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  1. Yes LED lights on a Snowboard are cool! Maybe too cool to the point it might freeze you! I got this new, soon to launch, on Indiegogo called the BlizzardLed product for you to check out so strap on your sit belts and lets go sliding down the ice cold mountain.
  2. NEW DELHI: Three-fourths of light emitting diode (LED) bulbs sold in India's $1 billion market were found non-compliant with government's consumer safety standards, market research firm Nielsen said in a survey on Monday. The report, based on a study of 200 electrical retail outlets across major cities like Mumbai, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad and New Delhi in July, found the products to be spurious and riskier, with the highest number of violations in the national capital. "The spurious and non-branded LED products are a serious threat to not just the organised and compliant market players but also to the government's key programs like Make in India," the report said, referring to the government's programme to set up more manufacturing units in the country. In August, the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) had ordered LED makers to register their products with BIS for safety checks, in a market where smuggling of Chinese products is rampant. India is tightening quality controls for consumer and capital goods, officials say, a move that follows calls to curb cheap imports from China amid diplomatic tensions between the world's two most populous nations over their shared border. "They (spurious products) also impact government's tax revenue collections...defeat investment objectives and go against the 'ease of doing' business philosophy," it said. The findings showed that 48 percent of LED bulb brands had no mention of manufacturer's address and 31 percent did not have a manufacturer's name. Source: indiatimes
  3. In this 3D projection mapped narrative film, we explore a young girls imagination as she becomes inspired by her aging grandfathers thoughts on the future. The story is inspired by how an older generation can inspire a new generation, even when they are not around to see what transpires. This original work was commissioned by the LUMA Projection Art Festival for the facade of the First National Bank in Binghamton, New York. Featuring choreography and performance by ODNA , creative collaborator for the dancing scene: odnaexperience.com Performance capture technology wielded by our tech partner and resident guru, Todd Bryant: toddbryant.com Source: projectionmappingnewyork
  4. Hunke jewellers and opticians is a family business with a long and rich tradition in the town of Ludwigsburg, Germany. Situated in the centre of one of Europe’s most renowned baroque cities, the owners planned to fuse the historical, traditional townhouse which hosted their established store with a newly built, neighbouring corner house. In consequence, the interior design concept was meant to be a one-of-a-kind fusion of past and future elements, using premium materials. The aim of the lighting concept was, to underline and sharpen this approach. The ambient lighting in the jeweller’s part oft the store is generated by large fields of illuminated ceilings, integrated in an accurately shaped drywall ceiling structure. Random arranged spheres of diffuse glass complete the ambiance and serve as illumination for the facial area. The bright and brilliant product lighting is generated by recessed, adjustable downlights with reflectors made of dichroic glass, again integrated in a custom made drywall ceiling construction. The showcases are illuminated by a combination of two lighting principles: the back wall is brightened up from top to bottom by a diffuse linear LED-strip, and the products are highlighted by directional miniaturized spotlights with different beam angles and colour temperatures. An elaborate filter layer behind the shopwindows generates a fascinating link between exterior and interior: a glass pane, printed with a gradient and supported by floor-integrated linear lighting, generates transparence as well as privacy. The very centre of the store is the two-storey lounge area, situtated in the oldest part of the building. It is dominated by a golden ceiling setback with a bundle of 40 custom made glass pendants in a random arrangement. In the opticians store, an accurately arranged system of thin black ceiling lines with integrated track lighting provides an optimal flexibility for the different requirements of the illumination. A combination of glare reduced downlights (circulation areas), wallwashers (showcase walls) and powerful linear lighting (consultant tables), accompanied by directional spotlights (shelves and tables) create a well balanced, glare reduced lighting atmosphere. Source: lichtplanung
  5. Thorn Lights the Revamped PalaTrento Arena Thorn Lighting has delivered a comprehensive new lighting system for a multipurpose sports arena in the Italian city of Trento. The new Altis Sport LED floodlights provide the perfect conditions for a range of matches and sporting events, helping the Aquila Basket Trento basketball team and Trentino Volley volleyball club enjoy both home advantage and the best possible lighting when they entertain visitors to the PalaTrento arena. London, October 2017 – The local authorities in Trento have marked the start of the new basketball and volleyball seasons by officially opening the renovated PalaTrento municipal arena, the true home of sport in the north Italian city. A series of major works have recently been carried out at the venue, which can accommodate 4360 spectators and will soon be expanded to offer seating for 5000 sports fans. This extensive renovation project has included refurbishment of the flooring, renewal of the seating area and a completely new lighting system. With a clear desire to mirror the high-calibre nature of the sporting performances and guarantee the public an unforgettable visitor experience, plans for the renewal of the lighting focused on designing a modern system that would minimise energy consumption and maximise lighting quality. Thorn was committed to giving the PalaTrento arena the lighting it deserves, combining norm compliance and outstanding efficiency with first-class lighting quality for both competitive matches and regular training. The thorough product selection process finally settled on the Thorn Altis Sport, a high-power LED floodlight for sports lighting applications. Altis Sport