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  1. Sedna Launch LED Solar Street Lights To Deliver High-Performance Lighting Sedna Lighting has today announced the launch of their new solar street light that aims to provide powerful lighting without the expense of high energy bills. The outdoor streetlight is a new generation of solar-LED lighting that is designed to complement greener energy while giving people light on the road, in the garden or on their driveway. The new design brings solar powered lighting into the 21st century and is already helping residents and business owners to provide powerful lighting while at the same time cutting down on their energy bills. The Solar Panel that features that latest polysilicone technology is so powerful that it can be used for small roads, urban areas, and even car parks. Source:
  2. Lighting up the possibilities The inaugural LED Lighting Research Summit in Fort Collins, Colorado offered vibrant discussions and idea sharing among horticulture professionals and academics. This past Jan. 16-18, the advantages, challenges and opportunities of LED lighting dominated the conversation at the LED Lighting Research Summit in Fort Collins, Colorado. The event, a collaboration between Colorado State University (CSU) and the horticulture LED lighting group from Philips Lighting, brought together growers, researchers, academics and other interested parties for two and a half days of focused discussions about LEDs in a horticultural setting. Editor Karen Varga of Greenhouse Management and Produce Grower was there to take it all in. Before opening the floor to the researchers who would be presenting their findings on Tuesday and Wednesday, attendees had the opportunity to mingle and enjoy a reception and tour in the ideal place to be when snow is on the ground — a warm greenhouse. In 2016, CSU completed the greenhouse for its new Horticulture Center, an approximately 20,000 square foot Nexus structure with Philips Lighting toplighting, Wadsworth Controls (a Colorado-based company) control systems, Modine heaters and American Coolair fans. Source: greenhousemag
  3. Transparent EL panels from Lumineq This is the new Lumineq transparent EL panel. Super fast response times, high temperature range of -60 to +105. Units can be made any shape and are ideal for harsh environments LOOK INTO THE FUTURE Beneq's Lumineq® displays, enabled by atomic layer deposition, are the world’s most transparent and most reliable displays. We believe they have a bright future. In this vision area, we look at what that future could be like. We have put some of today’s technical restrictions aside for a while and let imagination fly. Many of the images you see below are from student projects that we regularly conduct with universities to broaden our horizons and to make sure that we don’t get stuck in old ways of thinking. What if the transparent electroluminescent displays were an integrated part of smart homes? What if we had windows with information that disappears when it is not needed? What if household items, whiteware and furniture had transparent displays? Take a look below… LOVING BENEQ HOME Lumineq displays in the front door of the Beneq Home: The door shows weather information, transportation timetables, and reminders and messages from family members, as well as emergency instructions. The transparency of the door can be adjusted. Lumineq displays in the bathroom of the Beneq Home: Displays in mirrors for health info, floor displays you can use with your toes, water taps and shower with transparent displays. MUGS WITH DISPLAYS Transparent displays integrated in a glass. A personal assistant for navigating. The Muq senses when the owner approaches and displays messages and greetings. Technology vision of a glass mug with integrated displays. GREENHOUSE DISPLAYS Transparent displays in a community greenhouse of the future. Transparency, discreteness and durability. Aquarium with a transparent Lumineq information display. Application example of a transparent Lumineq display: home aquarium for children. Future greenhouse with transparent Lumineq displays is connected and synchronized with a monitoring application. WORKPLACE SIGN SYSTEM Transparent displays in the workplace. Improved communication and interaction between employees, visitors and clients. Displays integrated in transparent meeting room walls. Improved communication, easier orientation and support for a more efficient meeting culture. Transparent sign system for the workplace, individual updates and notifications. Better working environment with transparent displays. Customizable transparent signs improve orientation at the office. CHAINSAW WITH INSTRUCTIONS Transparent display on the chainsaw combines safety tips and instructions with ergonomics and physical protection. The transparent display shows instructions and safety notices where the user can always see them, without obstructing the view. A chainsaw concept with a transparent guiding interface. TRANSPARENT SAFETY Emergency and safety information with durable transparent displays in glass panes. Increased safety with reliable transparent displays. Interactive first-aid kit with instructions. First-aid kit with transparent display shows the contents at a glance. MATERIAL STUDIES Future integration options of Lumineq displays: A table display (or is it a display table?) combining a transparent display and the material feel of the furniture. Material studies with Lumineq displays: Combining displays with ceramics, wood and other non-glass materials. Future material possibilities for Lumineq display integration: transparent displays and wood veneer. For more information, visit: beneq
