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Found 2 results

  1. KromaKicks Are Coming Soon Light-Up Fluffies for Dancers - Motion-Reactive! Light is our paintbrush, and Apparel is our canvas. You are the artist. Find new ways to express yourself with apparel that listens to your movements, and responds in beautiful spells of light. For more info go to http://kromakicks.com/
  2. LEDs ★☆★

    Glow Dresses, LED Skirt - DIY

    Day to Night-Light Skirt [DIY] MikaelaHolmes has posted a guide that shows you how to make your own LED skirt. The skirt lets you put on a better show at night. Of course, you can keep the LEDs off. The developer used a pre-programmed LED chip that can be controlled by a remote to complete this project. Of course, you could use Arduino to come up with a more sophisticated solution. More information is available here. RGB Addressable Side Emitting LED Strip: