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Found 26 results

  1. Building owner: Ring and DuChateau LLP Architect: Zimmerman Architectural Studios, Inc Product: VarioLED™ Flex VENUS RGB SV IP67, VarioLED™ Flex PHOBOS White SV IP67 LED Linear Partner: Wallock Davies and Company LLC Customer: Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin - NICU Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA Photos: C&N Photography, Madison, WI In the Children’s Hospital in Milwaukee (Wisconsin, USA) the VarioLED Flex PHOBOS SV has been used to impressively illuminate the horizontal curved coves along the corridors. Additionally the VarioLED Flex VENUS RGB SV provides atmospheric lighting and sets some colorful accents on the reception desk. For additional information, please visit www.led-linear.com
  2. LED Linear develops, manufactures and distributes globally high quality scalable Linear LED modules for interior and exterior lighting. IP rated from IP00 to IP68. Baltic House, Hamburg Lighting design: list lichtdesign Product: VarioLED™ Flex VENUS Top View IP67 Location: Hamburg Photos: LED Linear™ / Günther Fotodesign Architect Design: GRS Reimer Architekten, Elsmhorn Architect Implementation: Hans-Ulrich Zöllner Architekten BDB, Hamburg The Baltic House in Hamburg's city center is characterized by its clear lines and simple material selection. These lines were also the template for the lighting design, which chose light lines very quickly. The rounded corner and the clear floor plan should be highlighted by linear lighting. Therefore the linear LED light line VarioLED™ Flex VENUS from LED Linear was used. The light line is flexible, IP67 protected against environmental influences and impresses above all with the absolutely point-free light emission surface. This concept caused lively discussions in the committee of the building authority, which were finally ended by the building senator: the concept was approved, but with the requirement to reduce the brightness to the end of the light lines. This brightness curve could be realized with many small luminaires in a lengths of 30 cm. Each luminaire has its own address in the light control system and is controlled separately. The sections at the corner get 100%, towards the ends the light levels become lower - therefore the decent, but striking light course on both building wings develo. For additional information, please visit www.led-linear.com
  3. Architect: Gunnar Hallén Lighting design: Karin Hansson - GRADIENT LJUSDESIGN Product: VarioLED™ HYDRA LD15 IP67 LED Linear Partner: Luxlight Skandinavien AB Customer: Blidsbergs Location: Sweden Photos: Blidbergs The high-quality bike shelter from the Swedish manufacturer Blidsbergs was illuminated with the VarioLED™ HYDRA in an aluminum profile. This energy-efficient lighting solution provides sufficient general lighting, therefore the well-lit shelter offers security at the nightly use. The luminaire, which is protected against moisture through a polyuethane casting, has a long very lifetime. For additional information, please visit www.led-linear.com
  4. Lighting design: LED Linear Customer: Galerie Schuermann Inh. Andreas Verfuerth Location: Kamp-Lintfort, Germany Product: XOOLUM 65°, XOOLUM WW, XOOLUM OH, XOOMINAIRE 4262R The “Galerie Schürmann” has become the meeting point for art lovers in Kamp-Lintfort and the Lower Rhine since it opened in 1993. While in the early years the classic picture framing and selling art prints were the focal points, the gallery is now understood as an art gallery, art trade and service center for high-quality framing. In 2015, the lighting in the gallery was replaced, and linear lighting solutions of LED Linear were used. For the lighting design it was important to adapt the lighting to the different needs and requirements in the various areas of the gallery and the framing workshop. In the area of the gallery the art is illuminated with the XOOMINAIRE 4262R using the indirect wallwasher. This precision-crafted aluminum reflector optic ensures a homogeneous distribution of brightness on the wall that optimally illuminates the exhibited work of the artists. Looking at the artworks, visitors to the gallery do not feel disturbed, because the lamp is hidden inside the reflector and the LED dots are not visible. A high color rendering helps that the colors of the artworks are reproduced perfectly. A ceiling mounted XOOLUM with 65° reflector additionally provides general lighting in this area. In the back of the gallery, the artworks are illuminated with a XOOLUM with wall washer optics. This delicate and almost invisible source of light discreetly illuminates the exhibited works. In the area of the counter, a light solution with XOOLUM and corner connectors has been realized. To adapt the lighting to the tasks, different optics were used here. For common tasks at the counter, such as the work at the cash desk, an opal, high cover was used . This decorative optic provides optimum viewing comfort with absolutely homogeneous and pleasant light. The workspace for framing at the left end of the counter is lit, however, with a 65° aluminum reflector optics. This reflector provides targeted light with medium luminance levels. Also important: in the work area a tape in the light color W935 was used. The high color rendering index of CRI> 90 helps to optimize the choice of framing. For additional information, please visit www.led-linear.com
