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  1. Selfie Ring Light - Ringlampen Are you not satisfied with your selfie photos in a dark environment? Well, here is the perfect solution for you. This round, palm-sized light provides the extra light. By shooting through the middle of a ring light, you are placing your light source on the same plane as your camera. This type of lighting fills all of the shadows caused by imperfections to create a very smooth and silky texture to your subjects’ skin. Ring lights also create a very distinct catch light in your subjects’ eyes; a solid white ring in the iris. Ringlamper har dagslys med 5400 K og fasongen gir et veldig fint fotolys for portretter og liknende. High quality pictures for your Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat Fashion & Beauty Bloggers. 🚀 Тop-10 Selfie Ring Light - LED Ringlampen Kjøp nå € 3,39 - 13,08 Gratis frakt (17-26 dager)