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    lighting and stairs

    lighting and stairs More View the full article
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    www.vibia.com , VIBI

    www.vibia.com , VIBIA I ID RUNWAY. #euroluce2015, #salonedelmobile2015, #lightingdesigntrend, #lamptrend, #moderlamp , #minimallamp, #vibia View the full article
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    liuku-pendants_featured_2_trnk View the full article
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    Image of gourd penda

    Image of gourd pendant light View the full article
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    Art Deco lighting -

    Art Deco lighting - Dee comments: Eerie, like I've been there before staring up at these lights but in another era. There is a feeling of people walking by me and talking in hushed voices, but I cannot make out the words. Glimpses of black beaded fringes and light golden satin of dresses. Flashes of jewels. I smell smoke from a cigar just put out, a bang, a scream, sudden commotion all around me, people rushing, sudden cold air hitting me, the banging of doors. What happened? Can't tell ... View the full article
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    artist 25 nordlux -

    artist 25 nordlux - Google Search View the full article
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    Lighting the Bedroom

    Lighting the Bedroom Although nearly everyone includes task lighting on the bedside table, a bedroom can benefit from more task lighting on a dresser, an accent light on a photo or work of art, and overhead lights on a dimmer switch for general ambience. The best light for bedrooms is generally warm light, which is more flattering and restful. If you do a lot of reading in your bedroom, however, be sure to keep a cool-light shaded task lamp nearby to prevent eyestrain. View the full article
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    Molding designed to

    Molding designed to house LED strips for cove lighting. Can be mounted up or down. More View the full article
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    Art deco interior #L

    Art deco interior #Lighting #Light #InteriorDesign View the full article
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    Frank Lloyd Wright L

    Frank Lloyd Wright Lamp Sumac 1 reproduction - designed by Wright for the Dana Thomas House View the full article
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    View the full article
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    Waldorf View the full article
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    Zalka Apartment

    Zalka Apartment View the full article
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    heathfield co produc

    heathfield co produces range of bespoke lighting installations View the full article
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    凸LAMP:[DECO](デザイン:graf) View the full article