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LedStadium is an innovative manufacturer and distributor of LED lights and solutions, famous for having an identity of its own. We develop our own technology and invest heavily in our R&D team, constantly improving, designing and expanding on new concepts and models. Research and development is the pillar of our efforts, innovation is our driving force and we are defining the new boundaries of LED systems.

LedStadium belongs to the LеdsMаster, but is led by an independent team, responsible for applying different marketing strategies and segmentations, which culminate in a more creative repositioning and re-branding approach.

All our products have ETL and UL certifications for U.S., and TÜV for Europe. Therefore, we meet rigorous standards for electrical safety and electromagnetic emissions. We always strive to provide the best quality, using top class materials and technology.

Ledstadium has a wide product range available, from Flood lights to Street lights, from High Bays to Tunnel lights, from Wall Packs to Billboard lights, from Panel Lights to Strip Lights, RGB Lights etc.

Products available for projects, including:

  • Stadium LED Lighting (Stadium Lighting)
  • Airport LED Lighting (Airport Lighting)
  • Highways LED Lighting (Highways Lighting)
  • Port LED Lighting Streets (Port Lighting)
  • Football LED Lighting (Football Lighting)
  • Golf LED Lighting (Golf Lighting)
  • Hockey LED Lighting (Hockey Lighting)
  • Tennis LED Lighting (Tennis Lighting)
  • Basketball LED Lighting (Basketball Lighting)
  • Sports LED Lighting (Sports Lighting)
  • Factories LED Lighting (Factories Lighting)
  • Tunnel LED Lighting (Tunnel Lighting)
  • Warehouses LED Lighting (Warehouse Lighting)

We have different products for different situations, and we are very specialized in high-power illumination.

Thanks to our continuous investment in research, we have uncovered a range of past possibilities, accomplishing several industry breakthroughs, such as: 1st company in the world to produce the 1000W lamp, 1st company in the world to introduce the modular design, and, pioneers in the heat dissipation sink system.

In the past we were present in several ambitious projects, with a multifaceted and worldwide scope:

  1. We were the supplier of the main light solution for the 2014 Winter Olympic game stadium, in Russia.
  2. Some of our lights are being used in Finnish and Swedish Skating Mountain for over 4 years, with very good response.
  3. We are a partner supplier for BBC and SKY Sport TV broadcasting, in UK
  4. And supplied the illumination of the Australian Desert

The future of lighting has an unfaltering meeting with LED technology. It's with this belief in mind that Ledstadium will keep pushing the LED technology even further. We aim at introducing new products in new market segments, as well as continuing to be highly flexible and maintaining a fast response.


For further information, see http://www.ledstadium.com

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