  5. Architect: Cepezed Lighting design: Robert-Jan Vos Lichtontwerp en –advies Product: VarioLED™ Flex VENUS White SV IP67 LED Linear Partner: Q-CAT Lighting Customer: Politie Rotterdam Rijnmond Location: Rotterdam, Netherlands Installer: Imtech The building of the Politie Rotterdam Rijnmond is situated next to one of the busiest highways in the surroundings of Rotterdam and near the national heritage site “Witte Toren”. To lighten the stairs in this renovated building, the VarioLED™ Flex VENUS SV has been used. The flexible LED design light line was attached to the lower edge of the stairway and elegantly emphasizes the curve. When walking the stairs the luminaire emits a pleasant uniform light. But only analyzed as a whole, the light installation reveals its special charm, because the stairway seems like a spiral set into the building and underscores the dynamic architecture. For additional information, please visit www.led-linear.com
  6. Product: VarioLED™ Flex VENUS White TV IP67 LED Linear Partner: Q-CAT Lighting Customer: ProRail Location: Helmond, Netherlands The VarioLED™ Flex VENUS TV was used to lighten the stairs and railings of this station in Helmond. Lighting plays an essential role in this application, because many people use the station every day and lighting offers orientation and security at night . Only through adequate lighting accidents, for example from falls, can be prevented. Also in decorative ways the used light line is optimally suited for the application, because its homogeneous light is pleasant for the viewer. Through the flexibility of the product, the curved railing can be elegantly emphasized. For additional information, please visit www.led-linear.com
  7. Architect: Chenevard Architektur, Winterthur Product: Product: VarioLED™ Flex VENUS Top View IP67 LED Linear Partner: LIGHT ON, Ebmatingen Customer: Private Location: Zürich, Switzerland Photos: Daniel Kessler, Zürich Indoor architect: Atelier ARCH-IDEA, Laufenburg-Hochsal, DE During the conversion of this stylish villa, LIGHT ON used a lighting concept which works with the lowest installation depths and guarantees an understated and yet optimum lighting of the reduced and very finely reconfigured new interior area. Thanks to slots of light along the walls of the stairwell which brighten the floor and the ceiling, the narrow stairwell appears wider and higher. Linear slots of light in the ceiling visually extend the attic windows. The built-in furnishings are fitted with indirect LED lighting. Without visual light sources, the open shelving and bathroom furnishings gain in depth, and the walls are brightened extensively. LED lights with high IP rating are used outdoors. The garden walls, which are highlighted with strip lighting, make the dimensions of the external area visible. For additional information, please visit www.led-linear.com
  8. Lighting design: Light Bureau Product: VarioLED™ Flex HYDRA LD15, VarioLED™ Flex HYDRA HD10, VarioLED™ Flex HYDRA HD15 LED Linear Partner: Architectural FX Customer: CMS Cameron McKenna LLP Location: London, UK Photos: KKS Strategy LLP/Timothy Soar Public Relations: KKS Strategy The office building of CMS Cameron McKenna LLP is centrally located in London, near the River Thames. In this modern office building the human being is at the center, which is reflected in interior design and lighting concept. In the entrance area organic shapes and soft indirect lighting welcome employees, customers and visitors. The new meeting area here is exclusive and invites to stay. The round reception desk and the curved seating are elegantly emphasized with flexible light lines of VarioLED™ Flex HYDRA series in light color 3,000 K. The wall floodings in the building are also realized with flexible lines of light in 3000 K. A visual highlight in the building is the attractively illuminated staircase with VarioLED™ Flex HYDRA HD10 on Contour 005. Through the illumination of the steps the user will be guided safely from one to the other floor, customers or visitors of the building also have a point for orientation. In the ceiling light intensive flexible light lines were used in niches and combined with spots for general lighting. These lighting solutions are high quality and functional. They enhance the quality of life in different areas, because the homogeneous light is pleasant and allows various tasks at the same time such as reading or computer work by sufficient illuminance. Overall, the sophisticated lighting concept in combination with the high light quality of the selected lighting solutions contribute to well-being of the users, the quality of work and also the quality of the building. For additional information, please visit www.led-linear.com
