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  1. This cheap, DIY minimalist LED corner lamp/LED fixture is an incredibly easy build as it requires no tools at all. The LED strip lights are sticky on one side, I'm just peeling the back off and sticking it to the PVC. All the PVC and spray paint was purchased at The Home Depot. We bought a 10ft, 1in diameter PVC pipe for $3.24 and had them cut it down to a 5ft piece and two 20in pieces (make sure the store carries the 3 way elbow and caps that fit the size pipe you want before you have them cut it). It could be taller and it could have longer legs, these were the measurements we wanted and liked. To close off the ends of the pipes we purchased 3 end caps for $0.83 a piece and one three way connector/elbow for $2.57 . A can of black spray paint for $6 and LED strip lights for about $27. Just connect all the PVC pieces, paint it and stick the LED lights on it and you're done. The most time consuming part of this project is waiting for the paint to dry. Now we have a fancy LED corner lamp that we paid less than $50 for and we love it!
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