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    Super high brightness LED strip 2835 24V give elegance to your spaces thanks to the high quality light and to the flexibility of this item. Suitable for general lighting thanks to the high lumen they can emit and its luminous uniformity. With LED strip lights 2835 you can realize light blades, straight light lines and high effect led profiles. You can use this wonderful LED strips everywhere: general house lighting, and professional lighting. They can be installed where lamps can not be put, they perfectly fit curved applications as they can be bended. They can reach places that a normal lamp could not reach, suitable to cover curves. LED Strip 2835 guarantees the best light effect thanks to the high quantity LED diods per meter: this feature allows to realize perfect light lines without dots effect. They perfect fit residential applications, bars, wellness centers, hotels, restaurants, office and places where you need to create high quality lighting. For high quality lighting projects we offer LED Strip with CRI>95: http://aliexpress.com/e/cZFE9DMk The power consumption for this 2835 strip is 20W with 196 LEDs per meter. More power also means more light, so LED strips 2835 higher wattage versions are suitable for the places where you need much more lights. We offer 24V strips that can be plugged on to both ends: it is possible to avoid voltage drops even in applications where many meters of strips are used, ensuring perfect uniformity. LED lighting has taken the world by storm, reducing energy consumption, increasing longevity and allowing for new design concepts that were previously impossible. They do, however, require effective management of heat, as they get very hot during use. Aluminium LED strip profiles of LED giant ensure a durable finish with a beautiful, neat and luxurious look. Aluminium LED strip profiles ensure that LED strips become less hot and this has a positive effect on the life of LED strips. LED strip profiles ensure a nice distribution of the light from the LED strip. The matt cover ensures that the LED dots of the LED strip are not visible while you still maintain the maximum light output with the clear cover. The LED strip profiles are ideal for use in, for example; your store, your office or at home. LED strip profiles: http://aliexpress.com/e/b9WhG7hq
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