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Found 2 results

  1. LED Linear

    Raiffeisen Market Niep

    Lighting design: LED Linear Customer: Raiffeisen Markt Niep Location: Neukirchen-Vluyn, Germany Product: XOOLUM 65°, XOOLUM WW The Raiffeisen market in Niep is a modern specialist retail, which offers its clients a versatile range of products around the areas garden, equestrian, pet, zoo and food. In 2015, the lighting has been renovated and the entire market has been equipped with efficient linear LED lighting solutions. The change from T8 fluorescent lamps to LED technology provides energy savings of up to 63% (in the ON/OFF operation). Thus, 58,500 kWh can be saved in this market in a year. In the outer aisles of the salesrooms XOOLUM with wall washer optic was used. This precision-crafted aluminum reflector optic provides a homogeneous brightness distribution. The sales areas are illuminated optimally for the customer. The inner aisles and the checkout area are also lit by the XOOLUM. Here the 65 ° reflector optic was used, which is equally well suited for general lighting in the sales area and task lighting in the checkout area. It offers a wide, deep light distribution for accurate, generous area lighting. The sales areas and the counters in the checkout area are optimally illuminated with medium luminance levels. The light is directed so that tasks in the checkout area can be well done. The optics are also completely glare free (UGR>16) and provide a pleasant light for employees and customers in the market. For additional information, please visit www.led-linear.com
  2. Emporium Melbourne has been labeled the most important retail development for ‘Australia’s fashion capital’ in over two decades. Built on the site of the old Myer Emporium, and sitting behind an iconic façade, Emporium Melbourne is now home to premium fashion and culinary delights encased within sparkling 21st Century design. The pedigree of talent behind this project reads like a fashion label with a design and construct team that spans from Tokyo and New York, to Singapore and Australasia. This video captures the inspired design, fitout and construction of this 48,000 sq m retail icon. The project included around 42,000 square metres of retail floor space across 7 levels, and about 31,000 square metres of commercial floor space in the Lonsdale Street to Little Bourke Street block. The development also included a child care centre, reconstruction of the pedestrian bridge over Little Bourke Street, and a giant electronic media screen. Emporium Melbourne enables the city to reinforce its position as a world-class retail and cultural destination.