  9. Architect: kadawittfeldarchitektur Lighting design: Licht + Schatten, Bernd Lafin Product: VarioLED™ Flex VENUS White SV IP67, XOOLUM™ HYDRA HD15 IP40, XOOLUM™ R HYDRA LD25 IP67 Customer: Unibail-Rodamco Germany GmbH Location: Moenchengladbach, Germany Interior architect: kplus konzept Düsseldorf The 2015 newly opened shopping center "Minto" in Moenchengladbach offers visitors a unique shopping experience on an area of 42,000 square meters. The concept of combining nature and architecture and the creation of a holistic well-being for the visitor stand in the foreground. In the "Home of the 5 Senses" colors and shapes, lighting design, material selection as well as the scent and sound concept of the interior design speak to all senses. In the lighting design concept of the company “Licht + Schatten” many products of LED Linear were specified. Long lines with XOOLUM HYDRA HD15 were formed in the ceiling. Due to the used opal cover the light is dot-free and enjoyable for visitors, but also providing an adequate illuminance. The irregularity of the lines in the ceiling is also decorative and a lively, playful detail. Even more obvious is the combination of nature and architecture in case of the used VENUS design light lines. The organic, rounded shapes, created by three parallel lines of light are a highlight on the ceiling of the center. To achieve higher luminance on the ground and to increase security in these areas XOOLUM R HYDRA LD25 with 25 ° reflector has been used in the corridors of the building. For additional information, please visit www.led-linear.com
  10. Lighting design: Aronson Lighting Design and RTLD Lighting Design Product: VarioLED™ Flex VENUS White TV IP67 LED Linear Partner: Lirad-Steinitz Customer: Broadcom Offices Location: Yakum, Israel Photos: Aronson Lighting Design For the offices of Broadcom in Yakum, Israel Lighting Designer Eran Aronson of Aronson Lighting Design and RTLD Lighting Design created a special installation with 31 VENUS luminaires. Each luminaire was individually bent on site by him. Therefore, no luminaire is like the other, and all differ in their bends and hanging technique. Overall, the project produced 31 extraordinary luminaires made of 775 meters of flexible VarioLED™ Flex VENUS, 775 meters of aluminum profile, 775 meters transparent shrink tubing, 775 specially designed connectors, 775 silicone-coated steel cables, 775 ceiling terminals and all that, in more than 775 hours of planning, designing and installing. Eran Aronson captured this exciting process in a video, which was produced in collaboration with Yoni Gofer. Enjoy watching "Light Sketch"! For additional information, please visit www.led-linear.com
  11. Product: XOOLUM™ HYDRA HD6 IP67 LED Linear Partner: Hotbeam Customer: Memocorp Location: Sydney, Australia Photos: Andrew Worssam This postmodern architecture building serves as an imposing establishment to the Sydney skyline, right in the heart of Sydney's financial district. Rising 200 m from its location on the corner of George and Bridge Street, 259 George houses Suncorp as the major tenant and is accompanied by other leading companies of Australia. The mixed-use building accommodates mainly offices but also food, retail and fitness companies. The spacious and bright entrance area was equipped with linear lighting solutions of LED Linear. In the interface between floor and wall the XOOLUM HYDRA HD6 IP67 in W835 was installed. The IK10 certified luminaire emits absolutely homogeneous and dot-free light due to the opal light emission surface. The public areas and hallways are comfortable and evenly illuminated. The lighting sets appealing accents and highlights the sophisticated equipment, at the same time it also facilitates the orientation in the building. For additional information, please visit www.led-linear.com
  12. Architect: Liard & Tanguy, Rennes Lighting design: tpf.i / L’ingénierie co-créative, Rennes Product: XOOLUM™ HYDRA HD15 IP67 Customer: Lycée Public Maritime Florence Arthaud, Saint Malo Location: Saint Malo, France Electrician: OET, Cesson-Sévigné The Lycée Public Maritime Florence Arthaud is a vocational school for maritime training in all trades of the sea in Saint Malo. The newly built complex of buildings on a plot of 14,000 m² was opened in September 2015. During the construction much attention was paid to environmental protection and sustainable development, therefore the lighting was realized with LEDs. In the hallways, stairwells and common areas of the students linear lighting solutions from LED Linear™ were installed. The XOOLUM™ HYDRA HD15 W840 with opal cover was used, offering high luminance and a pleasant diffused light. The installation is also appealing from decorative perspective because the luminaires were mounted in the ceiling, so that they do not protrude. The result is a harmonious picture with linear accents. For additional information, please visit www.led-linear.com
