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  1. Jessica Lea Dunn

    Glistening Light Fix

    Glistening Light Fixtures Full information...
  2. Jessica Lea Dunn

    Via... #LogoCore

    Via... #LogoCore Full information...
  3. Jessica Lea Dunn


    Fold Full information...
  4. Jessica Lea Dunn

    Full information...
  5. Jessica Lea Dunn

    Full information...
  6. Jessica Lea Dunn

    Explore Philips Comm

    Explore Philips Communications' photos on Flickr. Philips Communications has uploaded 6667 photos to Flickr. Full information...
  7. Jessica Lea Dunn

    Balloons Large PC858

    Balloons Large PC858 by Brokis | General lighting Full information...
  8. Jessica Lea Dunn

    Elastic Lights is a

    Elastic Lights is a collection of articulated ceramic lamps that playfully yet purposefully questions the role of traditional ceramic objects. Full information...
  9. Jessica Lea Dunn

    Ceramic lights by #j

    Ceramic lights by #josdevriendt Full information...
  10. Jessica Lea Dunn

    Lightning Lamp - Tab

    Lightning Lamp - Table Lamp 2017 Designed by Jiyoun Kim Jiyoun Kim Studio™ www.jiyounkim.com Full information...
  11. Jessica Lea Dunn

    Copenhagen's Etage P

    Copenhagen's Etage Projects is one of the newer galleries on the scene, but it's fast becoming one of our picks for the best. In the past two years, exhibition subjects have included SU favorites like Fredrik Paulsen, Jo Nagasaka, and Eva Berendes; the show currently on view includes Dutch designers Luuk van den Broek (who we're working on a much larger story on!) and Sabine Marcelis, who with Brit Van Nerven is responsible for one of our favorite pieces of design from the past year. Marceli... Full information...
  12. Jessica Lea Dunn

    La Design Week de Ne

    La Design Week de New York Full information...
  13. Jessica Lea Dunn

    #DDW14 - Top 8 of th

    #DDW14 - Top 8 of the DAE Graduation Show: The Circadian Clock by Eléonore Delisse via Blogbloeme I Stylingsinja Full information...
  14. Jessica Lea Dunn


    Share-Design-Blog_Sabine-Marcelis-Luuk-Van-Den-Broek-Exhibit-at-Etage-Project-Copenhagen Full information...
  15. Jessica Lea Dunn

    Moustache - Lamp Aur

    Moustache - Lamp Aurore Full information...