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  1. Tessellaser A scenographic light installation idea, compromising of RGB pixel battens and green matrix beam point lasers. Fully controlled by Resolume Arena's new dmx/artnet features. Source: lednews.lighting
  2. Greenhouse. Amsterdam Light Festival 2016/2017 Greenhouse is an art project specially made for Amsterdam Light Festival 2016/ 2017. It is indeed a greenhouse, but fitted with uranium glass. this material has the quality of being transparent in normal light, but when hit by uv light it starts to beam radiant green light of its own. The artwork was made by Dutch artist Victor Engbers, together with SIO2glas and Hotmarks. Source: lednews.lighting
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    A scenographic light installation idea, compromising of RGB pixel battens and green matrix beam point lasers. Fully controlled by Resolume Arena's new dmx/artnet features. Source: rebeloverlay
  4. Greenhouse is an art project specially made for Amsterdam Light Festival 2016/ 2017. It is indeed a greenhouse, but fitted with uranium glass. this material has the quality of being transparent in normal light, but when hit by uv light it starts to beam radiant green light of its own. The artwork was made by Dutch artist Victor Engbers, together with SIO2glas and Hotmarks. Source: victorengbers.nl
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    The Northern Lights

    The Northern Lights experience. Anywhere and anytime. This brand new piece brings the experience of the Northern Lights to cities the world over. Time slows down as eyes look up. An aurora, here and now, in our latitudes? Dan Acher's creation is as much a work of art as it is a technological performance. High power laser beams travel through particle clouds to create the illusion. Variations in movement, colour, and density, together with changing weather conditions, give infinite variations. A unique aurora is created each time. Throughout the ages man has attributed countless legends to the phenomenon. BOREALIS is about our ancestral communion with nature and about our recent compulsion to control it. OXSA's musical composition supports this monumental piece, premiered over the Rolex Learning Centre at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology to mark the opening of the new ArtLab building in November 2016. Source: happycitylab
  6. STREET LIGHT ORCHESTRA - NYON from the 27th of October to the 1st of November 2015, Street Light Orchestra has been installed in La Levratte in Nyon. This free event has invited the people of Nyon to discover this sound and light installation which broadcasts famous classical pieces. Source: happycitylab
  7. STREET LIGHT ORCHESTRA - GENÈVE Street Light Orchestra is a musical participative installation created as part of theFête de la Musique 2015 of the city of Geneva. Winner of the contest "A vous de jouer!", it has been installed in the Park Beaulieu in June 2015. Imagine a philharmonic orchestra in front of you... You dream of stepping onto the stage and drifting amongst the musicians, listening to each of their instruments. The Street Light Orchestra beams fill you with light as you wander through the woodwinds, brass, percussion and strings sections of a virtual orchestra. Each section plays individually from a constellation of streetlight/speakers, as the multi-coloured lampshades dazzle and glow in synch with the music. Come to the light, butterflies!
