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  1. I am planning to replace my existing lights in my living room with a pair of LED strip lights. I was wondering can a LED light be brighter than a CFL light. My children usually sit in the living room, to do their daily home works, hence I am very concerned about the lighting quality in my living room in particular. I was advised by my friend to buy a LED Strip Light - 5000K Cool White - 72W - 12V DC and have two strips running my living room. As per his suggestion, one strip should be placed at the top of the living room, surrounding the living room on all four sides and the other one at the bottom of the living room, just above the carpets, illuminating all four walls. He told me this would serve the purpose and offer a cool look to the room. I am looking to buy LED strip lights locally to ensure I do not end up buying cheap Chinese scrap. I want my product to be an investment, that will last for a couple of years at least. But before buying a LED strip light from my local light store, I thought, it will be useful, if I take a second opinion. I have not seen LED strip light illuminated living room and do not know, how good will it look. As I mentioned earlier, my goal is to have maximum light in the room, something very close to real light( soft yet clear). I am concerned can it provide the adequate light balance I am looking for.
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