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Found 254 results

  1. Ikuyo

    「lobmeyr chandelier」

    「lobmeyr chandelier」の画像検索結果 View the full article
  2. Ikuyo

    「lobmeyr chandelier」

    「lobmeyr chandelier」の画像検索結果 View the full article
  3. Ikuyo

    「lobmeyr chandelier」

    「lobmeyr chandelier」の画像検索結果 View the full article
  4. Moonchild

    Disc chandelier feat

    Disc chandelier featured on Jillian O'Neills Atelier at Home blog! thank you. Check out her blog! View the full article
  5. iD Lights & Lamps

    Designer Chandelier

    Designer Chandelier Australia Pty Ltd - Contemporary Wave LED Chandelier - W:80cm H:260cm , $2,499.00 (http://www.designerchandelier.com.au/contemporary-wave-led-chandelier-w-80cm-h-260cm/)v TT View the full article
  6. momo

    10-Light Chandelier

    10-Light Chandelier by John Richard at Gilt View the full article
  7. Vanessa Leung

    Mobile Chandelier by

    Mobile Chandelier by Michael Anastassiades at Euroluce 2017 | Yellowtrace View the full article
  8. Jdmcarchitecture

    DIY (glue gun) chand

    DIY (glue gun) chandelier View the full article
  9. Jdmcarchitecture

    8 of our Otéro Small

    8 of our Otéro Small to create a magic & unique chandelier! // 8 Otéro Small pour créer un chandelier unique & magique! #laroseguyon #lighting #copper #designmontreal #interiordesign #chandelier View the full article
  10. Vanessa Leung

    Neri&Hu BAI chandeli

    Neri&Hu BAI chandelier LightForm blog View the full article
  11. Maurizio Arata

    chain chandelier

    chain chandelier Full information...
  12. iD Lights & Lamps

    Lighting- Modern Mul

    Lighting- Modern Multicolored bubbles Ceiling Light with silver metal wire, Ceiling light fixture for girls bedroom. Nursery Lighting. Colorful Handmade Chandelier #yehudalight #nursery #lightfixture View the full article
  13. iD Lights & Lamps

    This cage light pull

    This cage light pulley chandelier compliments contemporary, industrial, and farmhouse designs. Perfect for this contemporary loft bathroom. #pulleylight #industriallighting #contemporaybathrooms View the full article
  14. Jeffry Lamin

    DIY Bubble Chandelie

    DIY Bubble Chandelier | POPSUGAR Home View the full article
  15. Moonchild

    Oly Studio Muriel Cl

    Oly Studio Muriel Cloud Clear Bubbled Chandelier | Kathy Kuo Home View the full article
  16. Wayne Wu

    Chandelier "Manila"

    Chandelier "Manila" Produced by Venini, Italy circa 1960 | From a unique collection of antique and modern chandeliers and pendants at www.1stdibs.com/... via VERSUS GALLERY View the full article
  17. Ikuyo

    Contemporary chandel

    Contemporary chandelier created by grouping several pendants of different sizes. Great effect. #Lighting: View the full article
  18. Jeffry Lamin

    Chandelier by Michae

    Chandelier by Michael Anastassiades. Visit houseandleisure.c... for more View the full article
  19. iD Lights & Lamps

    The Craft Behind Rus

    The Craft Behind Rusticity - Chandeliers - Recently, I realized that antler chandeliers are not actual antlers. It’s funny, but I always “just assumed” they were. When I realized that I was wrong, I decided to see who actually makes these and what kind of work goes into it. To my surprise – the craftsmanship and... #Chandelier #Metal View the full article
  20. Tokuhiko Kusakabe

    Vortex Chandelier /

    Vortex Chandelier / Zaha Hadid Architects - eVolo | Architecture Magazine View the full article
  21. Amber Sugar Pixie Bakery

    Jules Chandelier by

    Jules Chandelier by Solaria Lighting View the full article
  22. Wayne Wu

    Porcelain leaves mak

    Porcelain leaves make a stunning chandelier. By Haberdashery #designjunction #ldf15 View the full article
  23. Moonchild

    Eve Chandelier by Za

    Eve Chandelier by Zaha Hadid. Available for special order at Stahl + Band Venice View the full article
  24. iD Lights & Lamps

    The microphone chand

    The microphone chandelier built to a Fuse design by Technical Arts, it uses angle poise lamp frames and microphones to create a unique light fitting which is flown below the existing roof light above the small stage. Matching microphone pendant lights are hung over the bar counter and in the entrance lobby. #recycle #pendant #micro #microphone #chandelier #recycledlamp #lamp View the full article
  25. Naibich Svetlana

    Driftwood Chandelier

    Driftwood Chandelier from Cameron Mathieson View the full article