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  1. Bendable LED Profiles Lumipro profiles allow designers to bend, twist, and curve the streaks of lights for re-shaping the profiles to create amazing lighting designs. The flexibility of bendable aluminum profiles allows for varied designs such as circular, semi-circular, hexagonal, octagonal, triangular, rectangular, and star-shaped and many more unimaginable fascinating shapes of lights. The mix and match of bandwagons of lights provide you the flexibility to craft your own style statement. Each pattern is so vivid and rare, eye-catchy and a piece of mesmerizing art that stands out from clutter for a noticeable effect. And with combination designs, it definitely enables to make your space elegant and energy-efficient. The lights emitted from the resistant LED profiles blends harmoniously into the walls or ceiling structures. Deepen your perception of space and transform interiors with the seduction of light. With formation of unique shapes and silhouettes, it gives new life to architecture. Light pours from the profiles and falls on surfaces like a waterfall, making the surrounding environment soft and all-enveloping. The semi-recessed version enhances the magic of this fixture by hiding the source of light. Enjoy the amazing mix/match jigsaw with LED profiles. You can customize almost infinite lighting patterns as wild as your imagination permits or limits! Unique and contemporary in design, the slim linear luminaires seamlessly integrate into interior design to enhance architecture. With a floating weightless appearance, their strong visual appeal is aptly suited for commercial offices, stylish villas, supermarkets, department stores, museums, theatres, educational institutes, recreational areas, metro/bus stations and various public places. More information: lumibright
  2. Colorspace is an interactive sculpture that translates text messages into breathtaking animations of colored light. Boston Properties commissioned us to create the artwork for the mezzanine of their iconic Boston skyscraper at 200 Clarendon Street. As tenants enter the space, they pass a long marble wall of suspended light pendants. Anybody with a mobile device can send a text message to the number printed on the wall. The sculpture replies with a sparkling wash of light that sweeps across the wall, illuminating the space with new colors. Each color palette is unique. ‘Beach’ lights up the space with blues and yellows. ‘Watermelon’ gives you shades of pink and green. ‘Disco’ makes the sculpture sparkle with hot pinks and purples. Colorspace perpetually evolves through an ongoing conversation with the community around it. It gives tenants ownership of their shared space and provides a playful, surprising moment as they enter and exit the building every day. It transforms the lobby into a dynamic, participatory space. More information: sosolimited
  3. Versatile modular lines of captivating linear light This ground-breaking modular lighting system is designed for creating unimaginable light architectures to make the environment marginal yet indispensable. The brand new ultra-lightweight linear profiles are versatile enough to meet any design needs guaranteeing extraordinary visual light comfort for every application beyond ordinary imagination. With an innovative, sleek, clear body design, profile linear lighting spread soft indirect light emissions over walls or ceiling or floor from flat surfaces creating paths of light with perfect uniformity and unlimited lengths. LED aluminum profiles are available in variety of depth and length according to clients need to blend into every lighting project and can be fitted in either single module formats or joint-free long continuous rows of uninterrupted lines of light. The Flexible version of LED aluminum extrusion that are re-shapeable ideally suit curved lighting applications making the lighting design overwhelmingly captivating. They also come in varied colors of LED with regulated intensity of lights and dimming capabilities. Minimalism, modularity and ease of installation characterize the LED profiles that are extremely easy to install, transforming any space with class and refinement. Being a perfect fusion of performance, flexibility and sparkling nominal design, all in a single product the LED Profiles ensure optimal performance, endurance and low energy demand. The soft glare-free bi-directional light protruding from the light-weight linear profiles achieve amazing aesthetical incredible efficacy, which allow designers the freedom to use this application even in the most demanding and hard to reach areas. The product can be mounted individually, or in long continuous lines as a suspended pendant luminaire, or directly to the surface of a wall or ceiling, and as recessed mounted using the frames, even on staircases, handrails or furniture such as shelves ends, showcases, wardrobes, jewelry racks etc. They are perfectly suited for residences, commercial offices, Retail outlets & showrooms, auditoriums, supermarkets, educational institutes, service & hospitality sectors, much more... More information here: lumibright
