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  1. Théâtre de Sénart, France The new Théâtre de Sénart is both a national stage and a major cultural centre for the region of Grand Paris Sud in Évry on the outskirts of the French capital. Designed by chief architect of the project Atelier d’architecture Chaix & Morel et associés, an astonishing silhouette of 10,600sqm (6,400sqm footprint) that rises 29 metres in height emerges from the retail park Carré Sénart. In plan, the building respects the square geometry of the site yet breaks out in volume through its differing heights and its diagonals. The theatre envelope adheres to the internal volumes, like a sculpted block, to give the building its identity and unity whilst revealing its constituent parts. The main forms that emerge are recognised by the space they accommodate: the large auditorium with its fly tower (29m high) alongside the simple shape of the open stage, small auditorium. Source: mondoarc
  2. LED lighting of the wedding hall LARA The wedding industry in Israel is a massive and highly competitive sector with fierce rivalry amongst the top venues to offer the best facilities … making good technical production in the main reception rooms an absolute key to ensuring each event is trending … so when Nesher Edri launched his new enterprise LARA, he specified 60 x Robe VIVA LED spots. Source: robe
  3. New research reveals outdoor lighting makes homes more attractive to buyers LED lighting perfect for any outdoor space Around half (49%) of Europeans are more likely to purchase a home that has outdoor lighting, either at the front of the house or in the garden 76% of Spaniards are more likely to purchase a home which has outdoor lighting, versus only 36% of Britons Across Europe, 71% agree outdoor garden lighting adds to the overall atmosphere of a home. Eindhoven, The Netherlands – Philips Lighting (Euronext Amsterdam ticker: LIGHT), a global leader in lighting, has today released findings that reveal the impact outdoor lighting has on ‘curb-appeal’ or the desirability of a home. Outdoor lighting is a key consideration when buying a home for nearly half of Europeans (45%) – beating the type of windows, roof or paintwork of a house, as a consideration. While one third of all Europeans agree that outdoor lighting has a significant impact on the appeal of a home. Source: newsroom.lighting.philips
  4. Philips Lighting and Tarkett launch LED Luminous vinyl flooring Philips Lighting and Tarkett introduce vinyl flooring using connected LED technology to interact with customers to improve their experience Euroshop 2017, Düsseldorf, Germany – Philips Lighting (Euronext Amsterdam ticker: LIGHT), a global leader in lighting, and Tarkett (Euronext Paris ticker TKTT), a worldwide leader of innovative and sustainable flooring, announced the launch of Luminous vinyl flooring. The specially developed vinyl tiles are embedded with cutting-edge LED technology that enables retailers to advertise, interact with customers and guide them through any store or building. Source: lighting.philips
  5. Shining jewel in the port of Hamburg: Zumtobel develops artistic lighting solution for the Elbphilharmonie 2800 special luminaires - including 1200 hand-blown glass ball luminaires Zumtobel, a brand of the Zumtobel Group, has realised a series of lighting solutions within the building that has already become Hamburg’s new landmark. For this project, the manufacturer of high-quality luminaires developed numerous special luminaires, partly consisting of hand-made elements. The customised lighting solution for general illumination in the concert hall is particularly impressive. Zumtobel has referenced the architectural philosophy of combining old and new by working closely with Herzog & de Meuron, lighting design firm Ulrike Brandi Licht and the glass designer Detlef Tanz from Wegberg to carefully craft 1200 hand-blown glass ball luminaires. Paying homage to the nearby River Elbe, the fittings appear like light-filled water bubbles emerging from the undulating acoustic ceiling, in which the luminaire housings are discretely concealed from view. The combination of traditional craftsmanship and modern LED technology made the development of this lighting solution a special challenge for Zumtobel. Source: zumtobelgroup
  6. FloppyFlex Accents Granite Boardwalk in Texas “The Boardwalk”, a new development in a 90-acre multi-use commercial complex in Granite Park, Plano, Texas, adds 29,000 square feet of restaurant, patio, and office space, with dramatic decorative lighting featuring nearly 1,000 feet of FloppyFlex LED neon. “FloppyFlex is a winner in our book; it’s extremely bright, versatile, and reliable,” says Jeff Mabray of Hossley Lighting. “We’re using the large dome, 4000 Kelvin white, with four distinct programs on an automated timeclock. The looks include center-out sweeps and streams, black-on-white effects, and more, all auto-selected randomly. The FloppyFlex was easy to install and is performing well.”
