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    6,463 Likes, 32 Comments - Product (p.roduct) on Instagram: “The Monk Concrete Lamp by SKELD Design. #p_roduct” View the full article
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    ara- Philip Starck

    ara- Philip Starck View the full article
  3. Vito.L

    Caustic patterns fro

    Caustic patterns from an illuminated 3D printed glass structure View the full article
  4. Vito.L

    Illuminazione creati

    Illuminazione creativa: 14 lampade davvero “strane” - Arredo Idee View the full article
  5. İç ve dış dekorasyonunda farkılılık yaratmak isteyen doğa aşıkları için Çatlak Kütük Lamba View the full article
  6. Vito.L

    rainbow in your eyes

    rainbow in your eyes — turecepcja: Lumiere Collection by Eduard... View the full article
  7. Vito.L

    Paul Foeckler's bele

    Paul Foeckler's beleuchtete Skulpturen der "Split Grain" Kollektion nutzen horizontale Lichtspalten, um die elementare Form und den physikalischen Charakter von Altholz offenzulegen. #inspiration #ndu #newdesignuniversity View the full article
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    Karim Rashid: Evolut

    Karim Rashid: Evolution by Karim Rashid View the full article
  9. Vito.L

    LG Display OLED Clas

    LG Display OLED Classic - the classic light bulb re-shaped using OLED technology. Find out more at: www.organic-light... View the full article
  10. Vito.L

    paraPATRICists: hima

    paraPATRICists: himac lamp competition View the full article
  11. Vito.L

    This Modern Concrete

    This Modern Concrete Pendant Light Looks Like It's Been Split In Two View the full article
  12. Vito.L

    Luceplan Mesh Light

    Luceplan Mesh Light by Francisco Gomez Paz at Euroluce 2015, Milan. Demonstrating the remarkable properties of LEDs, the light is constructed from a web of metallic cables and LED lights that can be turned on and off in individual sections. View the full article
  13. Vito.L

    Kährs | Wood floorin

    Kährs | Wood flooring | Parquet | Interior | Design | www.kahrs.com View the full article
  14. Vito.L

    3d printed lighting

    3d printed lighting by Janne Kyttanen View the full article
  15. Vito.L

    Focus Lamp, 2015 by

    Focus Lamp, 2015 by Yuval Carmel, Ofir Zandani www.cozistudio.com via @SuperstudioG #form #material View the full article