  13. Architect: Ranni Ziss Architects Lighting design: Rama Mendelsohn Product: VarioLED™ OCEANOS, VarioLED™ Flex VENUS Top View IP67 Customer: Ofer Brothers Group Location: Tel Aviv, Israel Photos: Omri Amsalem Interior architect: Orly Shrem Landscape design: Ilana Ofir Towering 80 meters above the Jaffa seashore, 10 Herbert Samuel is a new developed building with luxury apartments in Tel Aviv set right in the heart of the city. The building which spans 21 floors will offer a new standard in Tel Aviv and amazing sea views. Behind the urban, neat façade, lie 41 luxurious apartments and 7 spacious lofts; all with spectacular views of the Mediterranean through floor to ceiling windows, and beautiful sea view balconies. Both the apartments (200 sqm each) and the lofts (189 sqm each) are designed as “smart homes”, equipped with high end technical systems. The building is designed by world-renowned architect Ranni Ziss who has experience in constructing luxury apartments, hotels, and other landmark projects in Israel and beyond. He has created a building which reflects the character of the White City and which is recognised by UNESCO because of its large number of Bauhaus style elements. At the same time it incorporates elements from the best modern luxury apartment buildings from around the world. It is an exclusive project built to a high standard, containing loft apartments, exclusive apartments, spacious penthouses, a swimming pool, a gym and a spa. Also the illumination reflects the high standards. To emphasize the style of the building and create interesting highlights, different linear LED lighting solutions were used. VarioLED™ OCEANOS was installed in the ground and VarioLED™ Flex VENUS was integrated into the stone benches in the outdoor area. Both luminaires emit a pleasant, diffused light and set attractive accents. In the gym, general lighting was realized with XOOMINAIRE 4262R, allowing a high luminance at a pleasantly wide light distribution. For additional information, please visit www.led-linear.com
  14. Architect: Carlos Prus, Avner Drori and Uri Shitrit Lighting design: Studio Twilight, Ailon Gavish Product: XOOMINAIRE™ 7066, KALYPSO HYDRA HD15 IP67 Customer: Dalia Energies Location: Tel Tzafit, Israel Photos: Omri Amsalem The first of its kind in Israel to employ the services of an architectural lighting design studio, Dalia Energy plant enlisted the help of Studio Twilight to develop a scheme that would create a landmark with minimum damage to nature and maximum visibility from surrounding areas. The surrounding wall is decorated by a warm glow from LED Linear KALYPSO HYDRA HD15. Especially this contrast between the warmer decorative wall lighting and the cooler, more functional illumination of the energy plant, make it an appealing landmark. Studio Twilight has carefully selected and positioned luminaires to impressive effect. In doing so, it has provided an industrial project with a strong identity defined by light that is both sensitive to its environment, while remaining true to its function. In the conference room inside the power plant, XOOMINAIRE 7066 was used. With this modular luminaire it is possible to install up to 3 flames in the fixture. 2 flames for direct illumination and one lamp for indirect illumination. The indirect lighting makes the room seem higher and generally brighter. In the direct are, an opal cover was used. Thus, an asymmetric, wide light distribution with a very uniform illumination can be realized. Read more on www.studiotwilight.com
  15. Building owner: ACRO Group and Hagag Brothers Architect: Ilan Pivko, Pivko Architects Lighting design: Rama Mendelsohn Product: VarioLED™ Flex VENUS Top View IP67 Customer: Arsuf Panoramic Real Estate Project Location: Gaash, Israel Photos: Omri Amsalem The Arsuf Panoramic complex at the western edge of the Arsuf cliff has been uniquely designed in an attractive arc shape, guaranteeing privacy while also enabling residents to take in the entire panoramic view. Designed by renowned architect and interior designer Ilan Pivko, the terraced structure of the buildings is specifically designed to allow each of its 52 ultra-luxurious apartments an intimate view of the Mediterranean Sea through their expansive wall-to-wall windows. The project includes apartments with high standards, an exceptional smart design, optimally using all available space and with large windows filling the apartments with light and views of the beautiful blue sky. The integrated lighting is modern and emphasizes the luxurious character of the building complex. On the facade of the VarioLED™ Flex VENUS was used. Its diffused light gently highlights the interesting structure of the façade at night. For additional information, please visit www.led-linear.com
