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Lighting as Decoration - Flexible LED strips can create unique effects


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Flexible LED strips can create unique effects

Lighting is by no means just functional - it makes your home atmospheric, cosy and unique. A lot of this is down to the choice of luminaire design. Modern LED technology opens up a whole world of possibilities: Slender, extremely flexible LED light strips are a decorative element in themselves. Use them to 'write' on the wall with light, to trace outlines, or to create decorative effects. The versatile layout options give you the freedom to come up with your own creative ideas.

3D Flexible Light

Special cut-outs allow the light strips to be bent and twisted up to a tight angle of 60 degrees without any tools or accessories. This form of lighting is literally made for corners, edges and curves. 'FlexLED 3D Strips' by Paulmann, for example, can be flexed in three dimensions to create individual light depictions on the wall or to follow the outlines of furniture. The strips are available in a choice of warm white for cosy living area lighting or RGB colour change, whereby the colour can be conveniently selected or changed using the remote control supplied. Available in many DIY stores, the light strips allow you to decorate in a way which until now had been either impossible or had required a lot of effort. Find more information and lots of original illumination ideas at www.paulmann.com.

More Safety and More Individuality

LED light strips are available in many different variations. Paired with the right accessories, they are true all-rounders. They improve safety when used to illuminate stairs, and lend the room an individual ambience when used to indirectly illuminate furniture. The back of each strip is self-adhesive to make laying and fixing child’s play. 'YourLED' strips can even be equipped with a proximity sensor that automatically activates the light when someone enters the room. Light that changes according to the music is another feature that is guaranteed to grab the attention not only of music lovers! As you play your favourite songs, the rhythm is automatically converted into matching lighting effects.

Find the Right Light Strip

LED light strips for indirect illumination have a wide range of possible uses - such as mood lighting, orientation lighting and room lighting. The strips can easily be mounted anywhere with adhesive strips. They are particularly useful for making additional improvements to your interior decor. LED strips are available in different luminous intensities and designs to make your own decoration and lighting ideas a reality. Some are even suitable for outdoor use. Starter sets make improving the look of your home even easier. More information and an explanatory video on choosing the right product are available at www.paulmann.com

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