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Found 1 result

  1. The small, sophisticated tool for outdoor lighting: ERCO Kona XS projectors, floodlights and wallwashers With Kona XS, ERCO presents a new system of outdoor lighting tools designed to complete the range of compact luminaires with low power consumption. Kona XS may be small in design, but it is big on quality, with lighting technology and a robust construction that meet the professional standards of architects, lighting designers, landscape and urban planners. There are many situations in private or public outdoor lighting projects where small and precise lighting tools are preferable to a powerhouse approach - especially when used in urban areas, in parks or for objects around buildings. Often, the required criteria in these applications, such as glare control or flexibility, are easier to meet with several smaller luminaires than fewer large options. ERCO has developed the new Kona XS range specifically for this purpose - the smallest outdoor projector in the ERCO range has been reduced to the essential, offering an efficient and robust tool for effortless planning and implementation of outdoor lighting solutions. Reduced to the essential Kona XS adopts the design of its larger cousins in the Kona range, with a modern, tapered housing made of high-quality cast aluminium in an understated and distinct design. Finished with a double powder-coating for a durable refined look, the system supports easy maintenance and, thanks to an IP65 rating, withstands exposure to dust and water, making it suitable for a multitude of lighting tasks in the outdoor area. The sturdy hinge with internal wiring can be locked in position for secure fixing of the beam direction, with a rotatable mounting plate for pinpoint alignment. Precise and efficient lighting concepts All luminaires in the Kona XS range feature highly efficient Spherolit LED lenses, offering the superb lighting quality and large range of distribution options that lighting designers have come to expect from ERCO: projectors ranging from narrow spot and spot to flood, floodlights with rotationally symmetrical wide flood light distribution, and lens wallwashers with asymmetrical light distribution for highly uniform wallwashing of vertical surfaces. True to the ERCO luminaire system concept, all options are available with warm white (3000K) and neutral white LEDs (4000K), while different lumen packages broaden the scope for creative solutions still further. As a result, Kona XS enables precise and efficient lighting concepts in the outdoor area without detracting from the magic of the night. Technical features ERCO lens system: Spherolit lens, collimator made of optical polymer, light distributions: narrow spot, spot, flood, wide flood, wallwash ERCO LED module: High-power LEDs on metal-core PCB, light colours: warm white or neutral white, 3000 or 4000K Housing: Cast aluminium, IP65, with No-Rinse surface treatment, double powder-coated, Graphit m Mounting: Mounting plate rotatable through 240°, cast aluminium, internal wiring Control gear: Switchable Lens wallwashers Uniform vertical illuminance in the outdoor area defines spatial borders. Here, the distance (a) of Kona XS lens wallwashers from the wall should be around one third of the room height (h). This results in an angle of tilt (a) of approx. 55°. Arrangement: a = 1/3 x h bzw. γ = 55° For good longitudinal uniformity, the spacing (d) of Kona XS lens wallwashers may be up to 1.2 times the offset from the wall (a). Arrangement: d ≤ 1.2 x a Optimal wall offset and luminaire spacing values are indicated in the wallwasher tables on the product data sheets. Source: erco
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