  16. Lighting design: Isabel López Vilalta & Asociados Product: VarioLED™ Flex HYDRA HD6 Customer: Ulloa Óptico Serrano Location: Madrid, Spain Photos: Alejo Baqué An optician with early 20th century charm, Ulloa Óptico opened its first shop in 1919. It is now a third-generation family business with a total of 30 outlets in Spain. The new shop in Madrid is organized linearly to optimally showcase the sunglasses and other products, and furthermore offer excellent and personalized customer service. The following palette of materials was chosen for the interior: dark wood for the flooring, white backlit acrylic glass for presenting the products and lacquered metal for the central structure. The backlighting has been realized with the VarioLED™ Flex HYDRA HD6. Due to a color rendering index of CRI > 90, the colors of the products can be faithfully reproduce. In addition, the lighting is completely homogeneous. For additional information, please visit www.led-linear.com
  17. Lighting design: Borden Morris Garner – Consulting Engineers Product: VarioLED™ Flex VENUS RGB SV IP67, XOOLINE™ RGB LD15 IP67 Customer: City of Auburn Location: Auburn, Alabama Photos: Gretchen Birdwell, Gretchen B Photography, Birmingham, Alabama Design: Borden Morris Garner – Consulting Engineers Electrician: Floyd Service Company Road and sidewalk design: City of Auburn engineers. Jeff Ramsey – Director of Public Works. Brandy Ezelle – City Traffic Engineer. One of the City of Auburn’s most recognizable landmarks, Toomer's Corner is at the intersection of College Street and Magnolia Avenue in the heart of the City of Auburn. With Toomer’s Drugs, an Auburn landmark since 1896, facing what has since 1856 been the anchoring corner of Auburn’s campus, Toomer’s Corner is the nexus of campus and city life. The public square is a center of urban life in Auburn. He is nocturnal haven, highly frequented meeting place or simply crossed fast. People with different needs meet here. Toomer's Corner is also a place with a strong identity, which will be emphasized by the lighting. The citizens are proud of their history, which is underlined here. The choice of RGB solutions supports this effect. Colored light stimulates and supports positive emotions. It brings people together and invites you to linger. For additional information, please visit www.led-linear.com
  18. Theodor Fliedner High School, Dusseldorf Architect: Dipl. Ing. Arch. Claudia Gehse Lighting design: Dipl. Ing. Arch. Claudia Gehse und Ingenieurbüro Thomas, Siegburg Product: XOOMINAIRE™ 4262 Customer: Evangelical Church in the Rhineland Location: Dusseldorf, Germany The beginning has been made and everything is finished in time for the start of the new school year: seven classrooms of the Theodor Fliedner High School in Dusseldorf are already equipped with the new LED luminaires of LED Linear™. With the linear luminaire XOOMINAIRE™ seven classrooms are shining in a new light. The three light lines in the ceiling provide a bright and even illumination of the horizontal and vertical surfaces – the basis for optimal viewing and learning conditions. The effect that light has on humans is indisputable and so the quality of lighting is getting more and more important. The right light in schools contributes to many points, which previously got less attention in lighting design: learning ability, concentration, health. Students at Theodor Fliedner High School are now learning under better conditions: the light does not flicker, the illuminance on the tables is properly tuned and the lighting is absolutely evenly through the opal cover. A pleasant atmosphere for learning. The mounted luminaire is the XOOMINAIRE™ 4262. With a luminous flux of 2,200 lumens per meter and the light color 4,000 K it is ideal for lighting in classrooms. For integration into the architecture of the ceiling a suitable solution was developed together with the customer. The luminaires were manufactured in customized lengths and delivered with special mounting brackets. The installed luminaires are flush with the ceiling beam and run elegantly between the white ceiling panels, giving the impression of a modern ceiling grid. The white ceiling panels are additionally reflecting light and make the room appear brighter. Through this interaction between architecture and lighting design, the classrooms are enhanced and there is a welcoming and open atmosphere. The lighting renovation was urgently needed: the durability of the old system with T8 fluorescent tubes was exhausted, the technology was outdated and the demands of lighting in classrooms were no longer met. It is no longer enough that the illumination only provides light – just as important are quality of light, cost efficiency and environmental performance. The choice fell on the linear luminaire XOOMINAIRE™ made by LED Linear™. Compared to luminaires with T8 fluorescent lamps it has greater efficiency, offers a far better, absolutely homogeneous light and has, thanks to LED technology, a much longer lifetime. This reduces the energy consumption and lowers operating costs. Another factor when it comes to environmental performance are also the components from which the luminaires are made: in comparison to the "old T8", no harmful substances such as mercury, gases etc. are processed and used in the new luminaire. For additional information, please visit www.led-linear.com