  8. The old Town of Morat (FR) is transformed into a great Sound and Light Show. The illuminated streets, monuments and town ramparts plunge you into a magic world. We will be present with our immersive artwork "Street Light Orchestra". The beams fill you with light as you wander through the woodwinds, brass, percussion and strings sections of a virtual orchestra. Each section plays individually from a constellation of streetlight/speakers, as the multi-coloured lampshades dazzle and glow in synch with the music. Source: happycitylab
  9. The international design competition is run by The Illuminated River Foundation and the Mayor of London. Each team has created a concept design for lighting four individual bridges (Chelsea, London, Waterloo and Westminster) and an overarching masterplan for the main road, rail and pedestrian bridges between Albert and Tower. The Illuminated River is a design commission on an unprecedented scale: a unified scheme conceived to light central London’s bridges along the River Thames. The seven month search for a world class team to illuminate the Thames’ bridges in a free, permanent light installation saw submissions from 105 teams in 20 countries around the world. The six shortlisted concepts went on show in a public exhibition at the Royal Festival Hall in November, seen by over 10,000 people. The winning team will now start to develop the design concepts in collaboration with stakeholders and partners along the river, and in consultation with the public. This work will take place in 2017. The winning team in full: Leo Villareal (Lead Artist) Lifschutz Davidson Sandilands (Lead Consultant) Future\Pace (Curator) Atelier Ten Beckett Rankine Bradley Hemmings Core Five Futurecity Greenwich+Docklands International Festival Montagu Evans Pentagram Price & Myers Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London, said: “We saw an incredible response to this fascinating competition, showing that London continues to inspire creatives from around the globe, and is open to all. There were some spectacular ideas, and I can’t wait to see the winning design light up the Thames. Huge congratulations to Leo Villareal and Lifschutz Davidson Sandilands on this fantastic achievement.” Hannah Rothschild, Chair of the Illuminated River Foundation, said: “Leo Villareal’s proven ability to paint with light matched with Lifschutz Davidson Sandilands’ direct experience of building bridges over the Thames was an irresistible and inspirational combination. “Their scheme is beautiful, ambitious and realisable but always considerate to the environment, lighting levels and energy conservation. The jury is convinced that the winning team will transform the centre of London while remaining true to the spirit and integrity of the Thames and its communities.” The internationally acclaimed American artist, Leo Villareal, came to prominence through his celebrated project, The Bay Lights, which lit San Francisco Bay Bridge for two years. Due to its extraordinary popularity, the installation has been revived this year as a permanent element of the cityscape and adopted by the public as a new icon for the city. He trained as a sculptor and has been working with light and computer code for more than a decade, creating major installations, sculptures and public projects that have captivated audiences all over the world. His work is in the permanent collections of museums including MoMA New York and the National Gallery of Art Washington. Most recently in London he participated in the Hayward Gallery’s acclaimed exhibition, Lightshow. Award-winning architects, design consultants and urban planners, Lifschutz Davidson Sandilands, have worked on major projects across London including the Golden Jubilee footbridges and have a 25-year relationship with communities and businesses in London’s South Bank, having created the area’s urban design strategy and worked with the Coin Street Community Builders to regenerate the area through the development of co-operative housing, and commercial ventures to support new urban realm initiatives. Leo Villareal said: “I’m delighted and humbled by the fact that the jury went with an artistically-driven vision for the Illuminated River. The whole team shares a belief in the power of large-scale public culture and art to enrich our cities. We are deeply committed to this project. In order to nuance the concept design and create presence and legibility, we intend to take time to study the river in all its manifestations. We want to listen to Londoners in developing the scheme to deliver at all levels of art and light, urban design and architecture, the environment and sustainability. Our aim is for a lighting masterplan which reduces pollution and wasted energy, is sensitive to history and ecology and subtly rebalances the ambient lighting on the river to provide a beautiful night time experience for residents and visitors.” Source: illuminatedriver.london
  10. Dynamics in Impermanence by Nicole Larkin The structure is made from birch plywood, stainless steel, and concrete and is then lit at night. Its location on a rocky outcrop allows the piece to interact with sea and sky and constantly changes depending on the time of day, weather, and climate conditions. It’s viewers are encouraged to be part of the space as the colors and direction of the piece morph. The curves capture the rhythm of the ocean or can feel like the sun’s rays glimmering over the horizon at sunrise. We are reminded of how ephemeral nature is and find her sculpture to be both a representation and an anchor to counter it. A combination that we appreciate in these fleeting times that require moments for mediation. Source: maxinesniderinc
