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    Trading House «FEREKS» LLC is one of the largest manufacturers of LED luminaires in Russia. Area of the company occupies a territory of more than 17.5 Hectares. About 50,000 units are produced under FEREKS trademark every month. The range includes over 100 modifications of LED luminaires of various applications.
    The products of «FEREKS» are different from other by high energy efficiency, reliability and affordable prices. With the luminaires «FEREKS» were implemented thousands of lighting projects in various fields. «FEREKS» are trusted the lighting of many companies such as IKEA, Leroy Merlin, Lenta, Kalashnikov concern, Gazprom, LUKOIL, Tatneft, MegaFon and others.
    The slogan «FEREKS»: «Good light is available to everyone» reflects the secret of success: provision of consistently high quality of products at affordable prices.

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