  19. Architect: Bates Smart Lighting design: Electrolight Product: VarioLED™ Flex VENUS White TV IP67 Customer: Pier One Sydney / The Gantry Restaurant and Bar Location: Sydney, Australia Photos: Rohan Venn Photography With spectacular views of Walsh Bay and the majestic Sydney Harbour, “The Gantry Restaurant and Bar” is one of the best waterfront restaurant locations in Sydney. Steeped in maritime history since 1912, The Gantry’s name pays homage to the original structures on iconic Pier One. The design by architectural firm Bates Smart combines industrial roots with a contemporary slick fitout with exposed pillars, steel framing, elegant furniture and timber flooring with rich, dark, moody lighting. From the reception area, the eye is drawn to the imposing bar with custom built boat-shaped lights floating above. Driven by the atmosphere of the location, Electrolight created this custom light sculpture. They drew inspiration from the “organic form and movement of the ocean’s creatures and the way modern yachts replicate these movements”. The work, named ‘Squelette’ was conceptualized by the Electrolight Sydney team and appointed to Axolotl for manufacturing. The lighting inside the unique sculpture is the VarioLED™ Flex VENUS TV in W827 – a fully flexible protected light line that could be adhered to the inside of the Squelette, creating an internal sculptural glow. The end result is an impressive light sculpture that is in perfect harmony with its environment. For additional information, please visit www.led-linear.com
  20. Architect: Staubach+Kuckertz GbR, HAWART Sondermaschinenbau GmbH Lighting design: Staubach+Kuckertz GbR, HAWART Sondermaschinenbau GmbH Product: VarioLED™ Flex PHOBOS White TV IP67 Customer: City of Bonn Location: Bonn, Germany At the stop of the subway line B9 before the University of Jurisprudence (Law Faculty) in Bonn, the escalator has been extended by a roofing. It was also effectively illuminated with a light band from LED Linear. The stop is a good example of the changing needs of people in urban areas. Life during the night becomes more important and people want to be safely guided through the night. The illumination in the roof, for which the opal encapsulated VarioLED™ Flex PHOBOS was chosen, makes this possible and the area is lit homogeneously and appealing. Even more: through the interplay of light and artfully decorated glass the stop becomes a nightly highlight. The illuminated stop also supports the orientation of the passers-by and gives them a feeling of safety. For additional information, please visit www.led-linear.com
  21. Architect: Core Arkitekter DK Lighting design: Lighting, Sweco DK Product: VarioLED™ HYDRA LD5 IP67, VarioLED™ HYDRA LD25 IP67 LED Linear Partner: Okholm Lighting Customer: City of Copenhagen Location: Nordhavn station, Copenhagen Photos: Lighting, Sweco DK With the products of LED Linear, a durable and efficient tunnel lighting was realized at this underpass in Copenhagen. Good lighting is essentially important for the safety of users in this application, therefore much attention has been paid to the sufficient luminance and homogeneous light. But the vertical lines of light are also attractive from a decorative point of view and set attractive accents. The path is now designed inviting and safe for pedestrians and cyclists. Also the control meets the needs of the users, because the lights are divided into groups and can therefore be switched on and off or dimmed groupwise. Thus, an adjustments to the daylight is possible. For additional information, please visit www.led-linear.com