  11. Underground Spa As part of the extensive renovation of a 19th-century mansion, a new subterranean spa provides a place for exercise and relaxation. The network of underground rooms is intended to be a strong contrast to the decorative character of the family house above and discovered via a secret staircase accessible from the ground floor. Defined by the simple sculptural treatment of stone, plaster and water, a subtle mixture of natural and artificial light animates the space and creates an immersive and sensual environment. The main 17 metre long swimming pool, lined with coarse textured black basaltina, offers a strong visual and textural contrast to the smooth surfaces of the white limestone-lined blocks. The distinctive stone finishes of each space create a labyrinth of treatment rooms— sauna, spa and gymnasium. The undulating form of the plaster ceiling hovers above the pool and is modelled by a halo of indirect light. Source: carmodygroarke
  12. KOVR – Wall and Ceiling Integrated Lighting ‘HYDE’ by KOVR: A Smooth Combination of Decor Elements and Lighting Designed by Danny Venlet for KOVR, ‘HYDE’ high-quality panels are a reworked concept of conventional luminaries into an “all-in-one solution”: a seamlessly integrated LED lighting system into printed architectural surfaces. The HYDE range comes in distinctive natural decors. The remote control and mobile application complete the unique user experience. The system adapts harmoniously to any mood with its easily controllable light intensity. Hyde – Fully Customizable HYDE is not just another off-the-shelf product: the system can be perfectly tailored to any part of it’s features. The customer defines the panel size, the KOVR team digitally prints any desired decor onto the surface and programs a specific lighting scheme into it. Easy Mounting and Wireless Control Designed and assembled in Belgium, the system comes with high luminary efficiency, a long lifespan and color fastness over time. The complete lighting system is mounted inside the panels, that have a thickness of only 12mm. The assembly or dismounting can easily be done by (dis)connecting the panels from the tongue and groove system. Finally, it is linked to a personalized mobile application. The application makes control possible from any device with browser or via the mobile app. DOWNLOADS HYDE Folder PDF Source: kovr, designregio-kortrijk, lighting-inspiration
  13. In Stockholm, AF Lighting has designed a media facade that reflects the weather, and helps build the brand of a major insurance company. The head office of Swedish insurance company If sits directly above a busy motorway just north of Stockholm. It has always been an imposing building – but rather an anonymous one, with an unlit facade. ÅF Lighting was asked to do something about that. The resulting solution is characterized by a soft, welcoming light, which matches the recently updated visual guidelines of the insurance company, and its concept of being “close to the people”. For many years, the one distinguishing feature of the building was an old digital clock sitting on top of it, which also displays outside temperature, as a service to passers-by. ÅF Lighting kept this in mind when creating the lighting concept, which involves LED strips being fitted to the entire facade, with a dynamic light flowing through them like changes in the weather. The lighting scheme also reflects actual local weather conditions, enabling the public to experience the façade lit according to natural conditions such as wind, snow, rain, sun and clouds as well as the seasonal changes. The work also included to update the old clock with a new design and new media logo. Apart from conveying a message about the weather, the lighting also gives the building a lighter, more dynamic feel, and provides an aesthetic experience for car-borne commuters on an otherwise eventless motorway. ”The project has presented challenges to which we have found innovative solutions”, says lighting designer Francesco Guastella. ”As part of the creative process, we worked closely with the customer to develop mood boards, inspired by their brand message about closeness to people. Eventually we decided that nature and its changes is something that everybody can relate to. Who has not gazed into the flames of an open fire, for instance, or at the waves lapping at a shore? This is what inspired us when creating the lighting programme that now flows along the facade.” Installing the light rods proved to be the most challenging part of the project. As the façade faces a motorway, building cranes could not reach to all the necessary installation areas. Instead, climbers were hired to perform the work. ”It looked absolutely terrifying, but the results are extraordinary”, says an evidently pleased Francesco Guastella. Now commuters are met by a beautiful façade each day, reflecting the weather in that particular moment. In other words, the lighting helps communicate the If brand, and adds value to people in their everyday lives. Source: af-lighting
