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I hope to see you ‘IN THE RAIN’!

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This installation is represent potential of rain. Rain has several scene like: silent rain, light rain, heavy rain, sun shower, misty rain … and more! I guess rain is beautiful and it scene will makes us happy. But almost people feel the blues in the rains…

So that I started to make a installation about rains. Because I hope to provide that people will be able to feel the rain is beautiful, how nature is cool.

One day while doing making a prototype, I had thought about myself in the rain. Then, I realised that rain is also works as an interactive Media for us! After that I changed the installation style: adjust lighting that looks more naturally as phenomenon.

If you installed to my installation that space is just rain, wordless world, you might be think about yours.

I hope to see you in the rain!

Source: vimeo

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