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Found 1 result

  1. Transparent EL panels from Lumineq This is the new Lumineq transparent EL panel. Super fast response times, high temperature range of -60 to +105. Units can be made any shape and are ideal for harsh environments LOOK INTO THE FUTURE Beneq's Lumineq® displays, enabled by atomic layer deposition, are the world’s most transparent and most reliable displays. We believe they have a bright future. In this vision area, we look at what that future could be like. We have put some of today’s technical restrictions aside for a while and let imagination fly. Many of the images you see below are from student projects that we regularly conduct with universities to broaden our horizons and to make sure that we don’t get stuck in old ways of thinking. What if the transparent electroluminescent displays were an integrated part of smart homes? What if we had windows with information that disappears when it is not needed? What if household items, whiteware and furniture had transparent displays? Take a look below… LOVING BENEQ HOME Lumineq displays in the front door of the Beneq Home: The door shows weather information, transportation timetables, and reminders and messages from family members, as well as emergency instructions. The transparency of the door can be adjusted. Lumineq displays in the bathroom of the Beneq Home: Displays in mirrors for health info, floor displays you can use with your toes, water taps and shower with transparent displays. MUGS WITH DISPLAYS Transparent displays integrated in a glass. A personal assistant for navigating. The Muq senses when the owner approaches and displays messages and greetings. Technology vision of a glass mug with integrated displays. GREENHOUSE DISPLAYS Transparent displays in a community greenhouse of the future. Transparency, discreteness and durability. Aquarium with a transparent Lumineq information display. Application example of a transparent Lumineq display: home aquarium for children. Future greenhouse with transparent Lumineq displays is connected and synchronized with a monitoring application. WORKPLACE SIGN SYSTEM Transparent displays in the workplace. Improved communication and interaction between employees, visitors and clients. Displays integrated in transparent meeting room walls. Improved communication, easier orientation and support for a more efficient meeting culture. Transparent sign system for the workplace, individual updates and notifications. Better working environment with transparent displays. Customizable transparent signs improve orientation at the office. CHAINSAW WITH INSTRUCTIONS Transparent display on the chainsaw combines safety tips and instructions with ergonomics and physical protection. The transparent display shows instructions and safety notices where the user can always see them, without obstructing the view. A chainsaw concept with a transparent guiding interface. TRANSPARENT SAFETY Emergency and safety information with durable transparent displays in glass panes. Increased safety with reliable transparent displays. Interactive first-aid kit with instructions. First-aid kit with transparent display shows the contents at a glance. MATERIAL STUDIES Future integration options of Lumineq displays: A table display (or is it a display table?) combining a transparent display and the material feel of the furniture. Material studies with Lumineq displays: Combining displays with ceramics, wood and other non-glass materials. Future material possibilities for Lumineq display integration: transparent displays and wood veneer. For more information, visit: beneq