  14. UK - The production behind British comedian Ross Noble's latest stand-up tour 'Brain Dump' has turned to a tourable lighting control system for the first time. The team has invested in an Avolites Titan Mobile console to power the eccentrically brilliant set, made of giant inflatable light bulbs each with an LED light source at its core. Production manager Shaun Weager, who has worked with Noble since 2012, came up with the 16-ft high dream-like design in response to a creative brief Noble ingeniously constructed using his daughter's Play-Doh. Every one of the 59 inflatable bulbs' internal LEDs has its own RGB panel through which Weager powers vibrant chases and isolation effects using the Avolites Titan Mobile. "Shaun needed a small but powerful and highly portable lighting control solution," says Pete White, Sales Manager of Stage Electrics that supplied the console. "Stage Electrics has been an Avolites master dealer and stockist for a number of years and we knew the Avolites Titan Mobile was perfect for the job; its compact format combined with the live playback features made it the obvious choice." New to Avolites, this presented Weager with the opportunity to get to grips with one of the brand's most popular consoles. The wealth of online training videos, intuitive user interface of Titan version 10 and support of the Avolites team meant he could quickly master the desk's functionality. "When I first arrived in Australia I was looking for an Avolites Pearl operator to assist with the initial show programming," says Weager. "I tweeted on social media about it and Avolites replied, putting me in touch with one of their Brisbane-based suppliers. The supplier then found a programmer in Perth called Chris Taylor who helped me programme the show! That level of support was great." White of Stage Electrics agrees: "The Avolites range of products offers our customers an excellent set of features with great back up and support from the Avolites team." The compact yet powerful Titan Mobile weighs in at 4.9kg, is USB powered and easily fits in the Avolites branded laptop bag it's supplied with - making it perfect for touring with limited space and weight restrictions. Despite its size, the Titan Mobile offers 10 playbacks with assignable controls, 20 macro buttons and a full programming surface. The Titan software offers all the functionality of the full range, which allows seamless transfer between consoles for different situations. "It's like owning a bespoke desk," says Weager. "Having the Avolites Titan Mobile console on tour has definitely made everything so much easier and I can't see any future set not including this control element. I feel like I now have the headspace to really evolve my lighting designs and push the limits of the show. It feels good to know we have this element of production covered well into the future." Following a stint in Australia at the beginning of the year, Noble's UK tour kicked off in September 2016 and will continue to February 2017. Tickets are on-sale now. Source: avolites
  15. The Shorewood Wisconsin Public Art Committee wanted to illuminate this prominent bridge as a gateway to their small progressive community bordering Milwaukee. With the goal of telling a story with light, CLDE began by researching the history around the pedestrian bridge and discovered it once carried a historic train. The C&NW 400 was famous for being the first high speed luxury train, travelling from Chicago to Minneapolis in 400 minutes at speeds reaching 100MPH. The concept was developed to use lighting and control technology and creative programming to create an allusion of the passage of the train over the bridge…a suggestion that would be a “ghost” of the train. This unique combination of history, art and technology was illustrated with renderings and animations to raise funds. The allusion starts with the sounds of crossing bells and crossing “signals” blinking on top of the bridge towers. The top rail of the bridge will begin to glow with the approaching headlight, along with the mournful sounds of the approaching train. To suggest the movement of the train cars crossing the bridge, lights from the bottom arch will wash up the side of the bridge, and move from side to side in the C&NW yellow and green colors,. “Rivets” of 3200 programmable pixels along the top rail will move at the same speed to suggest the passage of the headlight, windows and taillight. The Ghost Train passes each way once a night, at similar speeds and schedule as the historic trains. Other times there are 120 minutes of artistic lighting effects randomly playing on the bridge. Source: cld-e
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    500 Drones LED Light Show

    Go behind the scenes of Starbright Holidays – An Intel Collaboration playing this holiday season at Walt Disney World. Intel’s innovative Shooting Star drone technology meets the magic and creativity of Disney in a holiday light show that's unlike anything you've ever seen.
  17. KEVIN

    500 Drones LED Light Show

    Drone 100 Lights Up the Palm Springs Sky Intel's Drone 100 lights up the night sky in Palm Springs, CA
  18. 500 Drones Light Night Sky to Set Record Less than a year after setting the Guinness World Records title for 100 drones flying simultaneously, Intel engineers set a new world record with a fleet of 500 drones specifically designed for light shows. The fall-colored sunset darkened above Krailling, Germany as thousands of tiny propellers began spinning in unison in a field. The steady hum of 500 drones, each fitted with an LED light, peaked as they instantaneously lifted into the air and danced together across the sky like synchronized fireflies. The fleet formed 3D shapes, spelled out recognizable words and painted the number 500 in the air. Brought to life by 500 Intel Shooting Star drones controlled by one pilot using a laptop, the choreographed lightshow set a Guinness World Records title on October 7, 2016 for the Most Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) airborne simultaneously. Source: intel
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