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  1. Turn your LED floor into a tool for informing and inspiring people Luminous carpets – invisible integration of LED lighting in carpets and vinyl flooring. Invisible integration of LED lighting in carpets and vinyl flooring that come to life with moving messages or images to greet and guide visitors and guests. Luminous carpets are easily connected to your electrical and IT infrastructure to run pre-programmed displays. Or you can simply use your tablet or smartphone to create these special messages. Furthermore, luminous carpets can be connected to the fire alarm system so that, in case of a fire, it will show you the safest way out of the building. Luminous carpets – wayfinding in the floor Click here to see film about Luminous carpets One simple installation. Infinite ways to make an impression Want to make your mark on visitors and guests? Luminous Carpets let you welcome, attract and guide them in ways they have never seen before. Touch your tablet, and lights under your feet brightly display graphics and words. Touch your smartphone, and dynamic moving images show a personal welcome to your expected guest. Your floor becomes a tool for informing and inspiring people. Luminous Carpets integrate cutting-edge LED lights and high performance carpets. They will: Welcome visitors to your office, with a personal message Enhance your brand, providing the right information in an innovative way Draw in crowds at tradeshows, with eye-catching floor displays Greet and guide hotel guests, making them feel welcome Go hand in hand with the aesthetics of your building, with high-quality carpet material that looks good even when the lights are off. Fresh technology that helps you stand out from the crowd Luminous Carpets give you the power to create truly memorable experiences in your building. Combining luxurious carpets with cutting-edge LEDs, the technology connects easily with your electrical and IT systems. With one simple setup, you can display personal messages or subtle signage - whenever and wherever you want. Luminous Carpets can be easily integrated with other connected lighting and internet-related technology. By interacting with your visitors in new and inspiring ways, you will create a lasting impression on everyone who enters your building. Where can you use Luminous Carpets? The materials we use are so resilient, and the LED units so robust, that Luminous Carpets can be used almost anywhere in your building. For example, you can… Show personalized greetings in hotel rooms Display attention-grabbing signs and animations at tradeshows Direct visitors towards your front desk in lobby areas Display live information feeds in waiting areas, e.g. news headlines Use hallways floors to direct people to toilets, exits and meeting rooms. During an emergency, the lights can help people to find an alternative escape route. More information: https://www.luminous-carpets.com
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