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  1. 上海静安香格里拉酒店公共区域-高清图片 - 酒店餐饮[HD] - 马蹄网|MT-BBS View the full article
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  8. Kazutoshi Kurihara

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  9. Concrete Church in Japan Masters the Light Ray Game - Houses of the Holy - Curbed National View the full article
  10. We've seen our fair allocation of creative ceiling design ideas. There are consequently many ways to accentuate a room by using the ceiling as a focal point; the untapped potential lies in the choices you and your architect make. Just see taking place more often, and you will eventually locate the perfect obsession to expose yourself through design. #ceilingcolorideasdecoration, #ceilingideasformobilehomes, #ceilingideasforfamilyroom, #ceilingideasforgarage, #ceilingideascheap View the full article
  11. Running Magnet es un perfil estructural de grafito electrificado integrado en la pared, en el que se insertan elementos luminosos magnéticos con tecnología LED. Este innovador sistema permite que la iluminación se integre en el espacio de una forma elegante y discreta, pasando a formar parte de él. El sistema puede modularse fácilmente redistribuyendo los elementos luminosos. Iluminación Helios. Twitter: @ilumina_helios ● Facebook: Iluminación Helios ● www.helios.com.ve View the full article
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  13. Kazutoshi Kurihara


    Lobby View the full article
  14. iGuzzini headquarters #light #lighting #iGuzzini #RGB View the full article
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