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  1. Correctional Facility LED Lighting Correctional facilities place a high priority on safety, security, and operational efficiency. LED lighting systems, can help meet or exceed performance standards in all three of these areas. Due to the instant-on and dimming capabilities of LED systems, new control methods are now practical and promise to allow even greater performance. Source: specgradeled
  2. 115 Batman Street, Melbourne, Australia The Base Building solution for 115 Batman Street was designed to meet with the Green Star requirements of the project. The overall building design utilizes an integrated design ideology, taking significant advantage of the available daylight via both the high and extensive glazing. Window screening is used to provide amelioration of direct sunlight where necessary and the lighting control system that manages the lighting throughout the tenancy is linked to photo electric cells to dim the luminaires in relation to the available daylight. Motion sensors are also provided throughout to manage the lighting after hours by activating the lighting in areas of movement. The fitout orientated spaces including the main reception, meeting rooms were designed with large luminous grids of pendants while the staff breakout space was designed to be deliberately different with custom pendants that feature panoramic photo montages of the Royal Botanical Gardens. Source: ndylight
  3. 39 Victoria Street, London, United Kingdom The refurbishment of this key building in Victoria involved the relighting of the main office floors with low energy lighting and the creation of an impressive new entry experience. A special canopy feature was developed with integrated lighting built-in to visually link the interior spaces to the external streetscape. A series of canter-lever arms extend through the interior lobby and are brought together to form a canopy at the entry point on the streetscape. Adjustable lighting offers the facility for varying coloured presentations. Whilst a set colour balance is used at most times in a static mode, for special occasions the colours, tone and brightness can be set to different levels. The lighting controls utilise the DMX protocol which in this project is on a wireless network, due to the complex nature of the building and the tight voids which precluded traditional cable ways to be threaded through the structure. Source: ndylight
  4. LED lighting in Qatar by Francesconi Architectural Light Francesconi Architectural Light illumina Marina Landscape, le vie che accompagnano i visitatori al rinomato Nobu Restaurant, situato all’interno del lussuoso Four Seasons Hotel di Doha in Qatar: un capolavoro architettonico a tre livelli affacciato scenograficamente sul Golfo Persico raggiungibile da un’arteria di grande viabilità che necessitava di un’illuminazione sicura, performante e di qualità. Per il prestigioso progetto di illuminazione urbana sono stati scelti gli incassi a terra EGO e MAXIEGO, apparecchi illuminotecnici per esterni con grado di resistenza IP67 e agli urti IK10. Interamente realizzati con il migliore Acciaio Inox 316L, questi prodotti sono garanzia di ottime prestazioni in ambienti ad elevata umidità e salinità tipiche delle zone costiere del Golfo Persico. Diffusore in vetro temprato, viti di chiusura in acciaio inox A4, guarnizione in silicone e controcassa in policarbonato V1 (850°) completano il quadro di una gamma di incassi a sorgenti LED dalle altissime prestazioni. Francesconi Architectural Light, che ha sede a Roncadelle in provincia di Brescia, da oltre 60 anni opera nell’ambito dell’illuminotecnica: dalla produzione di apparecchi per esterni altamente performanti alla consulenza progettuale di elevata specializzazione, l’azienda sviluppa la propria attività su una superficie di 6500 mq, di cui 2500 mq coperti. Coniugando elevata resistenza e confort visivo, know-how tecnico e qualità formale e funzionale, il team Francesconi ha donato un effetto particolarmente scenografico alle strade di questa grande città dal forte carattere cosmopolita, segnando i percorsi, esaltando i dettagli e guidando gli ospiti verso il più grande e noto ristorante del Qatar. Fonte: officebit
  5. Boston City Hall Gets LED Lighting

    On October 13, 2016, Boston mayor, Martin J. Walsh unveiled the new LED-based architectural lighting of Boston City Hall. The lighting debut was during this year’s final Beer Garden on the Bricks event, themed “Light Bright Beer Garden.” The city intends the new LED lighting to highlight and enhance the building’s original design and increase public safety. The exterior lighting installation is one among several ongoing initiatives to highlight City Hall and City Hall Plaza and make them more inviting for residents. “I am proud that for the first time in its 48 year history, Boston City Hall is going to shine,” said Mayor Walsh. “This state of the art lighting system will help make City Hall the civic heart of our city by livening up the plaza, while making the area safer and connecting us to Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market. Bringing new light to City Hall is symbolic of a more responsive vision here at City Hall, one that is meant to be engaging, inspiring, and serve as a beacon of the city and our values.” New LED fixtures replaced the original Metal Halide exterior recessed lighting and the existing floodlights that illuminate the building’s lower levels and accentuate the entrances. The new fixtures cover the building in a warm white light, and they can produce a broad range of colors. Such color options can allow the City to light the building to acknowledge a variety of celebratory and public events. The mayor lit the building blue to recognize the police officers injured in East Boston, and as a further demonstration of its light changing capability, the mayor changed the color to pink in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The pink lights at city hall added to pink lighting of numerous buildings and landmarks around the city. The lighting highlights the original three-part design of City Hall. The lower levels house the public spaces of the building. The symbolic spaces including the middle sections hold the offices of the Mayor and the City Council, and the administrative spaces crown the building and house the administrative functions of government. According to the city, the new exterior lighting improves security lighting. The city says that the system allows for the floodlights and associated conduit added to the building over the years to be