  4. Firestone Walker Brewing Company is a craft brewery based in Paso Robles, California. The brewery has experienced significant success, gaining recognition with a number of international awards for its beers. And it now operates three facilities – the others located in Buellton and Venice. In fact the brewery’s growth has required the addition of a new 10,000 sq. ft. brew house at its Paso Robles headquarters in order to meet the steep increase in demand for its products. Harris Architecture was mandated to design the new space with the goal of increasing production capacity. As well as being a fully functional brewery, the Paso Robles location also offers tours to visitors, and after an 8-month construction period, the new addition was opened to the public in May, 2017. “The whole space has a turn of the century iron works style,” said Kyle Harris, who led the project for Harris Architecture. “There is a lot of galvanized metal and exposed bolts combined with tiling and concrete floors. It’s retro with a tech edge.” The team from Harris worked closely with the Firestone Walker founders to ensure that every element of the new space was on point from a design and usability perspective. Everyone involved in the project was very conscious of choosing the right pieces to present the facility as the iconic, signature location in the Firestone Walker family of facilities. Lighting the space was an important piece of the design. The lighting had to be functional as well as fitting aesthetically with the design intent of the space. In collaboration with Prudential Lighting Products, the Harris team identified Luminis products as the perfect solution. Luminis’ Torx and Aramis products were chosen. Twelve Torx TR2450 pendants were selected to illuminate the brew deck. The Torx TR2450 products are decorative and functional ceiling pendants with a frosted acrylic refractor and an LED light source. Delivering more than 12,000 lumens per product, the pendants are ideal for areas where efficiency, reliability and aesthetics are important. To carry the aesthetic throughout the facility, two more Torx TR2450 pendants have been included in the visitor center. Four Aramis AR148 pendants were used for additional illumination, while thirteen wall-mounted Aramis AR148 luminaires are positioned around the perimeter of the room. Most of the Aramis AR148 wall mounted sconces are in pairs – one as an uplight, and one as a downlight in each pair – providing a striking accent. The 6” cylindrical luminaires have an LED light source and deliver 2,050 lumens. “Functionality and performance were key requirements in the lighting product selection,” said Harris. “The Torx and Aramis products from Luminis not only delivered on those requirements but also perfectly fit the industrial aesthetic in the rest of the building.” Outside of the building, Harris chose Luminis’ Syrios SY602 products, complete with LED light source and unique integral tilting mechanism for precise directional aiming. Used primarily to illuminate the Firestone Walker signage and accent the curved roof, the products really catch the eye. Finally, Eclipse Mini EC612 products illuminate the exterior of the main entrance providing the complete lighting experience from outside to inside – a testament to the wide array of interior and exterior products offered by Luminis. The Eclipse Mini EC612 models, durable and designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, are mounted to the wall either side of the front door and on the columns supporting the covered entry. All of the interior lighting is on a dimming channel, enabling adjustment depending on the time of day. During the night, brew house lighting is turned up to deliver 100 foot candles of light at floor level to assist with nightly cleaning. In the daytime, the lighting is scaled back to deliver 45-55 foot candles at floor level for standard use. “We did extensive calculations and modelling to make sure the lighting would be at the right level, and that we got the light in the places it was needed,” said Harris. “Inside the brew house the lighting hits the metal and the stainless steel brew tanks, and the results are striking.” The reaction of the client has also been positive. Firestone Walker Co-Founder David Walker said: “The lighting is industrial, beautiful and functional; not an easy combination to achieve when lighting a modern brew house – it is elegantly done.” Source: luminis
  5. New Report on Tunable Lighting in Classrooms The U.S. Department of Energy's GATEWAY program has released a new report on a trial installation of tunable-white LED lighting systems in three classrooms in the Carrollton-Farmers Branch Independent School District in Carrollton, TX, which provides valuable insights into the use of this technology in a real-world setting. The LED systems were installed in August 2016 and provide the ability to vary the spectral power distribution (SPD) across four preset conditions associated with nominal CCTs of 3000 K, 3500 K, 4200 K, and 5000 K. The controls also provide for preset scenes to vary the on/off status and dimming level of different luminaire zones within the room, to better support such classroom functions as audiovisual presentations. Among the key takeaways: The reduction in input power for the tunable-white LED lighting system was estimated to be 58% relative to the incumbent fluorescent system, and was attributable to the higher efficacy of the LED luminaires and a reduction in illuminances, which previously exceeded IES-recommended levels. Dimming furthered the energy savings in each classroom. While the teachers’ usage of the controls varied widely as recorded by the monitoring system, in each case the lighting consistently operated with all or some of the luminaires turned off or dimmed for portions of the school day. When the control locations were more easily accessed by the teacher, the dimming level was varied more regularly. The teachers used the scene controls regularly but used the SPD controls infrequently. Color consistency for the tunable-white LED luminaires was very good, even over the dimming range, with only minor variations in CCT and Duv. The two teachers interviewed by DOE appreciated the ability to tailor the lighting to different classroom needs, and felt that the lighting and controls allowed the students to be engaged in choosing the settings for various classroom activities. Both teachers stated that the lighting system improved the overall learning environment. For a closer look at the findings, download the full report: Classroom Tunable Lighting Report Classroom Tunable Lighting Report Brief Source: energy.gov