  4. New Echelon Connected Lighting Solution Delivers Healthier LED Streetlighting Without Compromising Safety and Visibility Cities and Enterprises Can Dynamically Regulate the Level of Blue Light Outdoors Internet of Things pioneer Echelon Corporation is currently conducting what is believed to be the first successful deployment of so-called “white tunable” connected streetlighting with the municipal leaders of White Bear Lake, a suburb of St. Paul, Minnesota and design firm Short Elliott Hendrickson Inc. The new Lumewave by Echelon® solution can dynamically regulate the amount of potentially unhealthy blue light emitted from outdoor lighting. With this ground-breaking innovation, city managers can adjust streetlight color from soothing warm yellow to bright blue-white based on activity levels, time of day, weather and events. Dimming levels can also be remotely adjusted, making the system ideal to aid visibility for first responders, security professionals and more. “Being the first to try this new technology and see it in action was very rewarding,” said Mark Burch, Public Works Director/City Engineer, White Bear Lake. “We could raise the brightness and select a more vivid hue during an evening event. With a scheduled scenario, we could shift the lights in that same area to a warmer hue at 2:00am when there are rarely park visitors, other than our nocturnal wildlife. We could also program sensors along with the lights to automatically respond to higher foot traffic or certain weather conditions for optimal visibility. The new technology could give us the power to elevate the level of public safety and quality of life across our entire community.” This next-generation, connected LED lighting control technology enables municipalities to realize the full scope of LED streetlighting benefits, from improved public safety and reduced energy consumption and reduced maintenance and costs, to better health, quality of life and environmental comfort. White Bear Lake’s successful implementation of Echelon’s new technology is an example of the company’s commitment to foster safer and more comfortable cities through IoT-enabled connected lighting. “Municipalities now have the power to create the perfect environment at any given time,” said Ron Sege, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Echelon. “Imagine the improved public safety if all of the streetlights in an area were immediately whiter and brighter when a 911 call was responded to, but otherwise dimmer and more yellow at night for restful sleep. Cities need not compromise safety for comfort or vice versa. Our technology is paving the way for smart cities to improve quality of life, while still achieving energy efficiency and sustainability goals.” Source: news.echelon
  5. VERGE LED – Light on The Verge Lighting has been a paramount necessity since time immemorial and has been outlining the ambiances around us. The environment in our workspace dictates our productivity, and it is imperative to have adequate illumination for employees to function. Workspaces and lighting solutions have been evolving since the industrial age. LEDs are making their mark already and are highly recommended for lighting workspaces. These luminaires have several advantages over the conventional lighting solutions and are becoming the choice for most lighting applications. For office use, recessed luminaires are the superior choice and provide the best functional lighting solutions. Recently one of our recessed luminaires, VERGE LED won the prestigious Red Dot Award for the product design of the year. Red Dot Award is a well-renowned international design competition where thousands of brands have competed in the past. With over 5,500+ entries from 54 countries, a jury of well-regarded 40 independent designers, professors and experts evaluated each product in the different category. We won the Red Dot Award in the Product Design category for VERGE LED. The significance of the international design competition, Red Dot Award, with its headquarter in Essen, Germany is well established internationally. For more than 60 years, an expert team has been awarding the seal of quality for superior design and innovation to the outstanding designs of the year. VERGE LED is also available in suspended version, and they can be hanged from the ceiling. Source: wiprolighting
  6. Leyard and Planar Launch the Industry’s First Seamless LED Touch-Enabled Video Wall at NAB 2017 Leyard showcases patent-pending technology that brings interactivity to LED video walls. Today at the 2017 National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Show, Leyard, a global leader in visualization products and Planar, a Leyard company launched the Leyard® LED MultiTouch, the industry’s first seamless LED touch-enabled video wall. This proprietary multi-touch solution revolutionizes interactivity for narrow pixel pitch LED video walls without the disadvantages of front glass—offering a seamless, smooth, lightweight and durable LED touch surface that delivers superior visual performance enabled by the patent-pending Leyard® PLTS™ (Pliable LED Touch Surface™) technology. “Up until now, adding touch to a high resolution LED video wall was an exercise in frustration and compromise for customers. With Leyard LED MultiTouch, we are able to provide the fully integrated and seamless touch experience customers have asked for, without compromising performance or increasing cost-of-ownership,” said Steve Seminario, vice president of product marketing at Leyard and Planar. “We’ve been a leader in video wall and interactive touch technology since the beginning of these categories and we’re pleased to showcase this cutting-edge solution at NAB 2017 to broadcast and AV professionals, helping them display their content to customers in new and innovative ways.” Source: leyard