entirely removed. “By illuminating its iconic and bold form, City Hall’s interaction with Boston’s urban fabric may be reinvigorated,” said David Eisen FAIA, Boston Society of Architects/AIA (BSA) Vice President for Communications. “It’s a decisive step toward transforming one of the most internationally renowned buildings that make up our distinct architectural heritage.” The new fixtures are more energy efficient than the Metal Halide fixtures and the existing Flood Lights that they replace. The LED lighting is expected to save the city about 300,000 kWh of electricity annually compared to the replaced lights. The LED technology has a projected 20-year lifespan compared to the 4-year life of the metal halide lights that the LED system replaces. The City expects additional savings from the cost of maintenance and light replacement. Arcade lights have also been retrofitted with LED lighting to complement the new City Hall lighting. The same controller will be able to operate and coordinate both the arcade lights and the City Hall lights. “It is wonderful that the City is taking this opportunity to recreate its own home place – City Hall – as the keystone and central event in an ongoing pursuit of improved illumination for our city,” said Todd Lee, President of LIGHT Boston. Based on materials from
  6. An appreciative whoop went up from the crowd gathered Thursday night as the switch was flipped on the latest light installation by San Antonio artist Bill FitzGibbons. From a vantage point on the 21st floor of the Frost Bank Tower, members of the arts community and city officials watched as “Kinetic Skyline” illuminated the Bank of America Plaza with a display of blue and green light. “I’m really over the moon about this project because with this tremendous support from the owners of the building we were able to realize one of the largest light sculptures in the state of Texas,” FitzGibbons said. Located at 300 Convent Street near the Tobin Center for the Performing Arts, the 28-story Bank of America Plaza is one of the tallest buildings downtown. “It’s got all these stair step bays that go up along the side of the building, and so I thought that that would be really an interesting approach to go in there and emphasize those bays, which you visually can’t really see from a distance,” FitzGibbons said earlier. Created with computerized LED lights, the effect of the installation is of a series of eight columns climbing up facades on the north and south sides of the building. FitzGibbons also created programs for holiday displays. Thursday night, he demonstrated the schemes for the Fourth of July and Fiesta. The Bank of America Plaza is owned by Houston-based Griffin Partners and New York-based Clarion Partners. It is currently undergoing capital improvements. “The building has had exterior lighting on it, I guess, since it was built,” said Lee Moreland, executive vice president of Griffin Partners. “It’s basically a dull, amber-colored lighting that we knew would need to be replaced, but not until the introduction to Bill did we contemplate that it could be something much more.” FitzGibbons has created several light-based public artworks around the country. In San Antonio, they include “Centro Chroma Tower” at VIA’s Centro Plaza; “San Antonio Colorline” at the University Health Center-Downtown Brady Green Clinic; “Light Channels,” beneath the underpasses at Commerce and Houston streets; and “Day Star Archway” at the San Antonio International Airport. He has received videos of bands performing and photos taken at the underpasses transformed by the installations. “To me, that’s the magic and power of public art,” he said. “You can see that throughout the city where you go in and you do a public art piece like the Sebastian piece down by the Alamo or (Donald) Lipski’s internally lit fish hanging from the underpass on the Museum Reach or the George Schroeder sculptural wall that’s at the county courthouse downtown,” FitzGibbons said. “These projects really enliven our built environment and create a magic that contributes to the quality of life of urban living.” Video:
  7. Светодиодный настольный светильник в виде бутылочки от зелья имеет способность модифицировать свою расцветку на красную, зеленую, синюю или желтую. Переход цветов может быть быстрым или будет фиксироваться на нескольких оттенках в замедленном режиме. В баночке содержится смола, поэтому будьте очень осторожными, чтобы кто-то нечаянно не выпил содержимое. Вы будете гораздо лучше спать, если такая лампа станет недоступной для маленьких ребятишек.
  8. Более 2600 уличных фонарей в Болтоне (Англия) были переведены на низкопотребляемое светодиодное освещение. Сейчас уже более, чем 500 улиц города оборудованы новыми осветительными конструкциями. Работы начались в апреле, и к сегодняшнему моменту замена произошла полностью пока только в центре. Работы будут проводиться по всему городу до тех пор, пока все фонари не будут обновлены. По приблизительным подсчетам, за ближайшие три года будет установлено порядка 26000 новых осветительных приборов, работающих на основе LED освещения. Конец кампании определяется 2018 годом. Программа, которая обходится в 10 млн футов стерлингов, как ожидается, сэкономит 14 млн футов стерлингов за 20 лет, сократив потребление энергии на 50 процентов. Член исполнительного совета Болтона, сир Ник Пилл, уже сумел оценить и подтвердить исправную работу фонарей, так как на его улице уже была проведена замена. Он сказал: "Новое светодиодное освещение выглядит здорово, и я рад, что наша кампания приняла такие большие масштабы. Как-то мне удалось побеседовать с некоторыми местными жителями. Им тоже по нраву это нововведение. Пару людей отменили даже, что при таком свете улицы кажутся чище". Также он добавил: "Новые лампы значительно экономят энергию, и срок их службы намного больше". Светодиодное осветительное устройство может работать до 100,000 часов, в то время как стандартный фонарь только 15,000. Консул оплачивает ежегодно счёт на электричество, равный 2,1 млн фунтов стерлингов. Он рад, что теперь ему нужно будет платить меньше. Сир Пилл сказал: "Эта программа направлена на то, чтобы экономить ваши деньги, снижая счет за электроэнергию. Также хочу отметить, что светодиоды освещают заметно большее пространство. Улицы и скверы стали намного ярче, так что, возможно, это снизит уровень преступности по ночам". Контроль за новой осветительной LED системой осуществляется из единого центра управления, из которого можно контролировать состояние всех приборов, что также сокращает стоимость поддержки оборудования и уменьшает временя на поиск возникнувших проблем.