  6. As the days grow shorter and the nights grow longer, good lighting in the home is essential for everyday life. A large number of smart lighting solutions are available, which go far beyond the capabilities of conventional lamps. Intelligent lighting control has a practical use in many ways. It makes the home more comfortable and saves energy, future proofing it for the next generation. Here are four reasons why you should opt for smart lighting solutions: Smart light controls itself and offers more comfort Many commuters don’t like leaving and arriving back at the house in the dark. There is a simple solution – an intelligent light control. Pre-set lighting times control the light at home; the intelligent lamps then turn on or off automatically. But smart light also makes those TV evenings on the couch much more comfortable: the light can simply be controlled from the sofa with the tablet or smartphone. Save energy and money Intelligent lighting control not only saves time, but also energy and money. Automatic dimming at the appropriate time or daylight intensity ensures that daylight is used optimally. This way, energy is used economically, benefitting the environment and keeping those energy bills down. Promote concentration and wellbeing with the appropriate lighting Lighting has a major effect on our overall wellbeing. Different light colours can promote concentration or happiness in different situations or settings. For example, cold-white light is often used in the working environment because it increases performance and concentrating capacity. Warm white light, on the other hand, promotes emotional wellbeing and has a soothing effect. Also, the sleep-wake-rhythm can be supported by active light control. For a better and more restful sleep, experts recommend that we dim the light and avoid cold light at least an hour before going to bed. In the morning, lamps in the bedroom can be programmed to light up slowly, simulating a sunrise. Protect against burglars Illuminated rooms gives the impression that the room is in use and occupied. A programmed smart light timer can help to deter burglars when on holiday, for example, by creating the appearance of someone turning a light on and off. A permanently switched on light will be recognised by persistent burglars. With a wide variety of shapes and colours available, smart lighting products offer stylish yet versatile and practical lighting solutions to keep your home illuminated this winter.
  7. Towns and cities are increasingly making a mark for themselves with the targeted use of feature lighting. In addition to classical street and area lighting, ways of using illumination to specifically showcase certain places is being increasingly adopted. A creatively-lit park, a sharply illuminated monument, effective facade projection – purposeful and careful use of such elements contributes not only to creating a distinctive ambience, but also an atmosphere that makes people feel comfortable and excited. The new FLC230 LED profile projectors from WE-EF are the perfect instruments for realising such powerful lighting effects in public spaces. The FLC230 LED profile projector is also available as a colour changer, offering infinitely variable RGBW colour mixing, as it can render almost every shade of the colour spectrum. The profile projector comprises a spherical/triple flat convex lens system for producing a parallel light beam. The FLC230 LED profile projector and the colour-changer variant are available either as a zoom-spot projector [ZP] for producing sharply defined circles of light, a frame projector [FP] for illuminating polygon surfaces or as a gobo projector [GP] for projecting gobos onto a surface. The FLC230-CC LED profile projectors also come with a DMX interface as standard. Source: weef
  8. Lovely lighting is all about creating mood and atmosphere and making sure that you have bright light just where you need it. If it is going to be a bedroom you will need general lighting for getting dressed and task lighting for reading in bed. An office or playroom is likely to be used more during the day and will require stronger general lighting and task lighting at your desk. Avoid pendant or surface-mounted lights that restrict your headroom and make the ceiling feel even lower. A grid of evenly-spaced spotlights across the ceiling is a popular solution but will create a flat, bright light that doesn’t look great and can feel quite exhausting. Much better to angle your spotlights to wash light up and down the walls. This will provide a more interesting mix of light and shade, making the space feel lively and appealing. LED lights tucked in front of books, or behind artwork on shelves works well too. Dimmers are essential, giving you the flexibility to adjust the level of light to the time of day and the mood that you want to achieve. If you have a large loft space, think about zoning, making good use of plug-in solutions. LED lighting tucked inside cupboards and shelves is a better option than ceiling lights positioned behind you, which create a shadow precisely where you need your light to fall. In the loft use a spotlight to create a focal point highlighting a favourite piece of artwork or choose decorative lighting instead. Fairy lights and playful designs are perfect for children’s bedrooms and playrooms.
  9. Cool white is the non-technical way to say 4100K. The Kelvin rating is the color that an object turns when heated to that temperature. (Kelvin is degrees centigrade starting at absolute zero) Warm white corresponds to 3000K. Light white is 3500K. Daylight ranges from 5000K to 6500K.