  7. How LED Lighting Improves Mood and Health Most people have an innate understanding of how lighting can affect the overall mood of an environment. They install dimmer switches in dining rooms and other parts of their homes to set a warmer feel when lights are low. In the dark days of winter in northern climates, therapists will even recommend special full-spectrum lighting that mimics sunlight to help alleviate symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder. Modern LED lighting systems are now taking this relationship between light and mood to its next level. SpecGrade lighting engineers are experimenting daily with uses of LED lighting that directly improve mood and physical health with advanced optics and color temperature variance. Source: specgradeled
  8. Airport Lighting Design & Engineering Outdoor lighting around an airport serves the important functions of safety and security, not only for the many who service and maintain airplanes, but also for the passengers who access planes and parking lots. For many years, the FAA has mandated standards for aeronautical ground lighting systems such as runway, taxiway and approach lighting. Other areas near the airport have been operating under guidance in the form of a published ‘RP’ – Recommended Practice guide. Until recently, the recommendations included the IES Aviation Lighting Committee document IESNA-RP-17-1987 (Airport Service Area Lighting), and the IESNA-RP-14-1987 (Airport Road Automobile Parking Area Lighting). Nearly 30 years later, these two RP’s have been combined and updated to IES RP-37-15. Source: specgradeled
  9. German Airports Showing Major Cost Savings with LED Lighting Systems Ground and flight operations at major airports are akin to a highly-choreographed ballet. Even with enhanced radar and electronic imaging, the operations teams that control this ballet need to have a clear view of everything happening while controlling costs to maintain the safety and profitability of their actions. New LED airport lighting technology is helping major airports to accomplish these tasks, and German airports have been among the earliest beneficiaries of the cost savings that LED lighting can offer. Source: specgradeled
  10. Correctional Facility LED Lighting Correctional facilities place a high priority on safety, security, and operational efficiency. LED lighting systems, can help meet or exceed performance standards in all three of these areas. Due to the instant-on and dimming capabilities of LED systems, new control methods are now practical and promise to allow even greater performance. Source: specgradeled
  11. Lighting Retail Areas with LEDs Retail stores have discovered that they can make the retail shopping experience more pleasant, entertaining, and noteworthy by creating an optimum environment for consumers to experience goods before purchasing them. Providing the right lighting conditions are an important part of that environment. Shoppers who feel relaxed spend the time to read the boxes, browse the shelves, and eventually pick up impulse items. Source: specgradeled
  12. LED Warehouse Lighting Modern warehouses typically cover hundreds of thousands of square feet with operations that rely on logistics that can be timed down to the second. The efficiency and profitability of warehouses can be vastly improved with lighting that gives employees the best visual acuity at all levels in a warehouse, including between shelves and down long aisles. LED lighting systems, like those produced by SpecGrade LED, are ideal solutions to provide these lighting conditions. Source: specgradeled
  13. LED Natatorium Lighting Natatoriums present some of the most unique lighting challenges of any indoor sports arena. Water surfaces reflect and refract light, making it difficult for observers and referees to watch competitive swimming events. Pool chemicals and humidity can corrode metal surfaces on light fixtures in a relatively short amount of time. Lifeguards need good lighting to maintain safety in public swimming facilities. Natatorium operators strive to keep their facilities open in the face of budget cutbacks. These challenges have come to a head and have been answered by LED natatorium lighting, including fixtures and systems produced by SpecGrade LED. Source: specgradeled
  14. Illuminating The Color Rendering Index Color is one of the most fundamental perceptions of the human experience and flavors the world around us. Of course, our perception of color is completely dependent on light, which reflects off of physical surfaces and carries information about its color and texture to our eyes. But it’s not just the physical world that determines the colors we perceive. Light itself exists in a spectrum of observable color variants that shade and paint the world we see around us every day. Much thought has been put into understanding the psychology of color and how we might use the many colors of light to creatively manipulate our world. One of the best measurements we can take to facilitate this creative control is a Color Rendering Index or CRI. Source: specgradeled
  15. The Health Benefits of LED Lighting Unlike conventional incandescent or fluorescent light sources, LEDs emit light at very specific wavelengths. Physiologists and psychologists have long understood how light can affect a person’s natural circadian rhythms. Consider, for example, the growing number of diagnoses of “seasonal affective disorder” that affects individuals in northern climates who have very limited sunlight disclosure during winter months. LED lights are now seen as a potential remedy for individuals whose circadian body clocks have been interrupted by environmental or other conditions. Source: specgradeled