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  1. iD Lights & Lamps

    #Cans, #Lamp, #Repur

    #Cans, #Lamp, #Repurposed View the full article
  2. iD Lights & Lamps

    One that does not ea

    One that does not easy for parents is to decide the baby girl room style; what color should it comes with, what important elements are, etc., but don’t worry, parents, in this article, we provide some baby girl room ideas for your inspiration. Let’s go ahead! View the full article
  3. iD Lights & Lamps

    how-to tuft tutorial

    how-to tuft tutorial, I'll demonstrate the easiest tufting technique out there. Learn how to create diamond tufted headboards and benches like a professional without busting the budget. DIY projects on a budget. Create home decorations like a coffee table, No pegboard or drill or upholstery needle and thread required. Tufted Headboard #DIY #Tufting #Headboard #Bench @ToolboxDivas View the full article
  4. iD Lights & Lamps

    Raphaël Navot Landsc

    Raphaël Navot Landscape Lampe Bronze Edition Maison Charles Marque de l'éditeur Edition 1/7 Date de création : 2017 H 44 × L 46 × P 16 cm View the full article
  5. iD Lights & Lamps

    Soft grey, black and

    Soft grey, black and a bright yellow for #wedding #colors. View the full article
  6. iD Lights & Lamps

    Archiplastica design

    Archiplastica designed a bedroom concept that features a unique accent wall made from geometric wood panels and hidden LED lighting. View the full article
  7. iD Lights & Lamps

    DIY outdoor string l

    DIY outdoor string lights on poles tutorial. Holds up in gusty wind and weather, leave your string lights out year round for beautiful night ambiance. Find this and over 450 more home improvement and home decor DIY tutorials on H2OBungalow.com View the full article
  8. iD Lights & Lamps

    3D Printed Pendants

    3D Printed Pendants and Necklaces from Shapeways.com View the full article
  9. iD Lights & Lamps

    wooden desk light -

    wooden desk light - To be modified for use by people needing IRLAN GLASSES. USE ARDUINO AND RGB MOOD LED'S. View the full article
  10. iD Lights & Lamps

    Designer Chandelier

    Designer Chandelier Australia Pty Ltd - Contemporary Wave LED Chandelier - W:80cm H:260cm , $2,499.00 (http://www.designerchandelier.com.au/contemporary-wave-led-chandelier-w-80cm-h-260cm/)v TT View the full article
  11. iD Lights & Lamps

    functional art!, ind

    functional art!, industrial floor lamp, industrial lamp, industrial floor lamps, industrial style floor lamps, vintage industrial floor lamp, if you love the rustic industrial warehouse look, then you will love these unique totally different looking floor lamps, that are modern and yet old world, you can even get the Edison style bulbs to make it more authentic. View the full article
  12. iD Lights & Lamps

    #DIY, #Lamp, #PaperB

    #DIY, #Lamp, #PaperBooks, #Suspension, #Upcycled View the full article
  13. iD Lights & Lamps

    #Bottle, #Campari, #

    #Bottle, #Campari, #Design, #Glass, #Lamp, #Light, #Upcycled View the full article
  14. iD Lights & Lamps

    Beautiful And Artsy

    Beautiful And Artsy DIY Firefly Lamp--Would be cute in a little boy's room. View the full article
  15. iD Lights & Lamps

    I´ve found some old

    I´ve found some old lamps and lampshades on a skip and thought about how to use them. I also had a lot of used plastic bags....So I combined both and made some new, colorful lampshades. #Lamp, #Lampshade, #Recycled View the full article