  7. SUPERNOVA burn from the desire to create an intriguing game of refractions and reflections, which characterize and decorate the home both night and day, succeeding at the same time, by means of special reflecting glass, to reflect the surrounding space, camouflaging then, the structure and form of the lamp itself. But, even on, endless, amazes us and excites, thanks to an unexpected appearance of a decoration "bright" that furrowing the inside of the lamp, draw an illusion and perspective unique to spatial depth and emotion. Infinite, then is a decorative lamp that makes any room, thanks to its dual decorative expression, able to make us move, and at the same time, dreaming, leading us to places beyond the infinite. Source: filippomambretti
  8. Filippo mambretti sculpts optical lighting pieces for MOGG Furniture designer filippo mambretti unveils the INFINITA lighting collection for italian brand MOGG. the product is a hanging lamp, which is designed in three different diameters to allow for a multitude of combinations and compositions. ‘INFINITA comes from the desire to create an intriguing game of refractions and reflections,’ expresses mambretti. Source: filippomambretti
  9. Delbrück upgrades to innovative LED streetlighting Streetlight 10 LED luminaires from Osram enable the town of Delbrück to simply upgrade to innovative and cost-saving LED technology. High-efficiency Siteco Streetlight 10 LED luminaires were used to modernise streetlighting in the German town of Delbrück. Up until 2018 a total of 351 linear luminaires with T8 fluorescent lamps, mainly cambered mast luminaires from the 1970s, are to be converted to LED lighting. In a first step in 2016, 119 light heads were replaced with Streetlight 10 LED luminaires as a simple and cost-saving upgrade to latest state of LED technology. Energy savings of 25,000 kilowatt hours will be achieved annually by this alone, providing CO2 savings of approximately 295 tons over the complete service life. Source: osram-group
  10. Guided by the light: MediaMarkt customers find products faster with indoor positioning from Philips Lighting Philips Lighting (Euronext Amsterdam: LIGHT), a global leader in lighting, today announced that MediaMarkt’s flagship store in the center of Eindhoven will introduce "Store Guide” app. It allows customers in store to use their smartphones to locate products and be guided to them quickly and easily thanks to innovative LED lighting that acts as an indoor positioning system. For further information, see newsroom.lighting.philips
  11. SIMPLUX™ Standalone Wireless Lighting Control System designed for small- to mid-sized spaces up to 10,000 sf and/or up to 100 nodes, is now available from Osram. Simplux allows specifiers to choose “virtually any manufacturer’s luminaire that has a 0-10V dimmable ballast or LED driver, and deliver fixture-by-fixture or full group control as needed,” according to the company. Simplux also offers an upgrade path to Polaris 3D software and the Encelium networked light management system for enterprise-level control or integration to building automation systems via BACNet. The system is ideally suited for schools, commercial offices, warehouses, and places where a wired solution is a challenge, Osram says. Simplux does not require a floor plan and can be set up with a mobile app, the company notes. Installers scan the barcodes of pre-installed hardware, group and connect them to appropriate Simplux controllers, then leverage pre-set default settings such as automated demand response, light levels and time-outs. Simplux is available to specify now and will begin shipping June 2017, Osram says. SIMPLUX Overview Video: SIMPLUX Mobile Setup App Video: For further information, see osram-americas
  12. 150 Media Stream Situated in the lobby of 150 North Riverside, Chicago’s exclusive new commercial tower, a stunning video canvas of more than 3,000 square feet serves as a dynamic digital sculpture for tenants and visitors alike. Dubbed 150 Media Stream, the permanent installation features commissioned works by both established and budding artists from across the globe.
  13. 150 Media Stream Situated in the lobby of 150 North Riverside, Chicago’s exclusive new commercial tower, a stunning video canvas of more than 3,000 square feet serves as a dynamic digital sculpture for tenants and visitors alike. Dubbed 150 Media Stream, the permanent installation features commissioned works by both established and budding artists from across the globe. To avoid excessive repetition of contributed artworks, Leviathan has designed an intelligent content library that will continually transform over time and empower 150 Media Stream’s curators with maximum visual flexibility. Using generative algorithms to heighten originality and relevance, the system is programmed to address seasonal, monthly, weekly, daily and even real-time considerations. These tools, combined with a robustly-built scheduling system and rotating imagery from other commissioned artists, ensures views of the installation remain visually enticing throughout every moment of the day. Such an innovative enhancement gratifies current tower inhabitants, attracts desirable new tenants, and even shares art with the public. 150 Media Stream is a multi-faceted achievement in art, architecture and technology that celebrates the transformational power of art as collective experience and explores the interplay of art, space and viewership in both public and private contexts. During regularly scheduled “artists’ moments,” residents and visitors come together to experience media art displayed at a grand scale, as 89 LED blades stretching 150 feet long and rising 22 feet high ignite into light, color, and movement. Developed in partnership with Chicago’s premier arts, culture and higher learning institutions and private supporters, the 150 Media Stream is an international platform for both rising and established Chicago, US and global media artists. The installation also features competitively selected collaborative works by exceptional art educators and students through its groundbreaking media arts program, ensuring a truly representative cross-section of Chicago’s diverse arts community. Located at 150 North Riverside Plaza in Chicago, the 150 Media Stream is the only structure of its kind dedicated to showcasing Chicago artists, culture and history alongside renowned and emerging artists from around the world. Source: 150mediastream
  14. New WE-EF colour changer with showcasing potential The range of WE-EF projectors offers products with well-proven lighting technology that provides the right solution for almost every outdoor architectural lighting application. Two new RGBW area projectors with infinitely variable colour mixing have expanded the range of products in the FLC200 series. The demands for the illumination of buildings and facades, monuments and sculptures - some of which are very specific - call for lighting tools that have the potential to showcase them. For example, a uniformly illuminated open space by day can turn into an atmospherically dense room at night; likewise, the accentuation of details can turn a facade into a decorative element. In addition, outdoor lighting scenarios increasingly make use of the effect of coloured light. With careful planning and use, coloured light can subtly underline the look of architecture and its surroundings at night, dominantly highlight it or even completely change it. With infinitely variable colour mixing, the two new RGBW area floodlights - FLC230-CC LED and FLC240-CC LED - offer interesting creative possibilities. Equipped with a DMX interface they are suited both to temporary, dynamic coloured light applications and to the subtle, continuous use of coloured light. The smaller colour changer FLC230-CC LED has a diameter of 260 mm with a housing height of 180 mm and connected wattage of 42 W. The larger model, FLC240-CC LED, measures 340 mm with a housing height of 197 mm and a connected wattage of 84 W. The projectors are offered with symmetric narrow beam [E], medium beam [M] and wide beam light distribution. Thanks to an optimised lens optic they are very efficient, as any light scattering within the lens is prevented. At the same time, the light is distributed absolutely uniformly with excellent glare control. Lighting effects can be rendered even more precisely with internal accessories such as linear or flood lenses, and honeycomb louvres. Source: weef
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