provides exceptional flicker-free lighting, which is suitable for HDTV broadcasting, and features a flexible optical system that crafts an optimised lighting distribution, offering players the perfect environment in which to show their sporting excellence. A total of 92 symmetrical and asymmetrical floodlights can achieve lighting levels of up to 3400 lux, while a DMX system enables full individual control of dimming and directional positioning. As a result, visitors to the PalaTrento can now also experience the type of spectacular team presentations normally seen before National Basketball Association (NBA) games in America. The new lighting system comfortably outperforms the large number of conventional discharge lamps that formed the mainstay of the old installation. Indeed, different luminaire sizes and varying lighting intensities meant that the arena was previously unable to guarantee the achievement of the regulatory standards required for high-level international competitions. The extensive experience of Thorn with sporting applications was greatly appreciated by all parties involved in the project. The impressive new lighting system is the result of excellent collaboration between Thorn and team members such as Teknoengineering, a long-term partner of the Zumtobel Group. Source: thornlighting
  6. Marc


    Working with Robin Fox, Additive designed and operated a disorientating and atmospheric light installation for Dark Mofo's late night music venue. Source: additive
  7. Prismverse is an installation inspired by light rays travelling in a diamond with Brilliant cut – a form that produces phenomenal brilliance with maximized light directed through its top. With a complex geometrical tessellated mirror wall, the highly illuminated interior becomes a metaphor for the instant tone-up effect of Dr.Jart+ V7 Toning Light. A journey to unprecedented sceneries of glimmers begins at the touch of the product centered in the space. Audience will be immersed in splendors of our mother nature, ranging from the galaxy and distant stars, rare gemstones, glistens of flowing water, and refracted light beams. These resembles the brightening, moisturizing, protective and vitalizing effects of the product once applied on skin. Thanks to the omnidirectional speaker ‘scenery’ produced by sonihouse, audience can be bathed in an ambient soundscape, where sound is equally distributed to every direction. Audience are most encouraged to pace around and explore brilliance of the world from all angles in Prismverse. Source: xex
  8. Light Pushes Stuff - Late Interactive An interactive mechanical light installation created by Late Interactive for Science in the City 2017. Light pushes stuff is an artistic representation of the concept of radiation pressure. A sensor in each sphere relayed data to a central computer which in turn communicated to the winch lights. Late Interactive is an artistic collaboration based in Malta dedicated towards creating interactive installations. The main goal of Late Interactive is to bring to life accessible and entertaining work that stimulates the audience by putting it in the driver seat and challenging it both through new concepts and unconventional aesthetics. Source: vimeo, lateinteractive
  9. KALEIDOSCOPE - analog interactive installation / placebo painting / open frameworks / large scale streaming on the LED facade by Karina Smigla-Bobinski Source: smigla-bobinski
  10. This installation is represent potential of rain. Rain has several scene like: silent rain, light rain, heavy rain, sun shower, misty rain … and more! I guess rain is beautiful and it scene will makes us happy. But almost people feel the blues in the rains… So that I started to make a installation about rains. Because I hope to provide that people will be able to feel the rain is beautiful, how nature is cool. One day while doing making a prototype, I had thought about myself in the rain. Then, I realised that rain is also works as an interactive Media for us! After that I changed the installation style: adjust lighting that looks more naturally as phenomenon. If you installed to my installation that space is just rain, wordless world, you might be think about yours. I hope to see you in the rain! Source: vimeo
  11. ‘Heofon’, an old English word which means ‘Heaven, sky’, is a 2m high maze based on triangular geometry made from 23 panels of acrylic glass. A dichroic film on one side of the acrylic glass converts the panels into semi-transparent and reflects the light rays along the entire colour range of a rainbow while spectators move inside the installation. On the outer perimeter, the panels are covered with a mirror film converting the interior in an infinity room – a unique cosmos of overlapping light patterns and constantly changing colours. Heofon is a project lead by ARRO Lighting, the installation was designed by Ben Busche of Brut Deluxe, and manufactured by Ilmex S.A. Source: vimeo
  12. "Flow” is an interactive installation for Estonian Presidency of the Council of the European Union, set up at Tallinn Creative Hub and Brussels Europa Building. Part of the interior design for the presidency, “Flow” is a digital artwork that visualises nature through digital algorithms and allows viewers to interfere with the forces of nature – catch a virtual gust of wind, float in the breeze of Ristna peninsula or try to form a tornado with passing-by Chancellor Merkel. In the absence of visitors the flow will by itself, based on the wind speed measured at the Ristna peninsula weather station on Hiiumaa Island. Source: vimeo
  13. In the middle of Tokyo, Midtown, vegetables are growing. They sunbathe inside a plastic greenhouse, and are living through photosynthesis and absorbing water. Leaves, roots, flowers, fruits. Their shapes and colors are their survival strategy. They are design. Start off by touching the 7 types of lives now growing strong in the soil. Then, bathe in the design of vegetables, enhanced by videos and sounds. <Digital Vegetables>
  14. Marc


    We were invited by Virada Cultural 2017 festival to create an audiovisual proposal for the event. For this edition we created an interactive experience using the architecture of Parque Chacara do Jockey. Through programming using Touchdesigner software and the Kinect sensor the 30,000 people who went through the installation could interact with a brick wall that came to life through the movement of the spectators. Source: vimeo
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