  10. Revolution Lighting Technologies Awarded Contract for LED Retrofit of Battleship New Jersey Museum & Memorial Company’s high performance Buy American Act Compliant LED tubes installed into world-renowned battleship turned museum; LED solutions improve lighting energy use by 72%. Revolution Lighting Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: RVLT) (“Revolution Lighting”), a global provider of advanced LED lighting solutions, today announced that its operating division, Tri-State LED, has been awarded a contract for the LED retrofit of The Battleship New Jersey Museum & Memorial. The retrofit includes the installation of Revolution Lighting’s high performance Buy American Act (BAA) compliant LED tubes throughout the historic battleship that will reduce lighting energy use by more than 72%. Source: rvlti
  11. Specialist manufacturers of bespoke theatrical and lighting effects Specialz have supplied a unique lighting display to this award-winning museum in Dublin EPIC, The Irish Emigration Museum is Dublin’s newest museum, dedicated to one of the pivotal facets of Irish history: that of Irish emigration. In the perfectly appropriate location, the museum is situated in Dublin’s Docklands on the Custom House Quay, the departure point for many of Ireland’s emigrants in the 19th Century. Within the museum are twenty themed interactive galleries that take visitors on a journey through Irish history and, through interactive and immersive technology, connects all those who claim Irish connections and heritage with a unique and powerful experience. Amongst the myriad of rooms dedicated to the global influence of the Irish culture through migration is a space entitled Science & Innovation. Within this gallery, visitors are familiarised with those of Irish descent who have been key in the development of scientific and technology progress. As an introduction to the mysteries of the Irish psyche, the Synapse provides a spectacular visual interpretation of the brain’s inner workings.This artistic impression that also provides light and visual movement to the gallery was designed by Adam Grater. “There was indeed a dual purpose to this installation,” opens Grater. “It’s title, The Synapse, explains what it represents but it also creates atmosphere and provides ambience in the way it physically illuminates the space. Once I had an idea of what I wanted I went to Dave Smith at Specialz to turn my thoughts into a workable reality.” Source: livedesignonline
  12. PROJECT LUMO Having to stay in an oncological hospital is one of the worst situations a child can be in. A childhood is the period of a person’s life in which you develop yourself. As part of a multidisciplinary team of ten BSc students from Delft University of Technology I have created Lumo, an interactive hangout for children in the Prinses Maxima Hospital for child oncology. The goal of this hangout was to stimulate social development of teenagers between the ages of twelve to fourteen. The dynamic ongoing shape of Lumo creates a closed environment while having an open structure at the same time, provoking curiosity from the inside to the outside. This spiral structure offers children their own spot within the hospital, where they can play, sit or lie down. The final result was a working prototype, which was featured on the exhibition of the Summer Festival in Delft and during the SKION medical conference in Utrecht. My activities included planning, user research, ideation, interaction design, concept development, embodiment, prototyping, testing/validating, recruiting sponsors, communicating with the company and suppliers and procurement of materials and hardware parts. How does it work? Source: indyvanderheijden
  13. An advantage for success at the Hong Kong Science Museum Since its opening, the Hong Kong Science Museum has captivated the public’s curiosity through interactive and enlightening exhibitions. Housing over 500 exhibits in an area that spans over 65,000 square meters, the Museum recently opened a series of new exhibits designed to encourage a greater understanding of the world all around us. Wanting to implement an energy-efficient LED lighting system to accentuate the exhibits, the Museum called upon longtime partner Pacific Lighting Ltd who provided them with complete system of Altman Lighting Pegasus, Spectra Cyc 50 and ME4 luminaires. “We have a long and successful history of working with the Hong Kong Science Museum designing and installing a number of their exhibition lighting systems,” began Hugh Chinnick, Pacific Lighting Director and Project Lighting Designer. “With the latest exhibition, they wanted to use LED technology when possible so the choice of fixtures had to be carefully managed. Although there was no detailed design brief, we knew they wanted the lighting design to create the appropriate theatrical atmosphere, so we chose to implement a system of Altman Lighting LED luminaires.” Source: altmanlighting
  14. "Arrangements": The New Contemporary Lighting Design Series for Flos Michael Anastassiades presented Flos newest contemporary lighting design series: Arrangements. The designer explained that the series is, at its essence, “a modular system of geometric light elements that could be combined in different ways, creating multiple compositions as individual chandeliers“. “Each unit simply attaches onto the previous one as if resting, balancing perfectly as part of a glowing chain“, explained the designer. These almost architectural pieces can be carefully twisted and warped, creating an unusual intersection of fields: lighting and jewelry design. “I have always been fascinated with the parallel that exists between lighting and jewelry. starting from the simple fact of how each piece relates to the human scale: one is designed to be worn on the body whereas the other is made to decorate the space someone occupies”, said Anastassiades. The designer also mentioned that he’s “challenged by how the delicate nature of something small can be translated spatially and still manage to retain its preciousness in the way materials are presented. It is no coincidence that the word ‘pendant’ has a double meaning. existing both as a piece of jewelry that hangs from a chain worn round the neck, and a light designed to hang from the ceiling.”
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