  22. Architect: Architect 11, Jürgen Lepper, Margus Soonets and Anto Savi Lighting design: BM Light OÜ Product: ADONIS HYDRA HD15 IP67 Customer: Pärnu Bay Golf Links Location: Pärnu, Estland Photos: BM Light OÜ Taking inspiration from a ball on a tee, the architects have created the ultimate in links course clubhouses. At the highest point on the course, the glass-walled restaurant offers a breathtaking 360-degree view – diners may enjoy the sea, forest, or golf course, or all three with just a turn of the head. The panoramic terrace is ideal for drinks and dining, or for an unparalleled view the first shots and finish of any tournament. The clubhouse is also nominated for the “World’s Best Golf Clubhouse” at the World Gold Awards 2016. In the dark especially the lighting characterizes the overall impression of the building. The linear light, encircling the building at the bottom of the balcony, was realized with ADONIS by LED Linear™. The IP67 protected luminaire with opal encapsulation is the ideal outdoor solution. The luminaire is protected against environmental influences and the emitted light is absolutely homogeneous and evenly lights the ground. Through the use of illumination it seems as if the building was floating, it gets a touch of lightness. This harmony between the architectural character of the building and the elegant lighting strip gives the special charm. For additional information, please visit www.led-linear.com
  23. Architect: Huntsman Architectural GroupLighting design: Birkenstock Lighting Design, San RafaelProduct: VarioLED™ Flex PHOBOS White TV IP67, VarioLED™ Flex HYDRA LD15Customer: Vanbarton GroupLocation: San Francisco, USAPhotos: David Wakely Photography Located at the heart of the emerging Transbay Terminal area, the building at the corner of Howard and Beale Streets suffered from an oddly configured corner entrance and under-utilized adjacent retail spaces. In order to remain competitive and attractive in the surrounding urban development, 301 Howard Street required a comprehensive renovation. The new vision was clear: transform the indistinguishable building entry into a welcoming and provocative beacon that serves as a new public amenity for tenants and visitors. The first step was to substantially reposition the building entrance from the corner to the center of the Howard Street facade. The new location provides clearer sightlines, improved access, and also increases the rentable ground floor retail space. An inspirational metaphor was established for the lobby's design through the concept of tidal movement - "push and pull". This gesture directly correlates the historic shoreline of the San Francisco Bay with the urban renewal of the SoMa neighborhood, which was once a harbor itself. The aquatic metaphor finds resonance in all aspects of the lobby's design, from light and materiality to the furniture selection. Scalloped layers of sanded plaster provide a dramatic backdrop at the ceiling plane, further emphasized by lines of light. Here the VarioLED™ Flex HYDRA LD15 W835 with an opal lens was used. This undulating gesture is mirrored in the reveals of the terrazzo flooring, where pieces of glass achieve a sparkling luminosity. The patterned concrete wall at the building’s core serves as an elegant interpretation of a seawall, while the wood wrapped elevator lobbies mimic wooden docks. The custom-fabricated seating sculptures by renowned artist, Matthias Pliessnig, were deliberately stained in driftwood tones, and are constructed much like the lightweight seagoing vessels the artist also produces. The reception desk area was illuminated with VarioLED™ Flex PHOBOS TV in W827, creating a soft warm light. As light filters through the building façade throughout the day, interior lighting levels correspond, creating a different, dramatic impression each time one traverses the lobby. Through a restrained yet striking design, the new lobby enhances the visitor experience by creating a strong sense of place.For additional information, please visit www.led-linear.com
  24. Architect: SBAI in Mouvaux Product: XOOLUM™ Customer: LABEL VIE (Roncq store) Location: Roncq, Frankreich Photos: Jean Vandenberghe Installation: Society GUIDEZ in Roncq LABEL VIE is a new organic store with an area of 832m² in Roncq, France. The building is a former automobile garage, which was enlightened by fluorescent light until a few months ago. During the renovation, the building has been totally transformed into an organic shop. The used lighting solutions are from LED Linear™ and LTS. The central area is illuminated by LTS technical luminaire STRAITLINE. The narrow luminaire XOOLUM™ by LED Linear™ illuminates the areas of bakery, butcher, fruit and vegetables in the shop. The round, decorative PLL28 from LTS was used in the area of the cash registers. Our architect partner SBAI has worked hard to gain optimum quality of light and chose our products for their low consumption, their technologies and their lifeti. For additional information, please visit www.led-linear.com
  25. Lighting design: Visnick & Caulfield Associates Product: VarioLED™ Flex RGB LD15 LED Linear Partner: Illuminate|Vanguard Customer: Boston-based Financial Firm Location: Boston, Massachusetts VarioLED™ Flex RGB LD15 was used to accent the ceiling application and create an inviting space in the tech lounge of a Boston-based corporation. For additional information, please visit www.led-linear.com
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