminates the exhibited works. 
In the area of the counter, a light solution with XOOLUM and corner connectors has been realized. To adapt the lighting to the tasks, different optics were used here. For common tasks at the counter, such as the work at the cash desk, an opal, high cover was used . This decorative optic provides optimum viewing comfort with absolutely homogeneous and pleasant light. The workspace for framing at the left end of the counter is lit, however, with a 65° aluminum reflector optics. This reflector provides targeted light with medium luminance levels. Also important: in the work area a tape in the light color W935 was used. The high color rendering index of CRI> 90 helps to optimize the choice of framing.
For additional information, please visit www.led-linear.com

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